JBN Cleaning Assists Businesses By Providing COVID-19 Cleaning Services In Sydney

JBN Cleaning Assists Businesses By Providing COVID-19 Cleaning

Pandemic Paranoia? Bid Goodbye To It With Covid Cleaning!

Coronavirus has definitely redefined the way we see hygiene, safety, and cleaning forever. People are now giving added importance to making their premises not just spotless but also crisply clean to free them from any contagious infections, diseases, or viruses.

JBN Cleaning has been in the industry for 10 whole years now and has been offering impeccable cleaning solutions for a vast amount of clientele in this span. With a client retention rate standing at a constant high of 85%, we have been levelling up our game time and again to give our customers the exact results that they are on the lookout for. And now with covid19 cleaning services running in high demand, we have been constantly updating ourselves with the latest market updates and upgrades to serve you with spotless solutions. Here’s everything we can do for you:

1. Cleaning, Sanitizing, And Disinfecting, Altogether

There are a lot of differences that are fundamentally varying in these three procedures. Before Covid-19 people were doing it all together in one and was even considered to be the same more or less. But now with a lot of keen eyes looking at your premises in close scrutiny to check if your hygiene is reliable, people are now taking added efforts in treating all these processes differently and doing them in the right order.

Cleaning generally refers to the surface-level procedures of brooming, sweeping, and vacuuming. It only prevents the accumulation and removal of dust particles, cobweb accumulation, stains removal, etc.

Disinfection cleaning is what happens next where the termination of germs and contagious infection chains are taken care of by spraying appropriate solutions on all the cleaned areas including the hidden corners.

Sanitizing is like adding a protective coating to your premises after your initial cleaning to prevent the accumulation of germs on the cleaned surfaces for a period of time. All these go hand in hand and nothing here can be overlooked when it comes to cleaning your premises, especially in times of covid-19.

You’re one conversation away from a complete makeover!

2. Use Best Equipment, Supplies, And Procedures

There are various kinds of rotary brushes, commercial-grade vacuum cleaners, sol sprayers, and other sophisticated equipment that are launched with different upgrades and updates in the market every day. At JBN Cleaning, we keep an eye out and get our hands on the best equipment soon as they release. When you opt for our covid cleaning in Sydney, we come as a full package bringing every covid cleaning supplies and equipment that you might need to give you only the best of results.

We also follow a standard pattern in everything we do so as to ensure full quality. We adhere to authoritative guidelines that are devised, updated, and constantly revamped by global bodies like OSHA and CDC to ensure that you are presented with a well-envisioned plan and procedure in everything we do.

3. Doing It On The Greenway

With one bad news shaking the world up in the form of a virus, another rapidly alarming concern that has been going on around for a while is global warming. The emission levels are at their peak now and almost every brand is now playing their part right in minimizing their carbon footprints as much as they can. We offer eco-cleaning procedures that are perfectly devised so as to not compromise on the end quality of what you are offered.

All the supplies we use are hand-picked. In addition, our professionals always look for EPA approvals or DfE labels before picking up a green product so as to ensure that they are not a knock-off alternative.

It’s not just about the environment. Green cleaning will significantly reduce your client’s incurring any allergies, asthma, rashes, or irritation as an aftermath of cleaning. This is crucial especially when it comes to sensitive subjects like your medical centre cleaning where your patients might be even more vulnerable to catching one of these if you use supplies that are chemically active and intense.

4. Making It More Economical

One-size-fits-all is something that we never believe. Hence instead of devising fixed packages that come at huge costs where the requirements you don’t probably need are also listed, we rather go the extra mile to present you with custom cleaning solutions.

With a custom covid cleaning package, you can choose the services that you want and exclude the ones that you don’t. For example, when it comes to hospital cleaning, you might probably want a deep cleaning, terminal cleaning, or disinfection routine while the other basic requirements can be taken care of by yourself. In such cases, you’d only be charged with the services that you exactly avail from us. This will bring down your overall operating cost by a huge margin than the other way around. Since we carry our own supplies and equipment for everything you need, you wouldn’t have to spend huge capital investments on the buying and maintenance of these as you hire us.

5. Results That You Can Rely On

Exceeding expectations is what we focus on time and again. To carry forward this vision, our cleaners are frequently trained to remain completely updated about everything that happens on the market. This way, we’d be sure to send you only the best of our workforce your way as you opt for our doctor office cleaning services.

In addition, to make the onboarding process even simpler, we are here to provide you with a free quotation after a thorough on-site inspection of your premises for free. We can also furnish you with our portfolio of previous clientele and the big players that we are in tie-up with for you to make a quicker decision.

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You’re one conversation away from a complete makeover!

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