How to clean a carpet without a machine?

How to clean carpet without a machine?

Carpet cleaning is one of the toughest cleaning jobs there are. This is because if you screw up, you’d pay a huge sum for its restoration or even replacement. But nevertheless, cleaning your carpet regularly is important if you want to make them look fresh and on point at all times.

It is not easy though. Especially if you’re set out to do it all by yourself. This is because the dust particles can go all the way between the intricate fibers and might be hard to clean without specific cleaning methods or equipment. At the same time, carpets cannot be cleaned with a one-size-fits-all approach. This is because the carpet can be made from diverse sources of natural or synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, olefin, or wool. Also, the basic style of any of these types can be classified into frieze, shag, velvet, cable, or Saxony. Each of these combinations results in a different kind of unique finish. Hence, they would require due precision when they are cleaned if you want to retain their life-like essence after.

It is not easy to make your carpet look perfectly presentable at all times, especially if you don’t have specialized carpet cleaning equipment with you. But it is not impossible either. All it takes is a little bit of patience, a lot more caution, and a few DIY cleaning hacks or tips from experts like JBN Cleaning who have been offering carpet cleaning services for years now.

1. What to do if you don’t have a vacuum?

.Decolouration of carpet happens if you don’t vacuum it regularly. The tiny dust grain gets accumulated on the fibers with time and makes this happen. But special vacuums for carpets are priced at an extremely high cost. Although, they are much more useful to carpet cleaner than you.

  • Hand-pick all the larger chunks of dirt or trash on the carpet
  •  If you have a removable rug that is comparatively smaller in size, take it out with the help of two other people and shake it violently to get rid of the surface dust particles
  • Using duct tape works for smaller particles. Cut smaller sections of the tape and stick it on the rug and remove them. Do not use the same tape for more than two spots. Follow an orderly pattern to ensure that you cover the whole area. This might take a long time as the size of your carpet increases. But it is just as effective as vacuums with smaller adaptive nozzles. Also, ensure you don’t do this onto carpets where there are too many intricate fibers on the surface like wool.

2. Extraction carpet cleaning without steam equipment

Hot water extraction is usually done to remove particles from the deep interior of the fibers. Shampooing can be a better alternative to this process. Even some carpet cleaning companies use this method to wash the interior of the carpet thoroughly.

  • Create a soap bubble liquid by adding a few drops of dishwashing soap or commercial carpet cleaning chemicals in a bucket. Pour out excess water so you don’t saturate the carpet as much. You can also use baking soda with vinegar as an alternative soap solution which is just as effective.
  • Dip a sponge on this prepared solution and gently scrub the dirt from your carpet in circular motions. Work across in section to get every area covered. Scrub brushes with a handle will give you better control and they can be used instead of the sponge.
  • Some carpets have tufts on the sides which can be dipped directly in this solution and hand scrubbed.

3. Spot Cleaning without machines

Spillages are bound to happen to your carpet when you least expect it. This might even result in serious stains. It is our natural instinct that we immediately try to rub it away. But, this will only make these stains travel all the way through the interior of the knitted fibers, making them irreversible to wipe off.

You can instead try blotting the stained surface with a cleaning solution or a self-prepared DIY vinegar/baking soda solution. You can do this by using a sponge or sponge. Pay close attention to the direction of blotting too. It is advisable that you blot inwards so that you don’t let the stains spread any further.

4. Frequent cleaning of the baseboards can take you a long way

Thinking about how to clean carpet without machines? One simple way is to take proper care of different routines at their exact intervals.

This aspect is frequently overlooked when it comes to the cleaning of your carpets. The baseboards that the carpet is originally placed on are not often cleaned and this might be one of the reasons why you’ll be actually needing machines to clean up because they get so messy beyond help.

Every time you go about getting carpet cleaning services, ensure that you simultaneously clean the baseboards completely to prevent them from being unattended for a longer period and also from contaminating your freshly cleaned carpets.

Also, ensure that you sweep, rub or scrub at proper intervals to prevent dust from accumulating for longer periods.

5. Go for professionals, if you don’t want your hands getting dirty.

Carpet cleaning is a sensitive task and you definitely don’t wanna mess up because the repair & replacement costs are very hefty and cost-intensive. Relying on an in-house janitor or DIY tips is also not a great option if you are running a commercial establishment. You’d have to find the right resources, equipment, and supplies for them which are extremely expensive than hiring professional cleaners.

The implementation of all the textbook DIY methods might sound easy on paper but there are a lot of technical considerations that are complicated and they differ with every carpet in question. A professional like JBN Cleaning backed by years of experience will be your best option if you want to make your investment count while you hire a carpet cleaning company.

Be it the latest vacuum cleaners, comprehensive expertise in handling different types of rugs, environment-grade non-toxic organic supplies, they bring their best work to the table to serve you.

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