How To Clean Rust Off Golf Clubs?

How to clean rust off golf clubs

Essential Tips To Help You Remove Rust From Golf Clubs

Leaving golf clubs outside or storing them improperly in unfavourable conditions can cause them to rust. Thankfully, a little rust does not mean your expensive clubs are ruined! You should, however, take steps to remove the rust before it gets more severe. Though you can find cleaning services that specialize in golf club cleaning and restoration, you can try a few DIY methods if the condition is not too bad. Here, we will discuss a few ways to clean rust off golf clubs.

Golf Club Cleaning Methods To Get Rid of Rust

When it comes to getting rust off golf clubs, there are several methods you can try. Your choice of cleaning techniques may vary based on the model and design of your clubs. You can also try one or more of these methods depending on the severity of the rusting and the results you are getting after the cleanup. You do not need special equipment for golf club cleaning. All the items and ingredients used for these steps are also readily available.

Steel Wool And Wire Brushes

Both steel wool and wire brushes are excellent for removing rust from golf clubs. But they are most effective if there is only a light sprinkling of surface-level rust on the clubs. All you need to do is scrub the rusty areas lightly with the steel wool or brush and wipe the clubs afterwards. The clubs should have their original shine back.

However, make sure you do not scrub too hard, or you will scratch the surface and damage the clubs. Remember to use ultra-fine steel wool to prevent scratches or damage. If the rust seems too deep-set, you should try some other methods.


Who knew you could use soda to remove rust from golf clubs? Well, now you know! You need a few litres of Coca-Cola (Pepsi is just as effective!) and a clean container. Fill up the container with the soda and submerge the golf clubs. You should soak up your golf clubs for up to 24 hours for the best results. After soaking, remove the clubs and wipe them with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

This method works well on deep-seated rust, but if you notice little rust left on the clubs, scrub those areas with fine steel wool or scratch-proof scrubber.

Soap And Water

One of the simplest methods of cleaning rust off golf clubs involves two ingredients: soap and water! All you need to do is make a solution of warm water and dish or liquid soap in a bucket and soak your clubs for around five minutes. Then, use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the rust away.

If you spot rust deep into the grooves, use a soft toothbrush or steel wool to scrub them off. Make sure to use a brush with fine bristles that reaches into the grooves and does not scratch or damage the surface of the clubs.

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Vinegar And Lemon Juice

Much like with Coca-Cola, the acidity in vinegar and lemon juice can effectively break down the rust and remove them. Just fill a container with lemon juice or vinegar and soak your clubs in the solution for around an hour or two. Then use a soft brush to scrub away the rust. Make sure to scrub gently so that you do not scratch or damage the clubs.

Rust Remover

Industrial-grade rust removers are available in stores and they can effectively remove rust. But remember these products contain harsh chemicals that can damage your clubs. So, you should carefully read the instructions on the packaging and use the product with caution. If used correctly, industrial rust removers can remove any type of rust.

If none of the above methods works, you will need to contact a commercial cleaning company that specializes in cleaning and removing rust from golf clubs.

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How To Prevent Your Golf Clubs From Rusting?

You may have heard the proverb “Prevention is better than cure.” Well, it is true in this case as well. If you take good care of your clubs, you can prevent them from rusting in the first place. Here are a few easy ways to prevent golf clubs from rusting:

Dry The Clubs After Use

Never store your clubs while they are dirty and wet. Make sure you wipe them with a clean, dry towel before storing them. Pay special attention to the shafts, clubheads, and grips.

Store Them Properly

How you store your clubs significantly impacts their condition. Always store your clubs in a dry place, away from humidity and moisture. Avoid storing your clubs in a damp basement or garage where they would rust easily.

Apply Rust Inhibitors

Substances such as WD-40 and other rust inhibitors prevent your golf clubs from rusting. Remember to apply them to your clubs before storing them. You may also apply these once in a while even when you are not using your clubs.

Keep The Clubs Clean

Regular cleaning is a great way to prevent rust from forming on your clubs. You can use a soft-bristled brush or a cloth to clean the clubs. Make sure to not use abrasive materials that can damage or scratch the surface.

By following these methods, you can effectively protect your clubs and prevent them from rusting. However, despite your best efforts, if you do notice rust, you can always try the methods mentioned above.

If you have an old, beat-up set of clubs or if you have recently purchased a rusty, old set from a garage sale, you can restore them to their former glory. All you have to do is get in touch with a commercial cleaning company like JBN Cleaning that offers golf club cleaning services.

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