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All You Need To Know About Night Office Cleaning

Among the many responsibilities of an office manager, keeping the office clean is perhaps the most important. It directly impacts the company’s image, workplace safety, and employee productivity. That’s why choosing the right night office cleaning service is crucial for every business.

But why night office cleaning instead of day-time cleaning? Does it really matter when you choose to clean the office? Yes, it does! And we are going to tell you just why you should get night cleaning and what office night cleaning involves.

Benefits of Night Office Cleaning Services

Night office cleaning has always been the norm in many parts of the world. Wondering whether there are special benefits to cleaning offices at night as opposed to during the day? Well, there are many to count. Sure, daytime cleaning has its perks too. Also, don’t forget about its disadvantages!

Not sure if you should make the switch from daytime to night office cleaning? Take a look at the benefits you risk losing out on:

No Downtime or Disruption During Work Hours

Let’s imagine something. It’s an especially busy day at the office. Everyone is busy meeting deadlines and attending client calls. In the midst of it all, there are cleaners running noisy vacuums and making a commotion. Does this sound like the most productive work environment? Absolutely not!

What we just described is what daytime cleaning mostly looks like. On the other hand, cleaning the office at night causes no disruption to work. The cleaners arrive at the premises well after all the employees have left. They move about the empty office and make as much noise as needed to achieve a complete cleaning.

Improved Employee Safety

This is another reason to choose night office cleaning in Sydney. Cleaning can be hazardous sometimes. During the cleanup, there may be tools and equipment strewn about the office floors. During a busy day, employees can trip and fall. Wet and slippery floors are just as dangerous.

Cleaning chemicals also pose risks to your employees. Many of the chemical-based cleaning products have several side effects. They can cause:

  • Allergies
  • Skin and eye irritations
  • Asthma
  • Long-term respiratory problems

So, it’s better to use them when the office is empty or switch to organic cleaning products.

Fewer Distractions For Cleaners

If you ask an office cleaning company in Sydney about when you should clean the office, they would probably recommend night cleaning. That’s because most cleaners prefer after-hours office cleaning.

Professional cleaners are trained to be fast and efficient. Having to tip-toe around your employees can seriously disrupt their process. During night office cleaning, they don’t need to worry about making noise or using certain cleaning products.

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Services Included In Night Office Cleaning In Sydney

In terms of scope of work, night office cleaning is not all that different from daytime cleaning. Most cleaning companies include all the necessary night office cleaning services for a comprehensive cleanup. Want to customise the cleaning package according to your specific needs? Here’s a list of services you must choose:

General Cleaning

As the name suggests, general cleaning is all about making the space sanitary. It involves all the tasks that are necessary for surface-level cleaning. General cleaning includes all the basic cleaning tasks such as:

  • Dusting surfaces
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Removing cobwebs from ceilings and wall fixtures
  • Cleaning desks and electronic equipment (keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, etc.)
  • Emptying garbage bins

Restroom Cleaning And Disinfection

Clean restrooms are a basic necessity at the workplace. Your employees will judge how much you value them based on the state of the restrooms. Unsanitary restrooms reduce employee morale and spread germs. This combination leads to:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased sick days
  • Increased absenteeism

If you have less than 20 employees, cleaning the bathrooms once per day may be enough. But for a larger workforce, multiple cleaning may be necessary.

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

Office carpets endure a lot of wear and tear. Daily vacuuming is essential. However, to remove the deeply embedded grime and stains, you need to get carpet deep cleaning.

Most commercial cleaners in Sydney provide office carpet cleaning services. Depending on the state of the carpet, they may suggest:

  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Deodorizing
  • Carpet restoration and repair

Have you noticed how dirty office furniture gets after a few months? That’s why you need to get commercial upholstery cleaning services. Cleaning professionals will dry clean or shampoo the upholstery to remove spots and stains. This restores their lost lustre.

Window And Glass Surface Cleaning

Want to let natural light flow through the office? You cannot have that if the windows are covered in a deep layer of dust! Having professional office window cleaning services added to the list is an absolute must. It involves:

  • Cleaning the exterior and interior of windows
  • Cleaning window glass
  • Window track cleaning and window blinds

Besides windows, office cleaning companies also offer glass surface cleaning. Do you have large glass doors, glass tables, and full-length mirrors at the office? They need to be cleaned every day for a smudge-free look.

These are some of the most crucial cleaning services to include in your night office cleaning package.

Night office cleaning services in Sydney

Which Night Office Cleaning Company In Sydney Should You Hire?

You can find the top commercial cleaners in Sydney like JBN Cleaning with a quick Google search. However, finding one that will fulfil all your requirements can be difficult. Here’s what you should do:

Make A List

Start by making a list of cleaning companies in your area. Search online and ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations. Once you have a few names, it is time to move on to the next stage.

Research Each Company

Perform a thorough background check on each company. Check online reviews and testimonials. Try to find what their previous clients have to say about them.

Reach Out

Once you have shortlisted a few companies, it is time to talk to them directly. Call them or email them and ask them about what services they offer.

Tell them about your specific requirements and ask how they can elevate cleanliness at your office. A reliable cleaner may also offer office cleaning tips that you can use yourself!

Find The Best Night Office Cleaning Price

It is crucial to find an office cleaning company that fits your budget. In general, office cleaning cost depends on the number of tasks/services. You can customise the overall office cleaning package to stick to your budget.


If you want to go with a safe choice, check out JBN Cleaning. We are the #1 office cleaning company in Sydney. Our cleaners cover every corner of your office from entry way to all around the office including carpets, kitchen and restrooms. Contact us on 02 9188 5449 or you can submit the form to get a free quote.

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