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How To Choose The Best Gym Cleaning Company In Sydney?

How To Choose The Best Gym Cleaning Company In Sydney

The Trick To Choosing The Best Gym Cleaning Company In Sydney

Keeping a fitness centre clean is no cakewalk. When it comes to gym cleaning, the most common challenges you will face may have to do with:

  • Heavy foot traffic throughout the day
  • Sweat and bodily fluids contaminating surfaces
  • Diverse high-tech equipment
  • Extreme time constraints due to operating hours
  • Getting staff and members to adhere to cleanliness guidelines

Thankfully, a capable gym cleaning company can figure out the ideal solution to each of these challenges. Having a dedicated cleaning crew is the only way you can keep the facility consistently clean.

But to get the desired results, you would have to choose the best gym cleaners in Sydney. And we will tell you just how you can do that!

Steps To Choosing The Best Gym Cleaning Company In Sydney

There are hundreds of commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. Which one should you choose for your gym cleaning needs?

This question can keep you up at night at first. But with a little bit of preparation, choosing the right gym cleaners will be a breeze!

To make you choose the best commercial cleaners in Sydney for gym cleaning, you need to do the following:

  • Identify and assess your gym cleaning needs
  • Make a list of the top gym cleaners in your area
  • Research each company diligently
  • Interview potential candidates

Wondering how you should approach each task? Worry not! We will lay out a step-by-step guide for you to make each step easy.

Step #1: Identify And Assess Your Gym Cleaning Needs

Since each fitness facility is unique, they are bound to have varying cleaning needs. That’s why the first step involves figuring out your specific cleaning needs.

This initial evaluation is necessary to build a comprehensive gym cleaning checklist. It will also lay the foundation for finding a gym cleaner will will fulfil your unique needs perfectly.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Assess The Layout

Walk through your facility and make a mental note of the layout. Then categorise all the area areas based on their purpose. A few examples are:

  • Workout zones
  • Locker rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Reception
  • Common spaces

Analyse How Traffic Flows Through The Facility

You will notice that the volume of traffic fluctuates throughout the day. Take note of when the gym is the busiest. For that, you need to:

  • Take note of the peak hours
  • Figure out how people move about the facility
  • Identify the areas that need frequent cleanups
  • Pay special attention to the congestion points

Comply With Regulations

Fitness centres in Sydney must comply with health and safety regulations. Make sure to pay extra attention to it. Or else, you would have to pay hefty fines or have your business shut down for violation.

  • Brush up on the regulations related to cleanliness
  • Find out about recommended COVID-safety protocols
  • Make sure your facility fulfils all the regulatory requirements

Collect Feedback From Members And Staff

Never take the opinions of staff and members for granted! Their feedback can offer you valuable insight into what you are doing right and where you must improve. That’s why you must:

  • Gather detailed feedback from the members
  • Pay special attention to hygiene-related complaints
  • Talk to your employees about which areas need more care

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Step #2: Find Out What Services The Top Cleaners Provide

Different commercial cleaners specialise in varying gym cleaning services in Sydney. Before you start looking for cleaning companies, you need to know which services you need the most. Here are some of the most popular gym cleaning services:

General Cleaning

It focuses on surface-level cleaning and ensures the facility looks spotless. General cleaning involves tasks like:

  • Sweeping/mopping/vacuuming floors
  • Wiping down surfaces to remove dust
  • Removing cobwebs from ceiling and fixtures
  • Disinfecting surfaces and sanitising equipment

Floor Mat Cleaning

Most commercial gyms have rubber mats installed on the floors. You may even have floor mats in certain sections of the workout area. In either case, you must keep these mats clean. When choosing a cleaning company, make sure they provide gym mat cleaning. They should:

  • Remove loose dirt and debris
  • Clean the surface of the mat with a pH cleaner and disinfectant
  • Clean under the gym mat

Equipment Cleaning

Your gym must be filled with equipment, from free weights and resistance bands to sophisticated electronic exercise machines. Gym equipment is costly.

That’s why you need to keep them well-maintained so that they last a long time. Make sure your gym cleaning company know the ways to clean gym equipment.

How to choose the right gym cleaners

Step #3: Make A List Of The Top Gym Cleaners In Your Area

Finding a gym cleaning company in a city like Sydney should not be a problem! But chances are you will come across many that aren’t exactly what you are looking for. That’s why you should optimise your search by doing the following:

As For Recommendations

  • Take advantage of your professional network to find gym cleaners.
  • Ask family, friends, and acquaintances for recommendations.
  • Take part in networking functions and industry events.

Turn To Search Engines

  • Try searching on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for commercial cleaners in your area.
  • Browse through online business directories (Hotfrog, AussieWeb, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.)

Search On Social Media

  • Look for gym cleaners on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Join groups and forums on commercial cleaning.
  • Connect with the social media channels of reputed commercial cleaners.

By now, you should have a few names on your list of commercial cleaners near you.

Step #4: Research Each Company Before Finalising One

After finding a few suitable options, you should research each company to pick the best one from them.

Make sure you are as diligent as possible to find as much as you can about each company. You cannot skip this step or go easy on it as your final decision depends on it:

  • Evaluate the online presence of cleaning companies, focusing on website professionalism, service offerings, and update frequency.
  • Review customer feedback on platforms like Google and third-party sites to assess service quality.
  • Consider the company’s responsiveness, communication, and overall professionalism.
  • Verify certifications and licenses through their website or direct inquiry.

Step #5: Ask The Right Questions When Interviewing Providers

Once you are done with your research, it is time to reach out to each company and find out what they can do for you.

Having a one-on-one consultation or interview with each one is necessary to know what services they can offer and how much they will charge for it.

Make sure to ask questions like:

  1. What services does my facility need?
  2. Can you offer any gym cleaning tips that are tailored to my unique needs?
  3. Do you provide customised gym cleaning packages?
  4. Do you have insurance?
  5. Are the cleaners properly vetted?
  6. What type of gym cleaning products will your cleaners use?


Follow these steps, and you can find a good gym cleaner in no time! Check out JBN Cleaning if you want to go with a reliable and trusted gym cleaning company in Sydney. Our cleaners are now providing a free quote by visiting your gym/fitness centre based on your cleaning needs.

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