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Medical Cleaning Products Widely Used by Commercial Cleaners

Wondering what medical cleaning products are used to clean hospitals and medical centers these days? There has always been a great emphasis on keeping medical facilities clean. However, the COVID-19 pandemic opened everyone’s eyes to the importance of cleaning and disinfecting medical facilities to avoid the spread of infections and diseases.

Today, medical cleaning supplies are formulated to not only clean and sanitize, but also to counteract pathogens that cause healthcare-associated infections (HAI). They are also designed to balance surface compatibility and efficiency. Commercial cleaning companies always choose high-quality cleaning products that are also easy to use.

Top Medical Cleaning Products

Several renowned brands offer top-quality medical cleaning products. The best medical cleaning products are those that offer the highest quality of cleaning. Different commercial cleaners prefer different brands. However, when it comes to choosing medical cleaning products, most use a range of chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting. Here are a few that you should know about.

Quaternary ammonium compounds

Quaternary ammonium compounds are widely used in routine medical cleaning. Government agencies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) consider these to be low-level disinfectants that are effective against most enveloped viruses, bacteria, and some fungi. Some common quaternary ammonium compounds are Benzethonium Chlorite, Benzalkonium Chloride, Cetrimide, and so on.

These cleaning products are compatible with almost all hard surfaces. They are best used on non-critical surfaces such as walls, floors, furniture, bed rails, blood pressure cuffs, tray tables, and so on.

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Iodine and a solubilizing carrier or agents are combined to create iodophors. The resulting solution contains small amounts of free iodine, which has antimicrobial properties. The most widely used and best-known iodophor is called povidone-iodine.

Iodophors are virucidal, mycobactericidal, and bactericidal, but they need prolonged contact time to kill certain bacterial spores and fungi. Medical cleaning services use iodophors in hospitals and medical facilities when preparing a room for surgery or invasive procedure.

Chlorine compounds and chlorine

Chlorine products are widely available as both solid powders and liquids. Professionals associated with medical cleaning in Sydney are known to use both types based on their needs. Chlorine and chlorine compounds are effective against disease-causing microorganisms. Furthermore, they do not leave toxic residues.

The best part about chlorine compounds is that they are fast-acting and inexpensive. They also remove fixed or dried biofilms and organisms from surfaces. Chlorine compounds also have low incidences of severe toxicity. That means they are safe to use.

Sodium hypochlorite or household bleach is the least preferred chlorine disinfectant. Most reputed commercial cleaners avoid this for medical cleaning as it can cause skin and eye irritation.


Phenolics have been used in medical cleaning for years. Phenolic disinfectants have a carbolic acid base that is derived from coal tar. Petroleum residues and chlorinated fractions are added to them to improve their physical and cleansing properties. Known for their antimicrobial properties, phenols derivatives have significantly improved over the years.

Phenolics are widely used in the commercial cleaning of hospital and medical facilities. These products are ideal for disinfecting non-critical devices and non-porous surfaces. Remember to practice care when using phenolics, and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Improper preparation of phenolics can be harmful to newborns. Product residue is also known to cause skin irritation.

best medical cleaning products,


Many medical cleaning products are alcohol-based. Here, alcohol typically refers to the two water-soluble chemical compounds called isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol. Alcohols are used for disinfecting small surfaces, surface items, and medical equipment such as equipment buttons, stethoscopes, thermometers, and more. Alcohols are not ideal for cleaning or disinfecting services on large surfaces because they evaporate quickly. That makes for unreliable disinfection.

These are the most popular medical cleaning products that most medical cleaning companies use these days. These are also expected to be in use in the coming years.

Why should you Hire Professionals for Medical Cleaning?

Medical centers and healthcare facilities need regular cleaning and disinfecting. Hospitals need to be cleaned multiple times throughout the day. There are many good reasons for hiring commercial cleaning companies for medical cleaning. Here, we will discuss a few of them.

Highest standard of cleaning

Reputed commercial cleaning companies can provide the highest standard of service when it comes to cleaning medical facilities. They have the manpower, equipment, and supplies to clean and disinfect heavy traffic areas such as hospitals and medical centers.

Value for money

Commercial cleaning costs for medical facility cleaning can be significant. However, reputed and reliable commercial cleaners can do justice to the investment by offering high-quality services and impeccable customer care. Furthermore, when you have professionals taking care of regular cleaning and disinfection of your medical care facility, you can focus on more important things. Commercial cleaners offer great value for money when it comes to medical care cleaning.


Maintaining a good reputation is extremely important for hospitals and medical facilities. An unclean and unsanitary environment jeopardizes the health and safety of patients and staff. Keeping up with regular cleaning and disinfecting adds to the overall image and reputation of a healthcare facility.

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