How often should Offices be disinfected for Covid19?

How often should offices be disinfected for covid19

Looking to go about your Covid19 cleaning?

With the cases of the pandemic taking a turn up and down leaving us baffled about when this nightmare is going to come to a full stop, it is necessary that we take all the necessary precautions as much as we can. Especially, if you are a business owner, you need to focus more on your Covid19 deep cleaning routine and also follow it in the right frequency that can prevent germ-builds ups and contamination.

But coming to this time interval between cleaning, it is very fluid in nature. You simply can’t put a number to it and follow it just the same for all kinds of premises. There are actually numerous factors that go into consideration before you ideally fix up on a schedule to follow for your office.

The major game-changing factors that you need to consider when it comes to your office cleaning includes:

1. Size of your premises

This plays a crucial role in two ways – smaller premises are usually prone to become messed up in shorter durations if your foot traffic is high. At the same time, bigger premises are hard to cover and there is usually a lot of corners that are missed while cleaning. So when it comes to disinfection cleaning,

smaller premises need frequent coverage while bigger premises need lesser coverage but not intensive cleaning each time around.

2. The foot traffics

Foot traffic essentially refers to the number of people who enter your premises on an everyday basis. The more the people, the more frequent should be your covid cleaning. Even one carrier of the virus can spread it to everyone around and you need to be extra cautious in cleaning your office at the right frequencies. This will help prevent the spread of the virus and keep the degree of contamination in control as much as your can.

3. High-touch points

There are going to be a lot of touch-prone points within your premises like your elevator buttons, staircase railings, furniture, flush handles, doorknobs, electronic gadgets, etc. You need to essentially take care of all these at frequent time intervals as necessary to make these places safe for the next person to use.

4. Time interval from your last deep cleaning routine

A covid19 deep cleaning routine is necessary for complete coverage of your office. This will ensure corner to corner disinfection procedure and there’d be no more germ colonies left. If your deep cleaning routine was at least a month before, then your disinfection should be done even more repeatedly than the other way around since there is a lot more possible contamination this way.

5. Number of positive cases at your office

It is always a good idea to have HR protocols to handle the situation when one of your employees is tested positive. You should also screen all the others who have been in close contact. If need be, you should even close down your doors until further notice and hire a professional like JBN Cleaning to do your cleaning routine first.

6. Sensitivity of different spots within your space

Your kitchen spaces are even more contagious than your restrooms. In such a way, you should prioritize the order of your checklist and go about your everyday cleaning with a keen eye for details.

Your frequency of cleaning restrooms should be at least twice or thrice within a single day compared to the other places which can be cleaned and disinfected just once even.

How can you do your office cleaning in Sydney right?

1. Strategize before you proceed

Your strategy should always be the first thing that you should direct your efforts towards. This will give you a thorough procedure and a checklist in theory before you go about your groundwork.

You should also have an actionable checklist in hand that has the end to end of everything you need to be cleaned before you start your work.

2. Adhere to standard protocols

When you hire a professional for your office cleaning, they will always go with standard procedures and protocols devised by regulatory bodies that are globally recognized like OSHA and CDC. If you are going about your cleaning routine with an in-house janitorial team, you should ensure that they also go about your procedure the same way.

3. Go for organic solutions and green cleaning

In addition to the visible effects of protecting the environment, organic supplies can also protect your employees from the harmful side effects of chemical-intensive cleaning like asthmatic triggers, allergies, or rashes. This will also negate the usual after-effects of cleaning like the pungent smells.

4. Disinfect & Sanitise as necessary

Understanding the difference between disinfection and sanitization is the first thing when it comes to covid19 cleaning. While they might look one and the same on the surface level, they are so completely different on a further level.

Disinfection helps in the termination of germs but sanitization on the other hand helps in the formation of a protective film on top of surfaces to make the premise safe for the next person to use.

5. Hire a professional when you need it

It’s always a better idea to go for professional cleaning in Sydney as and when you need it. They’d have all the expertise that you might be on the lookout for. In addition, their vast experience will help in cleaning every last place from corner to corner and make your premises shine on point.

This can help your premise be free of any paranoia of the pandemic.

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