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Regular office cleaning

What Scope Of Work Does Regular Office Cleaning Involve?

Office workspaces are where your employees spend the most time and you need to ensure that the environment that you offer them is clean, clear, safe, and hygienic at all times without exceptions. The overall productivity of your employees can be drastically impacted by your regular office cleaning routine. You need to clean, disinfect and sanitize the corner to corner of your space on a regular basis to prevent any contamination or germ accumulation.

Once your office space is left unclean, even for a single day the space could be potentially tarnished and there will be a disease outbreak in just a matter of time. Even the common cold or flu could result in a lot of sick days and affect your overall productivity.

What Is Included In Regular Office Cleaning?

  • Vacuuming the entire floor space, dusting carpet and floorboards
  • Cleaning up any cobweb accumulations and dusting all the reachable areas of the walls, dividers, doors, and windows.
  • Wet mopping of the floor space with proper disinfectant solutions
  • Aerosol disinfection to cover all the out-of-reach areas
  • Overall sanitization that will act as a protective barrier on top of freshly cleaned surfaces
  • Disinfecting high-touch prone points like switchboards, elevator buttons, railings, furniture, flush handles, door knobs, etc
  • Restroom cleaning with disinfectants. Complete toilet floor coverage. Sanitizing toilet seats and other contact points
  • Employees’ cabin clears up. Take out trash and replace bin liners. Wash the bins at constant intervals as necessary.
  • Keeping proper track of everyday cleaning and commercial deep cleaning intervals
  • Replace all the hand wash solutions or other dispensaries a necessary
  • Remove any accumulated stains from the previous day

There are a lot of other scopes of work that differ from one office to the other. For example, your office might have a dispatch entrance that needs coverage or you might have an attached canteen space that requires even more precise regular office cleaning. The overall checklist and plan of action can only be determined by the type of premises, the intensity of everyday cleaning that it demands, and a lot of other factors like your footfalls.

Our Cleaners Provide After Work Time Cleaning

Will A Janitor Be Enough For Regular Office Cleaning Services?


Your office is not just going to have a surface-level routine where you just sweep and vacuum. There are going to be other niche requirements along the way like commercial carpet cleaning, office blinds cleaning, deep cleaning your countertops, or disinfecting your entire area from corner to corner. All these require extreme subject-matter knowledge. Janitors that you hire under your payroll might not be resourceful to handle such huge scales of requirement. The lack of expertise will end in results that are not comprehensive enough.

Capital And Operational Expenses

The hiring, maintaining, and processing payrolls of a janitorial team can be an added stress on your operational expense. You should also focus on training them to be resourceful and also police verify or background check them to ensure complete safety. As a business owner, you should also equip your janitorial team with the best cleaning supplies and solutions that are the latest and innovative in the market. Regular office cleaning can only be done the best way possible if all the products and supplies that you use are efficient.

But these capital expenses can shoot up through your roof. You’d also have to spend on the maintenance cost of this equipment from time to time.

Unorganized Efforts

The action plan that they go with will not be adhering to any particular order and this will in turn affect the quality of the output day by day. There will be a corner or two that is regularly overlooked and might drastically affect the sanity of your premises in the longer run.

Regular office cleaning services

What Can A Regular Office Professional Do Differently?

1. Insured Assistance

Cleaning disasters are prone to happen when you least expect them. Let’s say you damage your carpet rug while office cleaning in Sydney. The replacement can cost you thousands of dollars that you cannot hold your janitor to be liable for. When you hire a professional on the other hand, they’ll take complete accountability for what they make happen in your space and you can hand them over the complete ownership of meeting your set demands. Since their business depends on your satisfaction, they’re going to be added cautious with every last procedure that they make happen for you.

And even in the case of any unexpected damages or disasters, they’ll spring into action to take care of any repairs or replacements as necessary. Do note that this holds true only when you work with esteemed cleaners like JBN Cleaning who offer comprehensive insurance schemes as a part of our regular office cleaning packages including workers’ compensation and third-party liability.

2. After Hours Of Cleaning

Cleaning during the buzz hours of your office can be problematic and the regular office cleaning routine will also fall short of tackling the complete requirements of your premises. There are professional cleaners who offer evening office cleaning either early in the mornings or late in the evenings which you can make use of to give your premises a makeover before your workforce steps in the next day and start their hustle.

3. Quick Turn-Around

Timelines of cleaning are something that you should give prominent consideration to. To effect a thorough cleaning procedure, you need to give the cleaners a breathing space that’s enough. But if your janitors are relatively new, there are going to take a long time cleaning which will in turn affect your workflow and other operations.

When you hire professionals for your office cleaning services in Sydney, always ask about the time they need on a day-to-day basis to be well-informed prior to and plan your operation around it accordingly.

Regular office cleaning Sydney

4. Green Cleaning Procedures

As a business owner, you need to make sustainable decisions that will do good for the environment. Going for green eco-friendly procedures will help you not just reduce your carbon footprints but also prevent your premises from being exposed to harsh chemically intensive supplies. Also, these chemical supplies can be harmful to human health and make your employees vulnerable to allergies, rashes, and even trigger asthmatic conditions.

But there’s another challenge to this. A lot of supplies that claim to be green and are available off-the-shelf are not really effective, efficient, or organic as it claims to be. To prevent utilizing these knock-offs, companies like JBN Cleaning only hand-pick supplies after ensuring their authenticity by checking if they carry a DfE label or an EPA approval. These are regulatory global bodies that ensure the authenticity of the products that are green.

5. Standard Cleaning Protocols

You need to have a cleaning procedure in place that you can replicate over and over on a regular basis which also does not miss out on any area while cleaning. There are patterns of cleaning and a lot of surrounding technicalities that only professionals in the field are well aware of.

For example, let’s take covid cleaning in Sydney. The entire procedure is crucial to do because the disease in place is of an extremely contagious nature and global bodies like CDC have been continuously giving out regulatory information on how you can go about your cleaning procedure. Institutions like OSHA and SWA (Safe Work Australia) have also been continuously educating and giving out cleaning guidelines that are handy and effective if done right.

6. Unmatched Experience

At JBN Cleaning, we have been cleaning in Australia for over ten years now and we have worked with almost all the industrial verticals there. There is not one requirement that is going to be relatively new to us since we have seen it all before over the years.

All the cleaners that we have onboard are also well versed in their subject knowledge to give the best of outcomes that will be just enough to retain the safety, health, and hygiene of your premises. This is the reliability that we will furnish you with to fall back on.

7. Results That Will Exceed Expectations

You’re going to measure the level of cleaning that a professional does by how crisp your surface looks and how safe you feel on an overall scale. As a business owner, you’re going to have a lot of crucial things to take care of. Overlooking the level of cleaning on a day-to-day basis is the last thing you have the time or energy for. Hire someone that you can rely on like JBN Cleaning.

Call us now to see how much we quote for your regular office cleaning services in Sydney. We’ll offer your premises the makeover it deserves and make them remain at their absolute best at all times!

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