How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost In Sydney?

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An Overview of Lawn Mowing Cost and Factors That Determine in 2024

Every proud commercial property owner in Sydney knows the importance of having a well-maintained and manicured lawn. If the sight of your lawn does not make you proud every time you step out of your front door, you need to rethink your role as a property owner! A lush green and immaculate lawn not only amplifies the beauty of your property but also increases the value of the property. That is why many owners see the lawn mowing cost as an investment and not simply a frivolous expense.

Average Lawn Mowing Cost in Sydney

Whether you keep up with regular lawn care or have fallen behind, hiring professional lawnmowers is always a good idea. Getting a lawn mowing service not only saves you time but also offers excellent value for money. But if you have never hired such a service before, it is natural to be apprehensive about the 

While it is hard to say the exact lawn mowing price a company will charge you, we can help you out with an estimate. Lawn mowing charges typically vary significantly based on a range of factors. The size of your lawn, the complexity of the job, and the lawn mowing company’s packages will determine the overall cost.

Although different lawn mowing services have different pricing, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 per hour to $60 per hour. Some companies offer discounts and deals on regular or contractual mowing jobs.

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Factors that Determine Lawn Mowing Prices in 2024

Before you start comparing the cost of lawn mowing packages offered by different companies, you need to understand how these lawn mowing companies determine their pricing. Professional and reputed lawn mowing services base their charges on expenses and concrete figures.

In most cases, a reputed lawn mowing company will visit the site, get to know your requirements, and then provide a quote. Be careful about companies that give you the quotation on the spot without gathering all the necessary information about the job.

Also, remember that the lowest quote doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one. There are several factors that can determine the lawn mowing cost. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Type of lawn

The lawn mowing company will first consider what type of lawn it is. For instance, cutting a sizeable plain field typically takes far less time and effort than smaller lawns with many plants. On the other hand, if the lawn is sloping or hard to access, it can be hard to mow. The type of lawn determines the complexity of the job. The more complex the job is, the higher it will cost you.

Size of lawn

The size of the lawn is another critical determinant of mowing cost. Common sense tells us that the bigger the lawn is, the more time it takes to mow it. The more time it takes to mow the lawn, the higher the price goes. If the mowing area is over an acre, the cost of lawn mowing service can be hefty. Even with today’s high-tech riding mowers, it can take quite a while to mow large stretches.

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Amount of labor

The main cost associated with commercial lawn care and maintenance work is experienced labor. A lawn mowing company will look at your property and let you know how many skilled professionals it will take to complete the job. The charges will be relatively low if the lawn is small enough to require just one person. However, if you have a big lawn, and it requires a team of mowers, the charges will be high.

If the lawn is small but with many intricate plantings, the chances are that a riding mower won’t be suitable for the job, and the professional will have to work with a hand mower. Since hand mowers take more time and effort, the mowing job might cost you a lot even though your lawn is relatively small.

Frequency of site visits

Are you looking for a one-time job or a regular, contractual one? If it is the latter, do you want the mowers at your commercial every day, once a week, twice a month, or once a month? The frequency of the visits will certainly affect the cost. Every time the professionals visit you, they will have to use time, gas, and equipment. All of that gets added to their expenses and inevitably determines the price of the service.

Services requested

Commercial landscaping businesses generally offer a wide range of services other than lawn mowing. If you hire them strictly for lawn mowing, you may need their services once every week. However, if you need them to take care of additional things like edging, blowing, pest management, fertilizer treatment, and shrub and tree pruning, it will cost you extra.

These are the most important factors that determine the cost of lawn mowing services in Sydney. You may have to do a bit of research to find lawn mowing services in Sydney from a reputed company.

What Include in Lawn Mowing Costs in Sydney

Lawn mowing packages in Sydney can vary depending on the specific company or service provider you choose. However, most lawn mowing packages typically include the following:

Lawn mowing

This is the most basic service included in a lawn mowing package. It involves cutting the grass to a specified height using a lawn mower.


Edging involves using a tool to trim the edges of your lawn, creating a clean and crisp boundary between your lawn and other areas such as driveways, sidewalks, or gardens.

Weed removal 

Weeds can be a common problem in lawns and can quickly overtake the grass. Lawn mowing packages often include weed removal, which can involve manual removal or the use of herbicides.

Trimming and pruning

Lawn mowing packages may also include trimming and pruning of shrubs, bushes, and trees that are part of your lawn.

Leaf blowing

Leaf blowing involves using a leaf blower to remove leaves and other debris from your lawn, giving it a tidy and neat appearance.


Some lawn mowing packages may include fertilization to promote the health and growth of your lawn.
It’s important to note that lawn mowing packages can differ depending on the provider, so it’s essential to check what is included in each package before making a decision.

Pick the Best Lawn Mowing Packages in Sydney

Your search for the best lawn mowing service in Sydney ends here. Being one of the top commercial cleaning companies in the city, JBN Cleaning has been providing lawn mowing and lawn care services since its inception. We have a team of highly skilled and competent landscapers and mowers who are perfect for any lawn-mowing job you may have.

We provide both one-time and contractual lawn mowing services. Those who get our services once tend to become our long-term clients. If you are looking for professional lawn mowers to keep up with a regular schedule, we are the best fit for this role. So far, we have served in nearly 80 locations across the city, and we are expanding our area of operation.

To know more about our lawn mowing services or to get a quote, give us a call or write us an email with your query.

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