How Much Does Strata Cleaning Cost?

Strata cleaning cost

Wondering About Your Strata Cleaning Cost?

As a building owner, it’d be a great idea for you to go with strata cleaning services. This type of cleaning refers to a sub-divided routine in commonly shared premises for the ease of hiring and paying professional cleaners. For example, corporate companies lease spaces within a building that has simultaneous other businesses running alongside. Now the maintenance unit of the building space can hire a professional to take care of all the common areas including the lawns, gardens, common utility areas, corridor spaces, etc. Unlike what you think, strata cleaning cost is actually economic.

The cost incurred will greatly depend on the size and nature of your premises. In addition, it also depends on the packages that you choose or even the company that you go for. Now, this is because each company’s packages offered will be greatly from one another.

Generally, Strata Cleaning Charges are Based on the Following:

  • No. of hours model
  • Size of the requirement
  • Types of procedures involved
  • Standard strata packages
  • Charges per square foot
  • Recurring cleaning model

In addition, you’ll also be able to avail discounted prices if you go with a recurring cleaning model. This might be a daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning model. Strata cleaning in Sydney generally cost around $45 per hour which includes the regular cleaning routine and for anything additional like window cleaning or carpet stain removals, you might be charged a little extra.

On the basis of size, you can expect somewhere around $1 to $3 per square foot. Ideally, one cleaner can cover up to 5000 sq. ft. in an hour in a strata space. Most cleaning companies provide special discounts for recurring packages. If you go with a weekly package, you might be changed somewhere between $100 to $150 on overall. The monthly cost might round up somewhere between $300 to $350 in total.

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But is Strata Cleaning Cost Everything?

Not really. Although it might be your primary concern, it is not the only thing that will benefit you with your decision. Because sometimes quality comes at a cost. But with the right option, you can get what you’re looking for at your budget. Here’s how you can choose the right.

1. Portfolio of their previous works

It is important that you understand your strata cleaner before you hire them. You can your cleaner about their previous work history to understand where they come from. This will help you get a clear picture of their industry standings, their client retention rate, their overall performance along their overall reviews and ratings.

It’s added plus if they have any cleaning experience prior to strata cleaning. If all of these understandings match your previously set expectations, then you’re already in a win-win situation with the perfect match.

2. Niche working experience

You can never tell what new requirements might arise as you begin your daily cleaning services. It is thus always better to find someone who is well-versed in their subject-matter knowledge of anything and everything when it comes to commercial cleaning services in Sydney. There might be an unexpected common space where you might need a carpet procedure or a sensitive space that requires a disinfection cleaning routine. It is thus important that you hire someone who comes with all the experience, expertise, and necessary equipment handy. Your strata cleaning cost might also reduce this way.

If you happen to go with a cheaper resource that isn’t the right fit for your add-on requirements, you might end up having to search for another resource and double–time the work involved, and even escalate your budget spent further.

Strata cleaning prices

3. Procedures followed

If you go for a standard office cleaning company, they’d always adhere to authoritative protocols and guidelines from standard regulatory bodies like OSHA and CDC. In addition, they’d stick to green cleaning protocols from the start to finish. This will be a huge add-on for your brand value as you’d project yourself as a thought leader in the industry by reducing your overall impact on the environment.

Also, you’d be presented with an environment that is surrounded by a pleasant vibe by negating the after-effects of conventional cleaning routines that utilize chemical-intensive supplies.

4. Supplies and equipment used

Commercial cleaning companies that are best in town would always keep themselves updated with the latest equipment. They’d keep an eye out for any innovative upgrades and try to get them hands-on soon as they can. This way you can also benefit from the latest technologies for your premises.

With a diligent company in the picture, you can be absolutely sure of the supplies they use. This is because they’d only go with hand-picked organic supplies that are EPA-approved or carry a DfE label with them.

5. Custom packages

No two spaces are the same and neither can they be cleaned with the same procedures and packages. And hence, if you end up paying a base-priced package for our cleaning services, your cleaning cost is only going to escalate while also not meeting your exact demands.

There are a lot of good companies that offer customized commercial cleaning packages that are crafted to meet your vision. They’d devise a personalized plan of action for your strata cleaning services to accurately serve your purpose.

At JBN Cleaning, we offer reasonable strata cleaning prices that is very competitive with the market rates. We are now also offering a free quote for your requirements after a thorough inspection at your time of appointment.

Get in touch with us to know how much you’d be charged exactly!

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