How To Clean Windows Without Streaks?

how to clean windows without streaks,

Do You Know, How To Clean A Window Without Streaks?

It goes without saying that every single one of us would love to indulge ourselves in a scenic view outside our window glasses. Even if not for the view, windows remain one of the major sources of fresh air, ventilation, and light from the outside. But window cleaning is tricky. Especially when you want to clean them to perfection without allowing any room for streaking. Then, how to clean windows without streaks? 

There might be dozens of window cleaning products that you might find out there in the market. But the key to streak-free cleaning of your windows depends on the techniques that you use and how efficiently you utilize the tools at your disposal.

Things Not To Do

1. Using Ammonia or Alcohol-Based Solutions

These solutions are strictly overlooked by professionals for office window cleaning services. On the surface level, they might seem like the best option that you have in front of you for offering intense cleaning of your windows. But they tend to leave prominent streaks and even a thin film behind which might attract more dust or moisture in the coming days.

2. Never Scrape Dust or Dirt

It’s natural to find materials hardened on your window glass or stubborn dirt that has accumulated over a period of time. But it is bad news if you use a razor, bell pin, or other sharp-edged materials to scrape them off. This will leave irreversible scratches on your window which might even weaker its structure over a period of time to break it.

3. Using More Solutions For Streaks

Streaks are not something that cannot be undoed. If at all you happen to leave behind streaks post-cleaning, you can gently rinse it with water to negate most of it. How to clean windows without streaks. Using a solution to reclean it will only make matters worse and you’d end up doing a cycle of it with no use or end result.

4. Using Paper Towels

As mentioned earlier, your tools and techniques play a vital role in the results that you want for your window cleaning services. Paper towels tend to leave behind a bit of lint and remnants. You’d then have to wait until your window is dry to pick them off one by one.

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Things To Do

1. Switching To Vinegar-Based Products or DIY Solutions

White vinegar can work wonders on your window if you get the solution right. Mix one part of vinegar with ten parts of warm water and load it into a spray bottle. Now spritz the solution on the window you want to clean and wipe with a soft lint-free microfiber cloth for best results.

You can also mix a cup of rubbing alcohol to this solution which acts as a disinfectant while also preventing glass streaks.

2. Sticking To Distilled Water

It is the simplest of adaptations that can take your window cleaning routine to the next level. Since your glass is sensitively transparent and even a speck of minor dirt will make such a huge impression, you might have to ensure you’re sticking to professional-level procedures. Tap water is usually highly concentrated with dissolved minerals which might result in streaks in combination with your cleaning solutions.

They are very inexpensive and you can find them easily in any local grocery store.

clean window without streaks,

3. Following A Standard Pattern In Cleaning

  • A sequential procedure is something we as a commercial window cleaning company would highly recommend you to follow since it’d help you prevent a lot of mishaps before they happen.
  • Always use a squeegee to wipe your windows after your spray the cleaning product onto them. Wipe the solution in a top to bottom motion. Wipe your squeegee at frequent intervals before the solution gets accumulated too much.
  • Buff the remaining wetness from the solution using a dry microfiber cloth. Do not wipe since it might result in streaking. Cleaning your windows when the sun isn’t directly shining on the window is a good practice since the cleaning solution might dry on the surface easily before you wipe them off. It might then leave behind marks or scratches.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove any accumulated dust particles instead of using any sharp edges that might cause scratches.
  • Ensure you wipe your windows along with their frames every day and go for this thorough window cleaning routine once every two weeks to retain the shine of your glass.

4. Buffing To Remove Streaks

You might follow all of the above-mentioned procedures on point and still find streaks at the end of your cleaning process. It might be frustrating, yes. But with just one more step, you can bid bye to these.

A quick buff with a microfiber towel will just be enough. Make sure the cloth is entirely dry to avoid further wetting of the glass.

5. Trusting A Professional To Do This For You

All these might serve as a good handbook when you take up cleaning services into your own hands. But let’s be realistic. A moderately sized window might take at least an hour for cleaning to perfection. How to clean windows without streaks. You’d have to do it once every two weeks if you want to ensure that they stay the cleanest at all times. Getting the supplies ready, picking the right equipment, and practicing the right techniques might drain your weekend completely.

If you are a business owner, you’d have a lot more things that need your unwavering attention compared to a window. Micro-managing your in-house janitors is the last thing you have time for. And this right here is why a window cleaning company like JBN Cleaning can do a better job for you.

We have the right experts and the experience to take care of your windows completely. JBN Cleaning is right now offering a free quote and substantial discounts on our window cleaning services. Call us at 0291885449 and have a conversation with us about what you are looking for today!

You’re one conversation away from a complete makeover!

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