How often should a medical center be cleaned?

How often should a medical center be cleaned?

Medical center cleaning is crucial because these are high-traffic areas for the accumulation of germs than any other. This is because of the foot-traffic of patients with different ailments throughout the day. If you want your patients to feel comfortable, you should have a zero-tolerance principle for dirty or unattended spots.

You’d want to showcase your premise as a place of cure, rather than a breeding house for various diseases just because you didn’t follow a neatly crafted cleaning schedule. Here’s a routine from the professionals of JBN Cleaning that you can keep a check on to maintain a fixed routine for a comprehensive cleaning of your center.

The waiting halls

Let’s get started with the most critical place of all. Even in the examination rooms, the patients would only go one after the other. But waiting rooms are where they all share the same space. Even a healthy person would likely encounter a lot of communicable germs here on.

It is thus vital that the waiting halls are given the first priority when you hire medical center cleaning services. This place is also going to give the first impression to the people who walk in. You should thus make it look presentable and feel fresh at all times.

The ideal cleaning routine for these halls would be once every 3 hours, where you sweep and mop it with disinfection solutions. Other high-point areas like doorknobs, furniture handles, glassware, tables, seat railing should also be disinfection wiped frequently to retain a lasting pleasant environment.


These are the most vulnerable areas that can potentially be a hot spot for the transmission of communicable diseases. The time period between cleaning depends upon your overall foot traffic. At times when your incoming patients’ numbers are high, you’ll ideally have to clean all the corners once every two hours. If the number is low, you can clean it once every four hours.

Touch prone surfaces like taps, toilet bowls, lids, flush, hand wash dispensaries should all be wiped with disinfectant while you carry about your cleaning routine in these interval periods. Hiring a medical center cleaning company can help you be relieved since they work autonomously according to fixed pre-planned schedules.

Staff Seating

It is important that you protect your staff from being exposed to the germs that they are set to cure. Staff seating spaces should be disinfected at least twice every day. Benches, chair railings, tables should all be sanitized every day.

There should always be a trash compartment outside the staff room where the doctors can leave their used gloves, PPEs, or masks before they enter their respective spaces.

Trash Removal Practices

There’s no trash as harmful as medical rubbish. There must be proper timelines for garbage clearance. Twice a day would be the ideal timeline for it. At JBN Cleaning, we would also recommend you disinfect your trash can then and there as you clear the garbage. The liners should also be changed along with this procedure.

Examination Premise

The typical time period to disinfect the exam room would be between every single patient. Everything from countertops, sinks, tables, chairs, furniture, and light switches should be taken care of. It is important that you don’t let this room of all areas in your center be contaminated.

The table liners should also be changed every day. The desk trash can should be removed once every 4 hours to prevent the syringes and other disposable contaminants from piling up.

Deep Cleaning

Going beyond the normal cleaning routine of brooming and vacuuming to cleansing every spot in an orderly fashion using materials that go in sync with the nature of the surface is an art by itself. This right here is what we call deep cleaning. Especially, when it comes to medical center cleaning, deep cleaning usually involves complete sanitization of the premise ground-up from corner to corner.

It is thus better to outsource your medical center cleaning services since the professionals come with a comprehensive experience to take care of it all. The ideal time-frequency for deep cleaning would generally be once in two months for a commercial space. But for a medical center, we would advise that you take it up once every 2 o 3 weeks to be on the safer side.

Terminal Cleaning

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) are something that every medical center dread. Terminal cleaning is one of the medical center cleaning methods that is done to control and break the chain build-up of any infection.

Every medical center adheres to guidelines from globally recognized bodies like the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and follows standard methods to make an effective terminal cleaning. Terminal cleaning requires expertise like no other. It takes extensive training and subject matter knowledge to get it right. Hence, it is always advisable to go with a professional like JBN Cleaning who can do this in the most impeccable manner for you. It is advisable to go for a terminal cleaning routine every time a hospitalized person vacates his allocated room. For surgical or other sensitive areas, you would have to do it after every single procedure. For the other spaces, you can go about terminal cleaning once every two weeks.

Our professionals completely understand how important it is to keep your medical center hygienic and fresh at all times. We adhere to standard protocols and are always on-point with our schedule. We ourselves can be your reminder call for all these different methods of cleaning at their appropriate time intervals.

As an added bonus, we only stick with completely non-toxic eco-friendly supplies that pose no harm to both your health and the environment. Now that you have the experts right in front of you, what are you waiting for?

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