How To Keep Windows Clean In Winter?

Window cleaning in winter

The Most Effective Windows Cleaning Tips For the Winter Days

Imagine discovering thick snow layers on your window panes, combined with dirt and dust, on a fine winter morning! Sounds scary, right? Though winter isn’t ideal for window cleaning, can you leave your windows uncleaned throughout the cold days? Nobody out there is going to nod yes to this!

So, how to keep windows clean in winter? Any hasty decisions on window cleaning in winter will ultimately cause damage to your windows. Using a non-freezing cleaner you can avoid freezing the water and damaging the window in winter. You must understand the do’s and don’ts of window cleaning in winter before you proceed to clean up your windows. You need not worry if you don’t know them. This blog will elaborate on everything precisely.

Smart Suggestions on Window Cleaning During Winter

Why Is Window Cleaning In Winter Complicated?

Firstly, cleaning the exterior portions of your windows requires you to remain on the outer premise of your office for a prolonged span. Such a lengthy process becomes daunting when the temperature is in the minus.

On top of that, the cleaning solutions applied on window exteriors for deep cleaning get frozen quickly in cold weather. That also makes window cleaning more intricate during winter.

What’s the Best Time For Cleaning Windows In Winter?

Never endeavor to clean your windows in a freezing temperature because that attempt will go in vain. Experts suggest deep cleaning your windows once or twice at the onset of winter to remain on the safe side. As you follow this suggestion, mild cleaning sessions will suffice during winter.

Also, mid-morning is the best time to clean your windows during winter as your windows get exposed to the sunlight during these hours. Lastly, remember to keep yourself warm while staying out for cleaning windows.

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Things You Should Never Do While Cleaning Windows During Winter

Before exploring how to keep windows clean in winter, you must know about winter cleaning tips for office while doing window cleaning sessions in winter.

Never apply hot water

The worst mistake you can make is to use hot water to clean windows during winter days. You must be anticipating that using hot water on the snow layers accumulated on the window panes will melt them down straight away.

In reality, it doesn’t work that way. Using hot water to clean windows causes more harm than good. We don’t recommend using cool water either. It’s best to use lukewarm water to clean your windows.

Never squeegee windows too forcefully

Remember to be gentle throughout the window cleaning session to prevent damage to your windows. Stubborn dirt strains linger on window panes during winter and snow layers accumulate on them, making them more difficult to clean.

If you apply intense force while squeegeeing your windows, the panes may get scratched, damaged, or even broken.

How Should You Go About Cleaning Your Windows In Winter?

The following pointers will explain how to keep your windows clean in winter.

  • Firstly, choose an overcast day to clean your windows because window cleaning becomes next to impossible in the cold.
  • If snow layers have accumulated on your windows, shovel them up gently using a garden spade
  • Don’t apply window cleaning solutions or any other liquid directly on the dirty or dusty panes.
  • Instead, use old newspapers or white paper towels to gently clean off the dirt and dust accumulated on the window panes.
  • Once the window panes look apparently clean, apply window cleaning solutions on them.
  • Let the solution linger on the panes for a while, and give your windows a deep clean using a sea sponge after that.

Before cleaning up your windows on a winter day, make sure that you’re equipped with the tools of your window cleaning checklist (window-cleaning solution, a garden spade, a squeegee, a sea sponge, a white paper towel, or old newspapers.)

How to keep windows clean in Winter

Best Home-Made Window Cleaning Solutions To Use In Winter

Vinegar-based solutions and alcohol-based solutions are better for cleaning windows in winter. These solutions are pretty effortless to prepare.

Adding specific amounts of vinegar and alcohol to normal or cool water is all you need to prepare these solutions. However, you can also opt for salt-based solutions to clean up your windows during winter.

What Are The Drawbacks of Leaving Windows Uncleaned During Winter?

It can be detrimental if you give up on cleaning your window during winter. Leaving your windows uncleaned for an entire season brings consequences you don’t want to deal with.

Here are some of the consequences of not cleaning windows during winter

Windows Become Unfunctional

Thick layers of snow accumulate on the window panes, frames, and seals, causing the window to become unfunctional. Especially if you have sliding windows, your windows are highly likely to get jammed during winter without cleaning. Opening or closing your windows becomes difficult as thick snow layers wrap the frames and seals.

Scratches On the Panes

Dirt and dust accumulate on your window panes as the windows stay uncleaned for days during winter. Stubborn layers of dirt can even leave scratches on the window panes, degrading the exterior appearance of your windows.

Insulation Damage

Thick snow layers amassed on your windows may impair their insulation properties.

Wrapping Up

You must carry out the guidelines shared above to have a successful window cleaning session during winter. If you don’t want to undergo these hassles, hiring a commercial window cleaning service is a decent option for you.

JBN Cleaning brings the best window-cleaning solutions to you at affordable rates so that you don’t need to exceed your budget. So, get your windows cleaned by our seasoned professionals this winter.

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