Industrial Cleaning Checklist: A Detailed List

Industrial Cleaning Checklist

Here’s What a Comprehensive Industrial Cleaning Checklist Looks Like

Wondering what is included in a standard industrial cleaning checklist? Industrial cleaning is a complex process involving several stages, professional cleaners as well as specialized methods, cleaning products, and equipment. Typically performed by trained commercial cleaners, industrial cleaning often involves cleaning hazardous areas in power plants, factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

Industrial cleaning methods and checklists vary from one site to another depending on several factors. And because the work of industrial cleaners is so varied, it is difficult to describe a one-size-fits-all process. That is why we are going to present a standard industrial cleaning checklist that should give you an idea of the work that goes into it.

Industrial Cleaning Checklist – Services Included

The primary goal behind industrial cleaning is to clean and maintain premises and equipment inside an industrial facility. The best industrial cleaning checklist includes cleaning walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces along with equipment. Surface-level cleaning involves removing dirt, grime, grease, oil, and various other contaminants. Let’s discuss some of the common services that are part of a standard industrial cleaning checklist.

Essential cleaning checklist

The commercial cleaning company will begin with general cleaning such as:


Professional cleaners start by removing all the surface-level dirt and dust from floors, desks, and equipment.


Once all the large debris is out of the way, cleaners will sweep the floors, from the farthest corner to the exit, and under the furniture. They may use a soft-bristle broom to sweep back and forth a few times.


Cleaners will usually vacuum carpeted areas such as offices. Much like with sweeping, vacuuming should be done from the farthest corner up to the exit. They may use special attachments to reach the tricky edges and corners.

Cleaning bathrooms

Cleaning toilets and washrooms are a crucial part of any commercial cleaning. It involves cleaning toilets, shower stalls, sinks, and mirrors.

Cleaning break rooms and cafeterias

If the industrial facility has a break room, cafeteria, or kitchen area, they would also be cleaned as part of the basic cleaning.

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Specialized cleaning checklist

Apart from basic cleaning, cleaning involves different specialized cleaning services. Some of these include:

Mold removal

Most reputed industrial cleaning services provide mold removal services to facilities with a mold infestation. After removal, they perform remediation to prevent mold from growing.

Paint removal

It involves using a chemical stripper to dissolve the paint and then washing it away. After removing the paint, the area is cleaned with detergent or other cleaning agents and sanitized. A new coat of paint is applied after the surface dries completely.

Conveyor cleaning

Industrial cleaners use different methods for cleaning conveyor systems. But the steam cleaning method is the most common. It involves directing heated steam at the conveyor belts to loosen up all the dirt and debris. The conveyor belts are then hosed down or wiped clean. Some industrial cleaners also prefer the pressure washing method.

Checklist for industrial cleaning

Industrial vacuuming

It is a crucial part of industrial floor cleaning. And depending on the type of flooring, cleaners may choose a wet or dry vacuum. It is a tricky process that needs trained professionals.

Mercury spill cleanup

Since mercury is a hazardous element, a mercury spill can be dangerous for everyone around it. Only trained industrial cleaners have the knowledge and skills to clean up a mercury spill. The cleaners must wear special protective gear (including masks and gloves) for this job. They gather as much mercury as possible into a container before wiping the area with a damp cloth. They are also responsible for safely disposing of the mercury according to local regulations.

HVAC cleaning

HVAC systems need thorough and periodic cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and debris. When the HVAC system goes without cleaning for a long time, dirt and dust can build up and contaminate indoor air. Poor indoor air quality can cause allergies and respiratory illnesses. Most commercial cleaning services provide HVAC system cleaning as part of their industrial cleaning package.

Asbestos removal

Old industrial buildings often have asbestos, which was used in drywall and fireproofing. Since the harmful effects of asbestos became popular, asbestos removal became one of the most popular industrial cleaning services.

Lead removal

Lead removal is another popular industrial cleaning service. It involves using chemicals to break down the lead from the surface coating and then washing the area. Make sure to hire a commercial cleaning company that has proper accreditation to perform this service.

Hydro blasting

Also called pressure cleaning, hydro blasting involves using a high-pressure water blaster for removing lead, paint, and grime from surfaces.


Chemical spills are common in factories. Since they can be dangerous, chemical spills must be cleaned properly and immediately by trained professionals. Most industrial cleaning services provide decontamination services that involve cleaning up chemical spills to make the workplace safe.

An industrial cleaning checklist can include many of these specialized cleaning services. Industrial facilities may hire commercial cleaners for specific cleaning jobs such as the ones mentioned above, or they may hire them for regular, basic cleaning. The industrial cleaning checklist can vary widely based on the specific nature of the job and the requirements of the client.

In general, industrial cleaning services such as JBN Cleaning work with areas such as floors, surfaces, restrooms, office cubicles, conference rooms, locker rooms, labs, warehouses, loading docks, storage areas, cafeterias, industrial kitchens, exhaust systems, silos and much more.

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Cleaning Services
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