Medical Centre Cleaning Checklist

Medical cleaning checklist

Medical Centre Cleaning Checklist That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Medical centre cleaning checklist is something that should pay careful attention to. This is because the requirement in question is of sensitive nature and must be taken comprehensive care of without missing out on any aspect. Especially since Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) are most common in medical facilities, it is important that you break the infection chain by complete sanitization and disinfection without just sticking to general surface cleaning procedures.

The Main Procedure of Medical Center Cleaning Checklist

The basic difference between cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection must be properly understood before you devise a checklist for your medical center cleaning procedure.


Refers to the removal of surface-level dust and dirt particles. General brooming, mopping, and vacuuming routines are what we refer to as general cleaning routines.


Refers to the elimination of bacteria and viruses to ensure complete premise hygiene is achieved through your medical cleaning services.


Refers to the procedure that is done to eliminate the accumulation of germs, bacteria, or harmful viruses on the surfaces that you have just cleaned and disinfected, making it safe for the next person to use.

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Now, Let’s Get Down to Devising The Medical Cleaning Checklist

1. Points to note by your employees

Now, This tops the list because safety comes first and that should be given the top space of priority in your insurance as well. Always go with cleaners who are thorough in the subject matter knowledge of the requirement that they have in front of them. Finding such cleaners and onboarding them is a strenuous cycle and hence it is a viable option to go with commercial cleaning services.

If at all you do your cleaning with your in-house janitors, make sure that they wear proper PPEs, rubber gloves, hair caps, shoe covers, goggles, etc as and when necessary to protect themselves and also prevent any chances of cross-contamination.

2. Areas of coverage

Now, this is where your actual medical centre cleaning checklist gets its actual essence. You jot down every last spot that needs cleaning. Be it something big like the bedding of in-patient rooms or something that can be easily overlooked like the screens that separate different bedding in common areas, everything should be listed down in an orderly fashion so that you don’t majorly miss out on cleaning anything. Some area in medical centre need extra cover.

  • Exterior cleaning
  • Doctors office cleaning
  • Patient room cleaning
  • Entry and waiting area cleaning
  • Emergency room cleaning
  • Reception area cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning

Cleaning all your walls, floor spaces, and common areas along with other elements in these places should be done first followed by a disinfection procedure.

The disinfection procedure of our medical center cleaning should cover all the high-touch points without any exceptions. This should ideally involve all the elements like your switchboards, tables, chair railings, flush handles, billing countertops, taps, elevator buttons, and other places that are prone to multiple handling and usage all through the day.

3. Establishing a pattern

Following a pattern when it comes to cleaning is necessary to ensure that you don’t do work that is half done. A standard S is what the industry follows to clean. There are little adaptations here and there like the three-bucket mopping, clockwise sweeping procedure, etc which would help you clean every last area to precision.

It is also important that your pattern of cleaning first involved the general cleaning procedure on a surface level and then you go about a deep cleaning routine followed by disinfection and finally sanitize all the high-touch prone points.

Medical centre cleaning checklist

4. Following a standard procedure

Sticking to globally recognized guidelines when it comes to sensitive requirements like medical center cleaning could be your best bet since they’d ensure that you’re following up-to-the-mark standards in everything you do.

At JBN Cleaning, all our processes are in sync with the standards that are set by international bodies like OSHA and CDC. In addition, we stick to green cleaning to reduce our footprints on the environment while also ensuring that your premises are cleaned in the safest way possible with no chemically intensive supplies involved. Since we are talking about patients and medical cleaning services, it is your only option to go with supplies that are DfE listed and EPA approved with zero toxicity that could escalate issues like allergies, rashes, or asthmatic conditions.

5. Keeping a track of timelines

All your terminal cleaning and deep cleaning services must be done at the right subsequent timelines to ensure that the vibe of your premises and your overall hygiene is always beyond expectations and standards. Your medical center cleaning checklist should also keep an overall track of your cleaning overdue to get them done at the appropriate timelines.

With a professional cleaning in place who you onboard on a recurring basis, you’d be able to get your hand off from cleaning completely since they’d take care of every last detail all by themselves without you having to overlook your should every other minute to check your cleaning procedures.

6. Leaving it to someone efficient

Cleaning mishaps are bound to happen when you least expect them. Professional medical cleaning would offer you a better chance at doing it successfully because they’d come with comprehensive insurance and workers’ compensation schemes in place.

In addition, a company like JBN Cleaning which has been doing this for 10 years now would know the exact procedures that you need to get your premises to shine with the best outcomes.

So instead of trying to find the best medical center cleaning checklist online, spend time comparing the competitors in the medical center cleaning industry and find out the one for you.

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