We offer superior quality commercial cleaning Lidcombe, and nothing less than that!

Backed by 10 years of excellent know-how in the field of commercial cleaning Lidcombe, JBN is a trusted name that guarantees value, reliability, and consistency.
We train our cleaners to equip them with knowledge of best office cleaning practices so they can meet or even exceed your expectations.

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Reasons to hire a professional commercial cleaning Lidcombe

From spotless waiting areas to clean public washrooms, a commercial cleaning Lidcombe is a right answer to all your cleaning problems. The experts are well-versed with the correct cleaning procedures and ensure the safety and health of your employees while doing their job. They have an eye for details and therefore can even attend to the areas your in-house janitorial team was missing out on.

Also, you’ll have to train janitors from scratch, which is not just time-consuming but also costly. Chances are you’d be losing your valuable productivity on such trivial matters, rather than spending your precious time on your business. Alternatively, professional cleaners are fully trained and understand complexes of all supplies, tools, and equipment, how and when to use what product or tool.

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JBN nurtures your office space and maintains its every nook and corner!

Your office space reflects your personality. That’s why when your prospective clients enter the waiting area; you don’t want your furniture and carpet looking shabby. Additionally, you want to hold a meeting with them in a dingy-looking board room. After all, first impressions last long. JBN’s commercial cleaning Lidcombe can help you ooze with confidence in front of your clients and staff. With us, you’ll see visible changes, whether it’s your polished floors, clean carpets, sparkling windows, or immaculate bathroom; we have got your back.

Insured and Bonded

We are a fully insured and bonded cleaning Lidcombe. We make sure to compensate you for any damage or breakage of property and furniture that might occur while our cleaners do their job at your premises, though that’s a rare occurrence. Additionally, our insurance covers any injury that might happen to our cleaners during the cleaning job.

Adherence to Safety Guidelines

We keep your employees’ safety in mind and strictly adhere to guidelines stated by regulating bodies like Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our commercial cleaners are also trained on the same lines and follow safe and healthy ffice cleaning procedures.

Taking COVID-19 Precautions

With the coronavirus outbreak, we have amplified our safety measures to safeguard your health, cleanliness, and hygiene while cleaning at your premises. Our cleaning Lidcombe prioritizes safety protocols like wearing masks and gloves, using sanitizers, washing their hands at regular intervals, and maintaining social distance at all times.

How JBN Cleaning services in Lidcombe solve all your problems?

While you and your staff may have a wealth of know-how and experience, your workspace also needs to imitate this level of professionalism. With our team of expert cleaners who excel at their jobs, we come prepared to make sure your space looks it’s pristine best. Well equipped with excellent tools and equipment, we’ll clean every corner of your office thoroughly.

You’ll love the prompt and dedicated commercial cleaning services that let you get connected with us 24/7 for all your concerns and feedback. Not just that, we offer customized office cleaning solutions for your site by offering a free on-site assessment, and alongside, we give you the most market-competitive quotation. Whether it’s day or night, we can come to clean your premises, so you enter in a spic and span office every single time.

Do you have commercial cleaning problems? It’s time to give good ol’ JBN cleaning services a ring!

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Commercial Cleaning Sydney

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We provide you with a vast choice of commercial cleaning Lidcombe!

While many cleaning companies specialize in one or two cleaning areas, JBN Cleaning services surpass your expectations by offering various commercial cleaning services to serve our Lidcombe clients better. We can provide you ideal cleaning solutions for facilities like offices, medical centers, child care centers, factories, worship centers, industrial areas, retail stores, warehouses, commercial establishments, along with customized cleaning solutions for other public spaces.

If you have cleaning requirements for any of these facilities, you can call us, and we promise to deliver you with finest quality office cleaning services right at your doorstep. We don’t say big words just for the sake of saying, rather our good results speak for themselves.

Cleaning is a skilled profession, and we are its masters!

With our ocean of experience, we are the leaders of cleaning in Sydney. We have an impeccable work portfolio and have some renowned Australian brands as our clientele. Not just that, we have an excellent customer satisfaction rate of 100%, and we’ve successfully retained more than 85% of our clients to date.

You’ll never find our cleaning services lacking any important cleaning aspect, whether it’s using hospital-grade premium disinfectants or taking full accountability for the services provided by us. We take all your demands and expectations into consideration and devise a well-crafted workflow plan to meet your premises’ cleaning requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be present when you come for cleaning?

No. We don’t ask you to be personally present at the time of cleaning. You can let us know how we can have access to your site while you are away, and we are good to go for the rest of the work.

Can I change my cleaning schedule in Lidcombe?

Yes, definitely. You can let us know in advance about any changes you want with regard to the planned schedule, and we will make the changes accordingly.

Do you change mops between different areas?

Yes, always. JBN cleaning services in Lidcombe follow strict procedures to avoid cross-contamination of any kind. We have various practices to ensure this, like using only microfiber mops, using color-coded mops categorized for different areas to prevent mistakes, applying correct cleaning tool storage, and invariably cleaning from top to bottom, to name a few.

What if I don’t have parking available for the cleaners?

We do require a parking space for our cleaners at your premises, and if you can’t provide us with a parking space, please inform us in advance where the next best possible space to park our car is. It could be a private parking spot that we can use or any public parking that’s close to your premises.

What if I want to provide a key to the cleaner?

Yes, you can. Our area manager has the report of the cleaner who has your key in possession. The cleaner keeps the key of your premises in the key safes provided by the JBN cleaning services. You can rest assured your key is in safe hands, and it will never be misused.