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Office blind cleaning services Sydney

Have You Been Paying Attention To Your Office Blinds Cleaning?

If you’re doing your office cleaning all by yourself, there are chances that you miss out on several aspects that need in-detail attention. Let’s take your office blinds cleaning, when was the last time you actually did it as a separate procedure instead of just generally considering it as a part of your daily dusting or vacuuming routine? Not sure if you remember? Well, this is the problem that needs quite a bit of fixing.

Here’s Why:

  • An unclean blind can result in tarnishing your entire windows look and feel
  • There might be a lot of contagious germs underneath that will start breeding into multiple proportions here
  • Blinds are costly in nature. Restoration might be an easy way out rather than replacing the whole thing after damaging its appearance beyond repair.
  • If you leave your blinds unclean with time, the air quality of your interiors might be tarnished.
  • The mechanism of your blinds in opening and closing might be affected if you let them untouched.
  • Reduced sunlight entering through these and a dim workplace is in no way close to the productivity

How Can You Go About Your Office Blinds Cleaning Services In Sydney?

  • You need to first understand the level of cleaning that your blinds need and come up with a cleaning solution accordingly.
  • If your amount of soling is not as much, you can simply use a scrubbing brush to cast off these surface accumulations. If you have layers of dirt particles on top, you need to have a terry cloth and a degreaser to take these off.
  • You should always go about your office blinds cleaning after taking the installation off the window if you’re going to be digging deep. This way you’d be able to cover all the directions of the folds without missing out on any area.
  • In addition, you shouldn’t do your degreasing procedure in the same direction as the sunlight since the solutions might dissipate and also result in the decoloration of your blinds.
  • Clean by adjusting your blinds to look down.

Pro tip: Going about your office blind cleaning services in Sydney every once in two weeks will ensure that you don’t have to clean it all completely from scratch. In addition, deep cleaning once every month or so will ensure that your windows look crystal clear and fine at all times.

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Never Forget, Different Blinds = Different Cleaning Solutions!

PVC Blinds

They resist water and can be simply cleaned with the application of spray water and a terry cloth. You can also leverage using warm soapy solutions to clean the blinds and even their pull cords. Baby wipes are a DIY option for sanitization post the initial commercial cleaning services.

Wooden Blinds

Stay away from using water directly or indirectly while cleaning wooden blinds since they might absorb these to the deep interiors that will take a huge time for drying. They are also easily damaged by moisture and cleaning solutions.

Use a feather duster or a dry cloth to dust any surface accumulations. Using a vacuum cleaner at its lowest setting is also a viable option. If you find any stains, patches, or greasy accumulations, use a clean, damp cloth to scrub them off gently.

Office blinds cleaning

Roller Blinds

You can go with the above procedures depending on the type of material they’re made from. But you should definitely pay close attention to the blind mechanism since there are easy chances for them to get messier with time. With any clogged-up dust and grime, they tend to stop working and you need to dismantle the whole thing which is a mountainous task.

A silicone spray is generally preferred by professionals who offer office blind cleaning in Sydney.

Vertical Blinds

They tend to attract comparatively lesser dust, dirt, or grime than the other kinds of blinds. This is because there is a comparatively smaller room for anything to settle on top of. By wiping them down at regular intervals you can ensure that they are on point at all times.

If you’re using a water-based method for cleaning them up, you need to consider hanging them somewhere to dry naturally before re-attaching them.

How To Choose The Right Office Blinds Cleaning Professional?

There are quite a lot of considerations that you need to pay attention to before hiring an office blinds cleaning company for your requirements


You need someone reliable in the picture to take off your demands and expectations. Anyone with a fairly good experience profile will be fit for handling such a niche cleaning requirement. At JBN Cleaning, we have a client retention rate of over 85% and we have worked with some of the premium clientele in Australia.

Supplies And Equipment

The company that you hire for office cleaning services including office blinds cleaning in Sydney should be prepared with everything that you need as they begin going about your procedure. There should be absolutely no back and forth. You also need to sign up with companies that are upgraded with the latest innovations to make the process quick and easy.


The company you hire should send background-verified and police-checked cleaners your way. They should all be backed with diverse subject-matter knowledge to offer you any solutions that you are looking for. They should be well trained to handle even sensitive requirements like covid cleaning in Sydney at ease.


You need a comprehensive insurance coverage scheme with workers’ compensation and third-party liability so that you can be at peace throughout the entire procedure for you.

If you’re looking for someone who checks all these boxes, then JBN Cleaning is the best option for office cleaning in Sydney. Talk to us now to know more about how we can add value to your office blind cleaning.

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