How to clean gym clothes?

How to clean gym clothes

Do you know how to clean gym clothes?

Seems like it’s not so crucial and you’re just one machine wash away? Here’s why you’re wrong. If you don’t follow just the right procedures for washing the clothes that you have sweat all out at, you’ll end up helping a lot of germs, bacteria and micro-organisms colonize them indefinitely. You’ll thus result in making it unhygienic even after you wash routine when you next wear it thinking it’s afresh. Read on to know more ideas and inputs about how to clean gym clothes the right way.

Ideally, you’d have to disinfect and sanitize them after each wear and it is absolutely important that you don’t wear them again before washing them. It is not so uncommon that you feel like wearing your favorite pants again thinking that it was just your chest day the previous evening. But your body works differently and it functions as a whole unit when you sweat out and there are no exemptions.

If the fitness center cleaning is on point at the gym that you go to, you’d have a better shot at being at least a little bit more hygienic the other way around.

Here are a few things that you don’t previously know about how to clean gym clothes…

1. Giving your clothes the breathing space

We understand how tough your workout day might have been but try and find your will to leave your clothes out in the hanger sometime before dumping it down your hamper. As your clothes go down to the bottom, they’ll only get tougher to wash. Leaving them this way also ensures that you get rid of the odors before you put them to washing.

At JBN Cleaning, We would also suggest that you don’t use the hamper at all for your gym clothes but rather clean them right away in a few hours.

2. Cold washing all the way

On a surface level, hot water might seem like a viable solution for clean gym clothes but the reality is contrary to this popular belief. While hot water might be effective to some extent for germ decontamination, they are not very good on the elasticity of your textiles. It might spoil the finish of your fabric and also lead to shrinkage, colorfast fading, and a comparatively shorter life span for all your clothing.

Always go for cold water washing as your first option. And in addition, make sure to wash your sweaty gear within at least four to five hours after you return home to eliminate the spread of contagious bacteria and viruses with time.

3. Strictly no machine drying

Hot water, hot air, all the same. Just like this hot water, hot air can affect the quality of your clothing. Instead of drying with heaters or air blowers, leave them air dry in a closed space that has enough sunlight. This is because natural sunlight can shrink the elasticity of your soft materials like yoga pants or tech fits and not forget the inevitable color fading that is bound to happen.

It is better to know about all these inputs from an expert cleaning company before you jump directly into cleaning your clothes of different materials. Also, are you reading your wash directions that come with almost every outfit at least once? If not, it’s high time that you start doing it!

 4. A little bit of vinegar can just do the magic

Pre-soaking your clothes in vinegar can help remove any accumulated dirt, dust, or even foul smells before you go for the actual wash routine. Mix one part of vinegar with two parts of cold water and soak your gym clothes for an hour or two before you wash them up. They can also help remove at least a little bit of your sweat stain build-ups making it easily go away during the actual wash. Even a lot of commercial cleaning professionals use this method to take care of clothing materials or even floor spaces to achieve the perfect clean.

If you want to skip this part on your busy days, at least soak your clothes in water before tossing them into your hamper.

5. Do not use fabric softeners

Fabric softeners might seem like not so much of a bad option to leave behind all your dirty smells and give them a fresh feeling. But what happens underneath is something you should know before going with such cleaning services.

They can simply degrade the finish quality of your fabric. They can also leave a coating that can potentially attract a lot of grimes and germs during your next wear. You can instead use white vinegar in these areas to let go of these smells minus the artificial fresh smell that comes with fabric softeners but you don’t need them anyway.

6. Wash your clothes inside out

Better-smelling workout wear cannot be obtained if you only clean the exteriors of your clothing. Be it your armpit odors or any accumulated sweat stains, it’ll only go away if you clean them completely especially on the inside.

Turn your clothing inside out and then put them to wash. This will help give them a more direct and thoroughly clean. This will also ensure that your colors don’t fade instantly.

It is necessary that you go to a space that has their gym cleaning services on point to make sure that you don’t suffer any consequences of contagious germs that you might get from dirty spaces.

We hope you now have a little more sense of direction on how to clean gym clothes.

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