Next Course Of Action If An Employee Is Covid Confirmed

Next course of action if an employee is Covid confirmed

Covid Cleaning After One Of Your Employees Contracted the Virus?

Ah, now this one can be really overwhelming. You might have faced up the bad news either over a phone call or during a regular screening check at your premises and your head might be all over the place in determining your next action plan. Let’s help you by covering everything in detail about the COVID-19 cleaning routine and everything that you need to do next.

This is a particularly crucial time where your patience, empathy, response skills, and empathy will all be put to the test and even more so, you’ll do all this while being under a lot of scrutiny by your peers, competitors, potential clients, and even your employees.

First Things First After Covid Confirmed

Show Compassion As A Leader

It is natural that your employee who has contracted COVID-19 or even the other employees that you have in place are also struck by an equal amount of paranoia about what’s going to happen next. This right here is where your situational awareness and leadership qualities will be put to the test as a business owner.

It is on you to make sure your employees feel safe and are also aware that you are doing your best to retain the hygiene of your premises in order as quickly as you possibly can. Have open conversations about the plan of action that you have in place and let them know that you are going to hire the best of professionals from our COVID deep cleaning services. De-escalating the hysteria of the situation is what you should be focusing on first.

Strategic Office Cleaning Plan

Now preparing yourself to execute a cleaning that is close to impeccable to completely sanitize and disinfect your premises is what comes next. The situation here is of an extremely sensitive nature and it is important that you don’t just go with your regular janitors for this. Even the slightest of inexpertise can result in leaving out a corner or two which is dangerous to become a breeding ground for the premises.

A professional who offers COVID cleaning in Sydney will first inspect your premises top-down and devise an action plan with a thorough covid cleaning checklist of all the places that need coverage. They’d even pay special attention to high-touch prone points like electronic gadgets, elevator buttons, flush handles, doorknobs, furniture, staircase railings, etc that are prone to multiple usages by all the people who walk in through your doors. These places will be the prominent regions of contamination and germ accumulation. This can be anywhere and hence, you need someone with a keen eye for detail.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

Employee Screening

Now testing all your other employees who have been in close contact with the one that contracted is also one of the first few steps. In addition, make sure that you maintain complete transparency with your clients or anyone else that has come in contact with any of your employees in the past few days just to make them get tested as soon as they can.

Contrary to popular belief, it is only going to strengthen your relationship with the client and put out an impression that you as a business owner care about the well-being of your clients even at the expense of letting them know that you’re in a vulnerable position.

Preparing Your Covid Cleaner

The cleaner who takes care of covid cleaning at your premises must be fully equipped with proper supplies, equipment, and PPE kits. You should make it mandatory that they wear proper gloves, gumboots, hair caps, shoe covers, google and PPE wears whenever they step into your cleaning routine.

In addition, you should make them ahead of their game by understanding all the authoritative guidelines for COVID cleaning regulated by global bodies like OSHA and CDC. They should also possess detailed subject matter knowledge about the different natures of diverse spaces.

All of these need not be your headache any more once you hire professionals who can do it for you. They themselves will up to the mark when it comes to industrial standards to offer you the best of results. Especially with a commercial cleaning company like JBN Cleaning which has been doing disinfection cleaning for 10+ years now, they are now geared up to bring out their best abilities to make sure that your premises remain completely safe inside out.

Action plan for covid cleaning

Preparing A Response Plan In Prior

The virus in question is of an extremely contagious nature. It is inevitable that you might come to face this situation at one time or the other. All you can do is prepare an exit plan prior so you don’t remain all around the place when one of your employees contracts the virus.

Have a detailed strategy in place and list every last protocol that you are going to adhere to. Hand them over to your HR who will be your first disaster response in case something goes haywire.

In the case of regular medical centre cleaning, you need to list down all your cleaning schedules in a proper format and at appropriate timelines. It is important that you stick to the turnaround times here since the requirement is of an extremely sensitive nature.

How To Choose The Perfect Covid Deep Cleaning Services?

Always choose a professional after taking a thorough look at the following

  • Portfolio of their previous clientele
  • Years of experience
  • Customer reviews
  • Package rates, plan of action, and strategy
  • Offers and discounts
  • Brand following on social media
  • Standards and procedures followed

All these will help you understand your commercial cleaning company before you even get started. This way you’d be absolutely sure of hiring only the best for your requirements.

Get away with all the hassle of COVID-19 cleaning by hiring our professional cleaners today. We remain the best in Sydney for years now and there’s no better course of action for you than to hire someone as experienced as us. Contact us today to learn more!

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

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