How much does carpet cleaning cost in Sydney?

How much does it cost to have a carpet professionally cleaned

Carpet cleaning costs in Sydney

There is nothing as hard as removing all the intense stains when you go about your commercial carpet cleaning. If left unmanaged over a period of time, your carpet could ruin the whole look and feel of your premise. It is thus important that you put in your best work on the table as you go about restoring it. But this comes at a huge cost.

No two carpets can be cleaned in the same pre-set orderly fashion. They may be of different types ranging from nylon, acrylic, olefins, or wool. Each of these has a unique finish and would require proper attention to detail while cleaning if you want to retain their life-like essence post the process.

And it doesn’t stop with just the expertise, it also involves massively costly equipment and operational procedures that would require a dedicated person overlooking the efforts of your janitors. Steam cleaning or hot water extractiondry cleaning, encapsulation, and bonneting are some of the processes that are usually carried out for carpet cleaning depending upon the nature of stains. This right here is why a professional who offers carpet cleaning services would be your best option.

But carpet cleaning can be a gamble if you outsource it without knowing what’s at stake and what the average market costs are. Here’s an overview of the costing aspects that are generally followed.

Average rates per room

The average rates would be between $40 to $55 for a carpet of average sizes. These base charges increase with each extra inch of the carpet more than the regular ones and in cases where strenuous work would be involved because of intensive staining, it can escalate up to $75 for each carpet in question.

In an ideal office space, there might be multiple carpets of varied sizes. Some companies do offer fixed package rates to cover all your carpets in one go and this might cost around $175 to $200.

Average rates per square foot

The base charges for a 200 to 400 sq. ft. carpet would be between $80 and $130. And for bigger commercial establishments with huge carpets of length between 500 and 1000 Sq.ft. the cost would be between $100 and $250.

Average rates depend on the type of carpet cleaning

1. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction

Here vaporized water that is heated to extreme temperatures is used at high pressures. The commercial carpet cleaner is first applied to the surface of the carpet. The carpet is subjected to agitation with steam that is blown through a piece of equipment that typically looks like a vacuum cleaner. The area is then gently rinsed. Any accumulated dust at any depth in the inner fibers will typically be extracted through this. The best carpet cleaning would take about an hour to complete a carpet area of 2000sq.ft. The carpet might then take up to 4 hours to dry after the whole procedure.

The cost for this would generally range between $100 to $500 depending upon the size of the carpet and the nature of the stains.

2. Dry cleaning

The procedure involves the application of cleaning compounds on the bottom side of the carpet. Through a rotary brush of counter-rotation that is brushed on the upper side, the compounds are whipped to foam and are spread to settle everywhere on the carpet. These are made of biodegradable materials that vaporize easily when exposed to air for too long. One major pro of dry cleaning is that it is suitable to be adapted for any type of carpet. All you need to do is slightly adjust the composition of the chemical compounds that are used to make the whole process feasible.

The cost for dry cleaning would be around $75 and $350.

While these two are the most common carpet cleaning routines, it doesn’t end there. Shampooing which works typically well on heavy stains costs around $80 to $400 depending on the size involved. Encapsulation costs around $125 to $550, but it has more cons than pros, so it is not commonly practiced.

The frequency of your carpet cleaning depends on the foot traffic in the area it is laid. It is advisable that you go for a procedure every three months to prevent your carpet from becoming too damaged for any repairs further.

Since carpet cleaning involves all these complications, it is not easy for an in-house janitor to go about it flawlessly. There can also be unfortunate events where you damaged it without any possibility for reversal. A professional cleaning service will be completely insured to replace it at their cost if at all things go wrong. The entire process of screening, hiring, training, and stocking up the right supplies for your in-house janitors.

At JBN Cleaning, we are backed by over 10+ years of experience and we only send the best-trained crew of all when it comes to dealing with sensitive segments like carpet cleaning. We also offer a free quote prior to requests after a complete assessment of your carpet in question.

We are the best in Sydney and we know it. We are here to give you a cleaning experience of a lifetime. Talk to us and let us know about your requirements today!

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