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What Can The Reception Cleaning Services Do For You?

A spotless reception area is crucial for every business that wants to make a great first impression. The reception area is typically the first thing potential clients or customers see when visiting your establishment. So, keeping this section of the office neat, clean, and well-organized is essential for maintaining a positive brand image. The good news is that with regular reception cleaning, you can achieve that. You can also hire commercial cleaning companies to help you with this.

What Is Involved In Reception Cleaning?

As mentioned earlier, hiring reception cleaning services is a great way to stay on top of regular office cleaning and maintenance. But before you get in touch with a commercial cleaning company, you should have an idea of the type and variety of work they do when undertaking a reception cleaning job. Here are the most common duties involved in reception cleaning.

Dusting, sweeping and mopping

Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping are all part of the basic reception cleaning services. Most professional cleaners will begin by removing the surface-level dirt, dust, and grime before moving on to deep cleaning specific sections. Since the reception area sees a lot of foot traffic during business hours, this section needs to be cleaned every day. Vacuuming or sweeping at least once every day may be necessary to prevent the area from getting too dirty.

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Commercial floor cleaning

Even with regular cleaning, office floors tend to get dirty pretty easily. That is why reception area cleaning services also include commercial floor cleaning in their list of duties. Commercial floor cleaning methods can vary widely based on the type of floor. For instance, floors made of tiles and linoleum are easy to clean and maintain. Carpeted floors, on the other hand, require periodic carpet cleaning services.

Window cleaning

Dirty, dusty, and stained windows or glass doors can ruin the overall appearance of your reception area. That is why professional cleaners also offer office window cleaning as part of the package. Professional window cleaners make sure that the window panes, window tracks, and window blinds are regularly or periodically cleaned. They also work on glass doors and other glass surfaces to ensure that they are always sparkling!

Upholstery cleaning

Most reception areas have at least a few pieces of furniture including sofas and chairs. Though regular dusting can keep the furniture in good condition, you would require periodic upholstery cleaning to remove the stubborn stains and grime. Reception cleaning services often provide upholstery cleaning services either as part of the package or separately.

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Sanitization and disinfection services

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that basic surface cleaning is not enough for preventing diseases. Certain viruses can stay alive on visibly clean surfaces. It is crucial to clean, disinfect, and sanitize surfaces and high touch points to kill such stubborn pathogens and to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. Since the reception area sees the maximum traffic, it is necessary to clean and disinfect this section of the office daily with covid cleaning services.

These are the most common cleaning duties involved in reception cleaning. Most commercial cleaning services provide these services either separately or as a package. Make sure you ask the cleaning company about the variety of services they offer or include in their cleaning package.

Primary goals of reception area cleaning

By now, you must have understood that basic cleaning is not enough to keep the reception area clean and sanitized. Although hiring professional cleaners will be an additional cost, their services will likely offer great value for money. Here’s how professional cleaners can elevate the image of the reception area.

Creating a safe and healthy environment

The primary goal of reception cleaning is to create a safe and healthy environment for employees and visitors. Regular cleaning and disinfecting prevent the spread of diseases. A clean reception and office space improves the mood of the employees and boosts their productivity.

Removing bad odors

Bad smells can be off-putting no matter what the setting is, but it is especially true for commercial spaces and offices. A dirty reception area is bound to smell awful, and several things can create foul odors. When cleaning the reception area, professional cleaners make sure that the space looks clean and smells fresh.

Decluttering and organizing

A reception area, cluttered with loose papers and other knick-knacks, is bound to look dirty. Decluttering and organizing are a significant part of reception area cleaning, and most professional cleaners handle this responsibility for an additional charge.

Creating a welcoming ambiance

A reception area does not always need to be glamorous to look appealing. You can elevate the look of the reception area even without expensive furnishing or luxurious interior decoration. The trick is to keep the area clean and well-organized. Floor cleaning, furniture cleaning, and window cleaning as well as decluttering and organizing can make this part of the office look welcoming.

There are many benefits of getting reception cleaning services. And since these services often fall under your overall office cleaning cost, it does not hurt to pay special attention to this section of the office. While some commercial cleaning companies provide reception cleaning as part of their office cleaning service, others may offer it separately.

Here’s Where You Will Get The Best Reception Area Cleaning In Sydney

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