How To Clean An Office Chair?

How to clean an office chair

Find Out How To Clean Office Chair?

Be it a commercial space, an actual office, or even your corner cubicle at your house that you use as your workstation will have a chair that would be hard to really clean. This is because most chairs are built with ergonomic consideration and have a lot of small moving parts. These nooks and corners are prone to accumulating a lot of germs, diseases, infections, and viruses if you don’t clean them frequently with time. So, to clean an office chair, you should probably know the basics.

Since you’re spending most of your day here in this space, you are going to definitely make a mess of the upholstery and even the hand railing by spilling something unexpected. And because you’re going to spend most of your day here, it is necessary that they are maintained in an absolutely pristine manner at least for health and hygiene concerns.

Gather The Required Supplies

Most office chairs come with a care tag that people don’t really get because they’re rather text-coded sometime without putting down explicit information. Some of the supplies that helps in cleaning the office chair are:

  • Vacuum Cleaner: Choose the vacuum cleaner specifically designed to remove dust and stains hassle-free as possible.
  • Soap or Solution: Use a mild soap or cleaning solution.
  • Spray Bottle: Used for spraying the solution on the chair.
  • Small Towel or Soft Cloth: Using microfiber cloths is the best option that don’t leave behind lint will do.
  • Air Compressor: To make it dry easily.

Now Lets See How To Clean Office Chair?

Vacuum And Dust Off The Entire Chair

Vacuum the chair from the top to the wheels, thoroughly including dust, hair, or other debris. Use duster to remove the vacuum hard to reach areas.

Wipe The Chair With A Soap or Solution

Mix of one part soap to some part of water and apply or spray the solution on to the chair using a spray bottle. Ensure that the solution has applied on the entire chair.

Wiping the surface of the chair with cloth is much important after applying the solution.

Rinse And Dry

Spray clean water to wipe the chair from handles, seat covers and the wheel base. Use hair dryer or air compressor allow them to dry the fabric seats or cushion of the chair.

Using Rubbing Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol to clean away the stains from the chair, which soap cant clear. Avoid using toxic chemicals, it will bring some health issues. Professional recommend only non-toxic green cleaning products.

Go Deep Upholstery Cleaning

If you are going for a deep cleaning for your chair or sofa, go for professional upholstery cleaner. They know how to clean properly with lot of experience in hand.

Take Your Safety And Hygiene To The Next Level.

Different Codes: How To Clean Office Chair?

S – Refers to a mark of approval for dry solvents. These solutions are free from moisture and water to avoid any damage to the fabric upholstery. They are both available in solutions and solid powder format. Always do testing first to see if the solvent leaves any remark on your upholstery before completely utilizing them all over.

W – This code refers to water-based solvents and their approved mark of usage. You can even use regular dish soap to take care of these. Use a damp cloth and gently take a small portion of dish soap on it and apply it to the surface of the upholstery. Remember to blot with a cotton cloth at the end to remove any excess moisture.

SW or AW – Either of these solutions can be used for these and these fabrics are not as sensitive as the rest.

Office Chair Cleaning Guidelines

Take care of the surface dirt first. Pick up a paper towel and dust the entire chair to remove any dirt or grimes on the surfaces. Always make sure that you don’t force the dirt into the fabric but rather remove them from the top by gentle motions.

Any spillage is going to lead to patches of dirt on top of the surfaces. Tend to any unintended stains as soon as possible to avoid any long-term stain marks on top of it.

Use a wet cloth to tend to any spillage by blotting it unidirectionally. Do not attend to it without a directional approach. You’ll only spread the affected area even further with this.

After the wet cloth approach, use a paper towel to blot and remove the remaining moisture to avoid the smell of wet fabric from engulfing your entire room or cubicle.

Handover Your Office Chair Cleaning To The Professionals

While cleaning a chair might seem easy, covering the entirety of your office space might not be just simple. You need to go for the right procedures, invest in the right kind of supplies, solutions, and equipment, and find janitors/ cleaners who are competent to handle requirements of your intensity and scale at ease. Not to mention all the direct involvement that you should have so as to ensure that proper quality standards are met.

Hiring office chair cleaning professionals will do the job easily and at affordable cost. Talk to JBN Cleaning today to get a free quote for all your requirements after a thorough on-site inspection.

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