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Is your Industrial Floor Cleaning the Biggest Problem of All?

It need not be anymore! With just a bit of tip, techniques and insider insights, you can amp up your cleaning in no time. The first secret bean that we’d have to spell out for you would be to quit with your one-size-fits-all approach. You need to handle the end-to-end of your industrial floor cleaning with utmost caution by thoroughly understanding the nature of your floors.

Going about your procedure with a pre-planned strategy and comprehensive checklists can help you save a lot of time. When you hire professionals, they’ll devise an action plan first after careful analysis of your requirement and devising a procedure accordingly. Industrial floors can be made up of marble, Kota, sandstone, wood, polyurethane, granite, vinyl, terrazzo, etc. Most industries go for concrete flooring more than the other types since they’re durable. But even these must be regularly taken care of to keep them in shape for longer periods.

Understanding the common flooring of different industries should be something your cleaners are well-versed at. For example, food processing industries generally have non-porous flooring made up of materials like latex, polyester, and urethane. Pharmaceutical industries go with epoxy flooring since they’re more resistant to moisture and spills. Industries belonging to automotive sectors require hard flooring and utilize rubberized tiles, and epoxy, or vinyl materials. The cleaning procedure changes according to the materials of the flooring involved.

Industrial Floor Cleaning According to the Type of Surface

Hardwood floors

They are major of two kinds of finishes namely polyurethane and wax. Using pH-neutral soaps will help prevent water damage and stain marks. Be cautious to remove all your applied solution with a microfiber cloth. Using a barely damp mop will be the best solution when it comes to this time of flooring. Once a month commercial deep cleaning would be more than enough here.


They’re more prone to staining, nicks, and scratches. Professionals at JBN Cleaning go with tennis balls for buffing out any scratch marks. These floors should rather be swept, vacuumed, and duly cleaned instead of consistent mopping procedures.

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They can be cleaned in easy steps with regular floor cleaners, dish soaps, and hot water. You can carry out this application using partly damp microfiber cloths and then leave the area to air dry immediately.

Vinyl/ Porcelain

They are more prone to staining, grouts, and contamination. A mixture of vinegar, hot water, and dish soap might just do the trick in cleaning the entire area up to the mark.


Dry mopping, spot cleaning with a damp mop, and vacuuming are the best methods of cleaning here. They come with light resistance layers and can thus maintain their crisp appearance for prolonged periods.

industrial floor cleaning services in Sydney

Cork filter flooring

They are hydrophilic in nature and are very absorbent. It is thus absolutely necessary that you do not expose them to water while cleaning. Vacuum often, clean up spills immediately then and there. Use a sprayer to clean the surfaces by parting them into sections and dealing with one section at a time.

Knowing all these essential procedures will help you take your industrial cleaning in Sydney to the next level.

Can you do all these with an in-house janitor?

Industrial floors are complicated to handle and hence it is of utmost importance that you manage these with the help of cleaners who are resourceful. But as a business owner, it will be your responsibility to create these avenues of training and learning at a constant interval to keep them up to date in the subject matter.

Not to forget the overall effect that all these complications might be having on your operational cost along with the huge capital that the procedure demands. All of these thus bring us the best option – hiring a professional for your industrial floor cleaning services in Sydney.

Why go with professional help?

1. Experience and expertise

The overall efficiency of your cleaners depends on the niche cleaning expertise they bring to the table. Someone like JBN Cleaning who has been offering industrial floor cleaning for over a decade now and understands what it takes to give your premises a thorough makeover.

2. Green cleaning benefits

Eco-friendly cleaning procedures are a must-follow. As a business owner, you need to drive your business in a sustainable manner and take actions that are ecologically considerate. But there are a lot of supplies that claim to be organic but are actually no good. This can create even more damage even to your surfaces upon application.

Commercial cleaning professionals on the other hand only pick supplies that are authorized by regulatory bodies like OSHA, CDC, DfE, EPA, and SWA.

industrial floor cleaning services

3. Insurance packages

Cleaning disasters and damages are prone to happen and cannot be averted. What you can rather do to prevent overspending on your operations and their liabilities is to hire a cleaning company that can offer you the best solutions that you’re on the lookout for.

When you hire JBN Cleaning, we’ll provide you with comprehensive insurance coverages and workers’ compensation benefits as per your requirements.

4. Economic rates

Unlike the prevalent myth, hiring professionals for your industrial floor cleaning is not actually costly. All you have to do is pay more attention to the commercial cleaning company you’re willing to hire. Do a background check on them, understand their overall reviews and public perception, ask for a thorough scope of work, and see everything they can offer you. Only after all these, make your decision.

At JBN Cleaning, we’re now offering a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection for all requirements. Talk to us to know more!

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