Unsure of how office cleaning in Sydney? Join hands with JBN's office cleaning services!

The cleaner the environment, the higher the productivity of the employees, and the better the profit. At JBN Cleaning, we are fully equipped with the expertise and the technology that can provide you office cleaning with unbeatable value for the time and money that you invest with us.

We offer complete touchpoint office cleaning in Sydney where we clean, disinfect, and sanitize the areas that are prone to remain a region of higher contact.

Office cleaning just got better!

10 years of our track record and the due diligence that we bring to the table have been setting our work apart time and again. Here’s why you should go for it with us.


We are here to make office cleaning in Sydney worth it. See the maximum value for the money you invest in us for yourself. Also, experience the transformation we are sure to make happen.


JBN Cleaning has been in the industry for over 10 years. And so, we have seen almost everything there is to cleaning different types of commercial places in Sydney CBD. So, worry not. You’re in the best hands!

360 Cleaning

From dusting, vacuuming, sanitary services, floor maintenance, and commercial window cleaning to the cleaning of sidewalks, walls, equipment, or parking lots, we offer complete coverage.

Work Satisfaction

We take complete responsibility to transform your premises to the cleanest they can be.  Not just that, JBN Cleaning can also give out a vibe of positivity from the freshness we are about to leave it with.

Hiring office for cleaning will be the best choice you’ll ever make!

A keen eye: We inspect every inch of your workspace and follow standard patterns of cleaning services in Sydney. We, therefore, leave no stain or dust unattended.
World-class equipment: All that we use to clean your premises are quality checked the time and again. We thus ensure only the best outcomes to benefit you better.
Zero worries: Call us up. Fix an appointment at your convenience. Sit back, and relax. We’ll then take care of everything for you.
100% non-toxic eco-friendly supplies: JBN Cleaning is not just conscious about our business with you. But also about how our business impacts your health and our environment.

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Why should you spend on an office cleaning Sydney for your premises?

  • Most importantly, it is much more productive and cost-efficient than hiring an in-house team. We come with our own supplies and well-trained staff. This can save you all the time and energy.
  • Secondly, avoid time to time micromanagement. Have room to streamline your core business with a better focus. We offer daily, weekly or fortnightly visits according to your requirement.
  • A professional office cleaning can ensure a 100% germ-free workplace. This can thus result in a reduced number of sick days. And thus an ever-so-productive fresh workspace.
  • There are almost 25,000 germs per square inch found on simple office gadgets like a shared telephone. Hence, it’s important that you take care of almost every corner of your premises and we’ll do it for you.

Hit our office cleaning services up with what you’re looking for today!

You’re just one conversation away from experiencing a clean environment like never before.
Commercial Cleaning Sydney

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What can we do office cleaning?

  • Scrubbing and cleaning of floors and ceiling
  • Vacuuming for surface dust/dirt removal
  • Dry mopping followed by wet mopping
  • Disinfection of high-touch areas like switchboards, door handles, taps, tables, desks, keyboards, chairs, etc.,
  • Sanitization of the complete premises
  • Window, doors, and bathroom cleaning
  • Cleaning of common areas

Why is JBN Cleaning your best option in Sydney?

  • Firstly, we are someone who has your back
  • For our affordable price ranges
  • Work satisfaction and our reliability
  • Dedicated resources and eco-friendly supplies
  • Quick turn-around times that we deliver
  • Always on time and always on point
  • Extremely pleasant office cleaning professionals
  • Finally, we follow complete hygiene protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service all types of office establishments in Sydney?

Yes, we do. We offer a specifically constructed cleaning flow according to the nature of your environment. JBN Cleaning offers green cleaning, deep cleaning & complete premise sanitation. Also, equipment and floor space disinfection & high touch area special care. We also have other modules according to the needs of the establishment.


Do you offer same-day appointments?

We are chosen by our customers mostly for our quick turnaround times and our work satisfaction. So, book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Therefore, we will do our best to even do a same-day office cleaning service in Sydney as per the availability.


How much will I be charged office cleaning in Sydney?

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. We’ll try our best to arrive at an average number as per what you fill us in. We can also send our professionals to your premises and give you a free quote after a thorough inspection.


What do you cover in my office space in Sydney?

We offer a complete package. Here we vacuum, clean, disinfect and sanitize your whole premises. We’ll make sure to not leave any corner unattended.


Do you offer recurring packages if there’s a need for continuous cleaning requirements?

Yes, we do. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly visits as per your requirement. Upon request, we can also send you the same team. But this also depends on the availability.


Is the company insured? What if there is some damage to the property after cleaning?

Let strike this one off of your worries. Our company is completely insured. Also, every personnel of ours is professionally trained to master the art at its finest. And if at all there happens to be any damage. We are here to replace it in the best way as soon as we can.


Other Services By JBN

  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Common areas disinfection
  • Complete premises sanitation
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Preparatory and post-party cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Windows and ceiling cleaning

Still reading? Hire us right away!

Be it a small business or a part of a large corporation, you should stay clean. Give the right first impression to anyone who walks in through the door. And also, maintain proper hygiene protocols. Therefore, we take special care of you. Especially in maintaining the areas that are prone to be in high contact like your door handles, switchboards, tables, desks, etc.,

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