How Much Does Pressure Cleaning Cost in Sydney?

pressure cleaning cost

A Detailed Breakdown of Pressure Cleaning Cost in 2023

Planning to hire a commercial cleaning company for pressure washing, and wondering about pressure cleaning cost? If so, we are going to tell you all about pressure washing and the factors that determine its cost.

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, involves using high-pressure water spray for cleaning. A widely popular commercial cleaning technique, pressure washing is effective for removing dust, dirt, mud, mold, loose paint, and all sorts of grime from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles, and machinery.

This type of industrial cleaning requires specialized equipment, supplies, and trained professionals. That is why it tends to cost more than regular cleaning. But the exact pricing varies from one location to another based on several factors. Here, we are going to look at a breakdown of this pricing.

Average Pressure Cleaning Cost in Sydney

As it is with any other service, pressure cleaning price depends on various factors. The size and complexity of the job, the commercial cleaning company’s charges, and your location can all determine the cost. Most commercial cleaners charge per square meter, but many of them have an hourly pricing model. As per industry standards, you can expect the average cost to be anywhere from $50 per hour to $350 per 100 square meters.

The standard pressure cleaning cost in Sydney can look something like this.

Most pressure cleaning companies determine their rates on the time, effort, manpower, and materials it takes to complete the job. They add up the expenses and add a profit margin before giving you a quote. Trained commercial cleaners know that some surfaces require more attention, care, and time than others. So, they charge accordingly.

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If the commercial cleaning company charges per square meter, the pricing may seem confusing to you. You may find that the cost of cleaning 10 square meters is the same as the cost of cleaning 30 square meters. That is because the cleaning company adds up the travel and set-up costs too. As the cleaning area becomes larger, the cost comes down proportionately.

Some commercial pressure cleaning services have set pricing for specific areas. Here are a few examples.

You should note that the rates mentioned above are only the average pricing for pressure washing in Sydney. You would need to contact a commercial cleaning company in your area to know about the estimated cost.

Factors That Can Influence Pressure Cleaning Cost in 2023

Now that you know how much commercial cleaners are likely to charge for pressure washing, you must wonder what factors influence the pricing. The cost of commercial pressure cleaning can go up or down based on several factors. Here are a few of them that you should know about.

Size of the property

Since most commercial cleaners charge per square meter, the larger the property, the higher the cost of pressure cleaning will be. Pressure washing factories and warehouses cost the most, mainly because of their size and the level of surface-level grime. Commercial cleaners also provide this service to retail store owners, office buildings, shopping malls, places of worship, and more.

Condition of the property

That is an obvious one. The dirtier the area, the more it will cost to pressure wash it. Old commercial buildings are prone to developing mold and moss after the wet season. Such conditions can lead to discoloration and staining of walls. If the surface has mildew, stains, mold, and stubborn grime, the pressure cleaning charges are likely to be high.

That is why the commercial cleaning company will always evaluate the condition of the area before finalizing the pricing. You should note that the cost of regular pressure washing tends to be significantly lower than those intended to remove mold and mildew. You may even see a difference of around $100. But that will ultimately depend on the charges of the cleaning company.

pressure cleaning prices

Type of cleaning products

Commercial cleaners use various cleaning products for pressure washing based on the condition of the property. These cleaning supplies can vary in price and directly affect the overall cost. Many reputed commercial cleaners also provide eco-friendly pressure washing services. Such eco-friendly cleaning supplies tend to cost higher than regular cleaning supplies.

The reputation of the commercial cleaner

Different commercial cleaning companies have varying charges for pressure cleaning. For the best work, you should always go with reputed and well-established cleaning companies with a long record of customer satisfaction and a wide range of services. Big cleaning companies may also be able to handle large jobs capably, thanks to their manpower and equipment.

However, such companies also tend to have the highest charges. Newer or smaller commercial cleaning companies may offer you lower prices, but you may have to compromise on either quality or turnaround time.

These are the most crucial factors that affect pressure cleaning costs in Sydney. If you are looking for reliable and competent commercial cleaners, you must check out JBN Cleaning.

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