Best office kitchen cleaning checklist: Detailed list

office kitchen cleaning checklist

You definitely need an office kitchen cleaning checklist that is absolutely perfect!

Did you know that kitchen countertops are actually more diseases prone and carry a lot of contamination underneath even more than toilet seats? Shocking yet true. This right here is why we would recommend you to have a perfect office kitchen cleaning checklist that will help you pay end-to-end attention to everything that matter.

Cafeterias, dining rooms, preparation areas, and buffet spaces are all prone to having multiple touch points since your employees and other walk-ins are going to use this area all through the day. As a business owner, it should be your priority to retain the safety and hygiene elements of sensitive areas like these.

The ideal checklist you should be following for office cleaning services, especially with regards to the kitchen:

  • Take out the trash, wash bins as necessary, and replace the liners. This should be the first thing you do since food waste can potentially tarnish the entire vibe of the setting.
  • Devise a cleaning frequency and a time schedule that you will stick to on a day-to-day basis. It is preferable that you even clean multiple times a day depending on the foot traffic.
  • Clean out the sink.
  • Take the utensils out of the dishwasher and organize them as necessary
  • Vacuum and mop floor areas. Use a disinfectant and leave it on the surface for a good 10-minute period before you rinse them away thoroughly.
  • Always ensure that your cleaners wear a head cap and even gloves along with other PPE as they clean your kitchens. Since the area is entirely vulnerable, you need to prevent cross-contamination prospects for the benefit of both the premises and the employee.
  • Have color-coded bins. One of throwing away litter and the other to empty food wastes into.
  • Clean first, disinfect next, and sanitize later. Here cleaning refers to the process of dust, dirt, and grime removal. Disinfection on the other hand involves the termination of germs that are lurking beneath the surface. Sanitization is the last procedure your office cleaning will trace a full circle with. This involves the application of a protective coating on top of freshly cleaned layers to ensure complete protection for the next person to use.
  • Apply the disinfectant using the aerosol disposition method or using a microfiber cloth evenly over the countertops for maximum protection.
  • Do not leave any food stains unattended. The moisture content here will attract a lot of pathogens to deposit on top of these surfaces and might even lead up to potential contamination.
  • Keep a swift cleaning reminder for intensive procedures like deep cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, or commercial window cleaning procedures.
  • Remove hard accumulated stains with a microfiber cloth or wet paper towels
  • Encourage your employees to clean up after themselves wherever possible and also encourage them to dispose of food wastes separately for ease of accessibility while disposal.

best office kitchen cleaning checklist detailed list

How can professionals help?

Kitchens are a sensitive affair and they need proper handling in order to make the whole procedure effective. Professionals in the picture will have a better overall subject matter knowledge in handling the entire process a lot more effectively and give you the results that you’re on the lookout for.

While janitors might seem cheap on a surface level, you should also factor in the cost that you’d have to spend for the capital expenditure in garnering the supplies and equipment that you need. The operational cost of maintaining them under your payroll, paying for compensations, and taking care of other liabilities can all be economically draining.

1. Affordable packages

The commercial cleaning services might seem costly on a surface level that is not the actual case. There are a lot of cleaning companies who offer customized cleaning services where you only have to pay for what you exactly avail of. This will promise you the returns that you’re looking for.

This is a whole lot better than spending all your operational expenses on incompatible janitors who might be as experienced.

2. Green procedure

Eco-friendly procedures are the need of the hour. As a business owner, you need to be extra cautious with every effort that you take and make it all sustainable with respect to the environment. Green cleaning will eliminate the utilization of chemically intensive supplies that are toxic. At JBN Cleaning, we handpick all our organic supplies and ensure that they comply with all international regulations to prevent ourselves from using any knock-off products that are no good.

Saving the environment starts with businesses and the decisions they make. You need to act now to be on the good side of history. Always hire someone who offers green procedures in everything that they do.

3. Internationally recognized cleaning patterns

The pattern of cleaning and the procedures you go for decides the effectiveness of your procedure. We adhere to globally regulated protocols that are devised by international bodies like OSHA and CDC in everything that we do. In addition, we also stick to all the patterns that are recommended by Safe Work Australia along with complete compliance with the other regulations that they give out.

Your cleaners need to stay consistent with their cleaning pattern and repeat it on a day-to-day basis to bring the best results possible. This will ensure that your surfaces will remain clean, safe, and hygienic at all times.

