Restaurant Cleaning Procedure And Checklist

Restaurants cleaning procedure

What Does Take To Perfect A Restaurant’s Cleaning Procedure?

Restaurants are a gruesome affair in order to keep them clean, polished and attractive to the liking of people. You need to ensure that you keep a cautious eye on even the last corners when you go about your restaurants cleaning procedure. To attract more customers and please them with your ambience to make them come for more would only happen if your premises give out a pleasant vibe. Sure, your customer service and experience matter, but the first impression and the way your restaurant makes them feel safe with all your efforts at sanitization are going to be of greater remark.

What should your restaurants cleaning checklist look like?

The ideal checklist should be devised in parts where it covers both the customer-facing side and the back of the house involving your kitchen operations. Cleaning beyond the surface level is necessary here because kitchens are found to be dirtier than even toilet seats. Disinfection, sanitization and deep cleaning should all take their place in the checklist that you devise.

Things to cover when it comes to cleaning your kitchen areas

Dissecting your checklist for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning coverage would help your cleaners with a clear vision.

Everyday to-dos

  • Clearing up any spills on walls or countertops after the day’s operation and even in the middle as necessary so as to make the clean-up easier
  • Wiping down the fryers, grills and griddle as necessary and also get under the equipment to clean up even thoroughly
  • Changing the foil lining as required from equipment like the grill
  • Disinfecting and sanitization of kitchen equipment including toasters, coffee machines, ovens, stoves, toasters, etc.
  • Coming to the main point – the prep areas – You need to ensure proper disinfection with appropriate supplies that are not too chemically intensive
  • Cleaning any dispensers on an everyday basis so as to not mix new preparations with the old ones that are probably spoilt before the next day arrives
  • Washing all the utensils and glassware while also allowing them proper time to air dry before beginning the net preparation

Clearing up the sinks

  • Take out the trash. Also ensuring all the food wastes are separately managed from the rest. Also, remember to refill all the cleaning supplies like soap dispensers or paper towels
  • Inspecting and sweeping out things that you do not need from storage areas or refrigerators
  • Completing the cleaning of the floor areas

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Weekly coverage checklist

  • Cleaning the interiors of ovens, and refrigerators should all be part of your weekly hotel cleaning
  • Your sinks, faucets, or any internal pipelines or racks should all be completely clear from any mold formations
  • Monthly clean-ups
  • Running disinfection solutions that are harmless through dispenser machines to clean them up completely
  • Clearing up ice machines inside out
  • Replace any pest traps or linings as necessary
  • Clean your vents and air ducts along with exhaust fans to prevent dust build-up
  • Freezer room coverage

Restaurants cleaning procedure and checklist

Things to cover on the customer-facing side of your restaurant:

The front-of-the-house cleaning is important even more so than your kitchen areas and your restaurants cleaning procedure should assort utmost importance to this to delight your customers with a fresh experience. The quality of your commercial cleaning should be in such a way that there’s not a single spot that’s unclean at any point in time. This will determine how your guests perceive your premises and their overall experience with your restaurant.

Your everyday cleaning should include

  • Disinfection of all the floor areas
  • Dusting the walls and any decorations as necessary
  • Thorough sanitization of the tables
  • Wiping down any condiments on the table like salt or pepper shakers.
  • Cleaning all the seating areas along with their disinfection. It is important that you also patch them up with niche requirements like covid19 cleaning services as per the need around
  • Replace paper towels or tissues as necessary along with the tablecloths
  • Picking up any trash and taking care of their thorough disposal
  • Vacuum the carpet, mop the floor areas
  • Clean up your restrooms thoroughly and replace tissues or solutions as necessary
  • Wipe the sink areas with proper sanitizing solutions

Weekly coverage

  • Dusting all your windows, doors, glass separations and decorator elements
  • Disinfection of your door handles, furniture and other high touch-prone points to prevent germ build-ups and contamination
  • A thorough cleanup of all the seating areas
  • Pressure wash the walls as necessary and clear up any cobwebs

Cautions that your cleaner might pay attention to:

Always ensure that the cleaners you hire for your hotel cleaning in Sydney are well-versed in all the niche cleaning requirements that you might have along the way. They should be provided with supplies that are organic, environmentally friendly and also least harmful to human health.

Adhering to internationally regulated protocols from standard bodies like OSHA, CDC and SWA should also be a must-do. This will potentially improve the overall end-quality of your cleaning routine. Also encouraging them to wear proper PPEs will make the cleaning procedure even better.

All the janitors present in-house should ensure that each table is seamlessly wiped and even better if disinfected as soon as possible to make it perfectly fresh for the next guest.

resturant cleaning checklist

Why hiring a cleaning company might be a better option?

Cost Savings

The capital cost associated with getting all the supplies and equipment that you need might shoot through your roof. In addition, you should also bear the expenses of training, screening and hiring if you’re going to be hiring janitors for the job.

You can instead save your operational costs by hiring a company like JBN Cleaning which can take care of your procedures with ease. We even offer custom packages where you only have to pay for what you exactly avail of us.

Organic supplies

There are a lot of knock-off products that are circulating in the market that you should steer clear from. Always go with supplies that are regulated by standard bodies like EPA or DfE to be absolutely sure of the efficacy of your entire procedure.

These will also negate the usual aftermath of chemical-intensive cleaning like allergies, rashes, pungent unpleasant odours or even asthmatic triggers.

As a business owner, it is your primary responsibility to make decisions that are sustainable and will ensure us of a futurẹ. Chemically-intensive supplies will also ruin the overall dining experience for the customers.

Another crucial aspect of green cleaning is to ensure that you have a proper plan for your waste management. When you hire reputed cleaning companies to do your restaurants cleaning procedure, they’d take care of these loose ends as well as a part of the package you sign up for.


The field experience that your cleaners carry is necessary for giving you the best possible outcome with your procedure. Someone like JBN Cleaning carries over a decade’s worth of experience in offering you the precise solutions that you’re looking for.

Only when the cleaners that you have in the picture carry comprehensive expertise, you’d be able to achieve the best cleaning solutions for your restaurant and put on a picture that will garner wide liking.

Insurance coverage

Damages during cleaning are always prone to happen and you cannot avert them no matter how much you try. You can instead hire cleaning companies that offer add-on insurance coverages and workers’ compensation benefits as a part of their cleaning packages. This way even in the case of an uneventful happening, the company will themselves take complete accountability in repairing or replacing things as per the requirement.

Added responsibility

When you hire cleaning companies, you’re essentially paying them to meet all the demands you set. Their business depends on your satisfaction and hence you can be at peace knowing that your cleaning investments will give you the exact returns that you’re looking for.

Since you hire cleaning companies only after signing up a contract with them after having a complete look at the scope of work that they offer you. This way you can set expectations that they’re bound to offer you by contract.

We hope this restaurants cleaning checklist was detailed enough for you to directly apply for your cleaning procedure. At JBN Cleaning, we have been taking care of hotels for a while now and understand the requirements completely.

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