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The Ultimate School Cleaning Checklist

Schools are very vulnerable in nature. We are talking about children here who are sensitive to catching any contagious diseases almost instantly. It is thus necessary that you curate your school cleaning checklist in such a way that it has no room for errors. Even the farthest corners that you leave untouched could become a breeding ground for germs and diseases. This is why most educational institutions in Sydney go for professionals when it comes to procedures like this.

Here’s A Quick Checklist And Schedule For School Cleaning

1. Classrooms

Classrooms are where the students are going to be in extreme contact with each other and this is where all the sensitive spots take their place. And since the place is closed in nature, the air quality can be extremely degraded. This is why you need to cover all of the following completely:

    • Wiping doors, desks, chairs, tables, and door handles
    • Vacuum floors, walls, and window sills
    • Clean any storage areas at regular intervals to prevent cobweb accumulation.
    • Take the trash out, empty bins, and replace the liners.
    • Clean light switches.
    • Disinfect all the floor spaces, furniture, and other touch-prone areas
    • Sanitise the complete area from corner to corner

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    2. Toilets

    It is a mandate that all educational institutions should have enough restrooms to accommodate all the children and their break needs. You need to have stringent measures in place to ensure that your entire space is covered as flawlessly as possible.

    When you hire school cleaning services, they’d cover the following for you:

      • Bleach, clean, disinfect and sanitize all the toilets, urinals, toilet seats, and other areas

      • Stocking up toiletries before they run out

      • Take care of the touchpoints like taps, flush handles, door handles, hand dryer buttons, cubicle locks, toilet seats, etc

      • Wipe sinks and remove any stains

      These are the absolute hotspots that need proper complete coverage. It would help if you also instilled personal hygiene banners like proper ways to wash hands etc that will be visible to the children.

      3. Common areas

      The shared areas include a playground, shared corridors, gyms, entrances, computer rooms, labs, etc. All of these need thorough coverage. This is where all the children interact the maximum and it is possible that there might be a spread of infection and it is necessary that you take care of it as thoroughly as possible. Any company like JBN Cleaning will offer you recurring cleaning packages that justify the returns.

      Any sports equipment, canteen areas, food dispensers, benches, furniture, etc should all be properly taken care of in such a way that they are pristine in nature.

      All your walls, floors, and windows should all be properly cleaned in nature. Changing rooms should be sanitized and wiped down in the right sequence.

      School cleaning checklist

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      1. Timely Delivery

      Now, this is the first criterion that you should look for in any prospective company that you’re about to hire. Your turn-around times need to be quicker and more reliable. This will only happen if you hire someone who can offer you that kind of accountability.

      In addition, your cleaners should be flexible with the schedules that they offer you. Always go with after-school hours cleaning services because it’d practically be impossible to go about your cleaning procedure with kids continuously running around.

      2. Niche Cleaning Expertise

      Your cleaners should be thorough in everything they offer at your premises. There might be a lot of niches that they should be well aware of. A complete subject-matter understanding will help you take the effectiveness of your cleaning to the subsequent levels. Let’s say you need your windows cleaned or any entrance area’s carpet restored. You cannot run back and forth in hiring two or more professionals for the job and make it completely messy.

      One cleaner should have all the experience in handling any diverse requirements that you throw their way. For example, covid deep cleaning has been highly demanded and the company that you tie up with should be able to take care of even unprecedented procedures like this with ease.

      3. Completely Green Routines

      Always remember that children are extremely sensitive and your cleaning procedure should pose no hindrance to their health. It is thus necessary that you go with a procedure that is completely green in nature. Your cleaning procedure should completely stay away from chemically intensive toxic supplies that could tarnish the whole vibe of your place with pungent smells or corrosive compounds in circulation. Only through this, your commercial cleaning will come to a full circle by ensuring maximum safety.

      Green cleaning should be a comprehensive add-on as a part of your package. This will eliminate the spread of harmful side effects like eye irritation, skin rashes, or even give rise to asthmatic triggers.

      4. Affordability

      Like with any package, yours should be of cost-effective nature. Instead of going with cleaners who are cheap, go with professionals who justify that cost by delivering beyond your expectations and making the magic happen.

      You need someone reliable like JBN Cleaning to make your cleaning happen the most seamless way for you. Talk to us today to get a free quote for all your requirements. We also offer recurring packages like daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-weekly routines.

      In addition, our insurance schemes will ensure that you don’t want to worry about any repairs or damages that are prone to happen while going about your school cleaning checklist.

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