4. Maximum expertise in action

When your hire a reputed cleaning company, they’ll devise the best office kitchen cleaning checklist for you to benefit the maximum. All the cleaners that we at JBN have onboards have been traveling with us for over a decade now and they all carry diverse expertise to give you the best outcomes. The subject-matter expertise that a cleaner carries will decide the effectiveness of the routines they perform.

No two-floor spaces can be cleaned the same way and you shouldn’t try to either. The different procedures that you perform should be specifically suited to the particular stain in place.

5. Insurance and other add-on benefits

Cleaning disasters can happen when you least expect them. But as a business owner, you should pay maximum attention to these crucial considerations before things go out of hand. It is thus a safe option to hire office cleaning in Sydney that offers insurance benefits comprehensively as a part of the package that they present you with.

At JBN, we offer third-party liability and workers’ compensation free of cost. In case of any accidental damages, we’ll take care of all the repairs and repercussions all by ourselves. We’ll spring into action to take of things while you simply sit back and relax.

This is the kind of accountability that a professional can bring to the table. Not to forget that things can escalate at any point in time when you least expect it. And the pandemic has taught us just that. You should be prepared for anything that’s about to come and our cleaners were immediately swift when the demand for covid cleaning was on the rise.

office kitchen cleaning checklist detailed list

But how can you find a professional who is worth it all?

1. Background check

This one step can itself relieve you from all your queries and second thoughts that you might be having. Surf through common online platforms and forums to see how people perceive them. Read their reviews and other interactions like comments to understand more about their working style and the effectiveness of their cleaning procedures. Have a look at their portfolio to see if they’ve performed procedures of your scale and intensity previously.

2. Years of experience

The numbers matter here. The overall experience will determine if they’ve it in them to take in requirements that you have and bring your demands to life. They’d have perfected all their procedures and communication pathways with these years of field experience.

3. Niche cleaning expertise

Not every cleaning procedure is going to be simple. It is not just going to be vacuuming or sweeping each time around. There might be niche procedures like clearing up carpets, windows, or other sensitive areas that you need to pay extra attention to.

All of these areas will determine the overall level of cleanliness of your environment and the vibe of your interiors. The air quality of your space will also depend on how well you take care of all these hidden elements.

On an overall scale, going for office cleaning services with someone reputed like JBN Cleaning will help you handle the end to end of your premises at ease while also doing it in the most affordable way possible.

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Explore more about JBN Cleaning

JBN Cleaning has been catering to all walks of cleaning for over a decade now. They employ this comprehensive experience to offer all their clients the best quality deliverables that exceed expectations. Be it your office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, industries, factories, educational institutions, or hospital cleaning. We’ll take care of all of it for you.

With advanced equipment, they’ll offer niche cleaning of any intensity without much back and forth. They do this all within the promised timeframes that you mutually fixate on during our first set of sales discussions. Our quotations are all customized to suit your exact requirements, so you only pay for what you opt for with us.

Even if you have any restoration works like garden maintenance or swimming pool re-dos, we’ll do it as per your requirement. All our cleaners carry a comprehensive experience that covers almost all the sectors there are. We can thus offer you even specific deep cleaning and disinfection services that can help you decontaminate your space and give it a fresh makeover.

We are recognized as the best commercial cleaning company in Sydney for the unmatchable work that we offer our clientele. We have worked with some of the best-known brands in Australia, and our client retention rate has stood at an unmatchable 85% for over ten years now. 100% satisfaction of clients is what we aspire to achieve time and again.

As a part of your package, we will:

  • Cover the corner to corner of your premises and do all the basic cleaning, sweeping, and mopping procedures
  • Send the right amount of resources that would be enough to cover the entire procedure as quickly as possible
  • Offer after-hours cleaning services or recurring cleaning packages like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly routines
  • Provide you comprehensive workers’ compensation schemes and insurance benefits to take care of any repairs or repercussions
  • Complete green cleaning procedures that are safe for the environment and your premises
  • Get access to supplies that are globally approved on their effectiveness against particular cleaning goals
JBN Cleaning

We have a history of 10+ years that has been backing us up so far with a seamless reputation for our spotless cleaning services. Be it the commercial segment or residential requirements, people have been choosing us for the dedication that we ever so offer.

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