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Office cleaning tips

Looking for Office Cleaning Tips? You’re Right on the Spot!

Cleaning your office might be hard if you don’t have a thoughtful approach in the right direction. Especially with the pandemic in place, you’d have to ensure that all your corners are crisply cleaned with all the necessary hygiene precautions in place. Knowing all the office cleaning tips will help you better. Only this way you’d be able to free your premises from germs accumulation beneath the surfaces or break the infection chain of diseases.

Your daily cleaning should revolve around everything necessary to maintain the outlook of your premises along with proper sanitization measures.

Some Workplace Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

Some of the important office cleaning tips that are useful for keeping the office environment clean and healthy.

    • Dusting your desk, window sills, and monitors

    • Clear the cobwebs

    • Empty trash every day and use more bins

    • Organize the documents and file drawers

    • Office deep cleaning

    • Disinfecting high touch points

    • Use indoor plants to improve air quality

    • keep break rooms clean

    • Clean toilets often to prevent germs

    • Hire professional office cleaners for better clean outcomes

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    Simple and Effective Office Cleaning Tips that you should Know

    1. Overall environment cleaning

    Keeping your overall environment clean depends on what you do every day. Encourage your employees to have all their paper works organized in a tidy manner and free their desks from being cluttered all the time.

    Install proper cabinets in place for your employees. This is one of the easy fixes that can save you from the repercussions of having to do all the decluttering all at once which is draining and time-intensive.

    2. Keep your bins clear

    Having your trash in segregated piles is in itself a great time saver for you when it comes to office cleaning. Allocate bins at every single desk that your employees can use. Clear these bins every day along with your general cleaning routine. Change the trash lining every single morning to give a fresh outlook to your employees as they settle down in their space.

    This is important in boosting your employee morale and their personal productivity levels as well since all these little things have an important impact on making an employee feel fresh. They are going to spend most of their day at this desk and it is important that they are not tired out by the mess surrounding them.

    3. Sanitise high-touch points

    They are going to multiple points in an office space that needs prompt coverage at constant intervals since they are contamination prone because of repetitive usage. This includes areas like elevator buttons, escalator handles, staircase railing, electronic items like switchboards, keyboard buttons, and other common area usage-prone places like the flush handles, vending machine buttons, etc.,

    Your office cleaning in Sydney should majorly focus on disinfecting this area if you want to improve the air quality of your premises and make your entire environment free from massive contamination like the seasonal flu or even covid for that matter. A company like JBN Cleaning will stick with industry-standard procedures to get this one done up to the mark for you.

    Workplace cleaning tips

    4. Desk cleaning

    Encourage your employees to follow proper personal hygiene practices. Install a personal-use sanitizer dispensary at different stations that your employees can use frequently. Also, preach to them about proper practices to keep their desk organized by constantly removing elements that are not of immediate usage. This is one of the office cleaning tips that might seem negligible on a surface level but will have massive impacts on your overall cleaning routines making it way easier than the other way around.

    5. Break areas and kitchen cleaning

    Did you know? Your kitchen counter tops might be way more contaminated than every of your bathroom seats. Your beverage dispensaries, vending machines, common plates, or cups should all be wet wiped every day even if there is no person using them. This way you’d ensure that it remains safe for the next person to use.

    Especially with covid cleaning routines being done, it is important that you ask your employees to bring their own coffee mugs to prevent cross-contamination by multiple usages.

    6. Bathroom cleaning

    Your bathroom cleaning should involve the cleaning of your floors, sanitization wiping of the basins and toilet seats, disinfection of the whole area, sanitization of faucet heads, handwash dispensaries, flush handles, etc.

    Your floor cleaner for bathrooms should specifically suit that particular type of flooring whether it is tiles, mosaic, marble, or of other nature. This will ensure that there is no intricate structure that is left unattended.

    7. Cleaning of electronics

    Now the office cleaning tips that follow here could potentially save you from a lot of prospective contamination that generally tends to happen in a workspace. Your electronics including your keyboards, mouses, and even switchboards should be probably cleaned at all the nooks and congested spaces especially to ensure that they are free from dust particles and even germs that are harmful.

    8. Floor maintenance

    Vacuum carpets and rugs frequently to remove dirt and dust. Mop hard floors regularly using non-toxic cleaning solutions. Regular floor cleaning is important in high foot traffic areas. Commercial floor cleaners will do it with proper schedule to maintain any type of floor including the carpets. Every carpets should be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain its cleanness.

    9. Corner to corner cleaning

    Your office cleaning just has too many loose ends to cover. Spending all your time and energy overlooking the performance and progress of your cleaners every day must be the last thing you want to do as a business owner who is looking to scale and expand. Only the expert cleaners will check from corner to corner to clean the entire office building.

    10. Choose the right product

    When selecting cleaning products, consider factors such as effectiveness, safety, and any specific requirements for your office environment. If you prefer more environmentally friendly options, look for green cleaning products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and made from sustainable materials. Follow manufacturer instructions and recommendations for proper usage and safety precautions. 


    A professional in place would ensure that complete transparency is maintained all through the procedure while also keeping you updated on the progress every now and then. In addition, they will employ their years of subject matter understanding to clean every last requirement of yours to perfection.

    At JBN Cleaning, we follow internationally recognized protocols from authoritative bodies like OSHA and CDC to give you the best solutions for every requirement you have in place. So, instead of running around in search of office cleaning tips, hire our professionals right away and relieve yourself from this draining process.

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