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Safety Equipment Used By JBN Cleaning For Covid Cleaners In Sydney

Covid cleaning safety equipment

Worried If Covid Cleaning Services In Sydney Are Actually Effective?

The pandemic has sure been life-altering. It has changed the way we look at cleaning forever. Because of the massive scale of its impact and the repercussions that we faced all over the world, we are now being germ-conscious more than ever. Covid cleaning has surged up to be one of the most highly demanded services of all time in recent history. But it all comes down to one major question, ‘Is it actually effective?’

The answer to this is very subjective and it depends on how you do it, who does it, the procedures that you follow, and the standards that you maintain. It is always advisable that you go for expert help when it comes to sensitive requirements like these just to be added sure about the results that you are desperately in need of.

As a business owner, it is on you to take complete care of your premises and ensure that your employees are given the best of spaces to work that are free from any infection or germ paranoia. Hence, office cleaning services take a major role and you should pay extra attention to it to maintain the perfect air quality in your closed spaces and ensure an uninterrupted flow of productivity in the workspace.

Safety Equipment Used By Commercial COVID Cleaning Companies Should Ideally Followed

1. PPE Wear For The Protection Of Cleaners

PPE refers to Personal Protective Equipment. This involves the usage of

  • Hand wraps
  • Gloves
  • PPE kit
  • Masks
  • Gumboots,
  • Head caps
  • Shoe covers and more.

Safety equipment for covid cleaners by JBN Cleaning

Your frontline cleaners must be completely reliable in all that they do. It is thus mandatory that they wear appropriate segregation covering that will prevent any prospective cross-contamination as they go about their COVID-19 cleaning.

In addition, when you hire us, we only send cleaners who are temperature-checked on the cleaning day and are completely vaccinated for your added safety.

2. Decontamination Supplies

If you are going to use supplies and equipment that you have just used at any other space for the same routine, there might be chances that you lead to eventual cross-contamination which can drastically reduce the overall quality of your output. It is thus necessary that anything from your broom or microfiber cloth to industry-grade disinfectant sprayers that are used mostly when it comes to medical cleaning services are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized before and after every usage.

An in-house janitor might not possess a sufficient amount of experience to affect all these and bring things into action. And this right here is why we suggest you go with professionals who are completely well-versed in their subject-matter knowledge to make the best happen for you. They will help you eliminate any contagious infections without you having to overlook their work every now and then.

3. Commercial-Grade Cleaning Equipment

Covid cleaning is one of those routines where you’ll have to put your all in to reap the results that you are looking for. Commercial-grade disinfectant COVID spray cleaning is more effective than relying on manual disinfectant spraying procedures. This is because the latter is more error-prone and there are a lot of corners that you might possibly leave out of the picture if you try to do it just by going from one place to another.

There is a lot of new-age equipment that is getting rapidly upgraded in the market and only a Covid cleaner in Sydney will have access to all of them.

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How Do We Do It Even More Accurately At JBN Cleaning?

1. Standard Procedures

The most important thing when it comes to vulnerable requirements like disinfection cleaning is how efficient of a strategy you as a professional instil in place which you can simply fall back on.

We adhere to standard regulatory protocols devised by authoritative global bodies like CDC and OSHA in everything we do. In addition, we also keep an eye out for any new instructions or heads-ups that they provide us with every now and then. This is especially crucial and absolutely mandatory when you go about requirements like medical cleaning.

2. Updated Cleaners And Upgraded Equipment

All our professionals are trained frequently to be the best at what they do. If there are any groundbreaking innovations in the cleaning sector, our personnel will be the first to implement them in action for you. Our COVID cleaners undergo special orientation programs to pre-devise a strategy and an action plan that will deem fit to your requirements before they even get started.

In addition, cleaning equipment comes at a huge cost and would require way too much capital. When you hire us, we come as a package and bring the best of equipment and supplies your way that is completely reliable.

3. Green Solutions

Any commercial cleaning services that we offer, we try to minimize our impact on the environment in ways we can. We only stick to the usage of hand-picked organic green cleaning supplies that are completely non-toxic and 100% bio-degradable. Even the disinfectants that we pick are only chosen after analyzing them for EPA approval and DfE labelling.

It’s through little efforts like these in every step that we take, that we ensure that the entire process will be carried out for you seamlessly. Even when we are challenged with requirements like hospital cleaning, you can simply take a blind trust fall since we have been doing this for years now and we have seen it all before.

Hire JBN Cleaning today to make a difference in your COVID-19 cleaning routine. Talk to us today to get a free quote!

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