How Much Does School Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

School cleaning cost

A Detailed Overview Of School Cleaning Cost In Sydney

A clean and tidy school building promotes a safe and healthy learning environment. It also positively impacts the lives of students, faculty, and staff. That is why schools must prioritize cleanliness and maintain robust hygiene standards. Educational institutions typically hire commercial cleaners in Sydney to keep the premises sanitary. Though it tends to be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house cleaning staff, the exact school cleaning cost can vary depending on different factors.

Here, we will discuss the average cost of school cleaning in Sydney and the various factors that can affect it. Let us get started!

Average School Cleaning Cost In Sydney

Now that you know about the different factors that can affect the cost of school cleaning, let us talk about some estimates. While it is impossible to give you exact pricing structures without the specifics of your requirement, we can talk about the average cost. In most cases, commercial cleaning companies urge potential clients to request a quote. The company first talks to the client about their unique requirements and then offers pricing based on the size of the premise, frequency of cleaning, and type of cleaning required.

Typically, the average school cleaning cost per hour in a city like Sydney can range from $30 to $50. Let us look at a breakdown of the cost:

Please note that these are the average estimated cost of school cleaning in Sydney. To get the exact pricing, you would have to talk to different commercial cleaning companies and find out about their school cleaning rates.

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Factors That Influence School Cleaning Cost In Sydney

School cleaning prices in Sydney can vary widely based on a range of factors. Knowing how the cost is measured is crucial to creating a cleaning budget for your school. If you are planning to hire a commercial cleaning company for school cleaning, consider the following factors to estimate the cost.

Size Of The School

Since most commercial cleaners charge based on square footage, the size of the school building has a tremendous impact on the cost. The larger the area, the more resources are required to clean it. Therefore, the cost will be higher as well. Different areas of the school may also add up the price. For instance, if you require cleaning for additional areas such as parking lots, school grounds, and more, the cost will increase.

Frequency Of Cleaning

Besides the size of the school, another common factor that affects pricing is how often you require the cleaning service. The general rule of thumb is that the more frequently you receive the service, the higher the cost should be. However, some commercial cleaning companies offer lucrative daily cleaning packages that are often more cost-effective than occasional cleaning in the long run.

School cleaning prices

Types Of Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney provide a wide range of school cleaning services like general cleaning, specialized cleaning, and deep cleaning. The services may also differ based on the various sections of the school such as classrooms, staff rooms, gyms, laboratories, kitchens, cafeterias, and more. Each of these areas may require specialized cleaning, which determines the pricing.

Cleaning Supplies And Equipment

School cleaning costs can also depend on the type of equipment and supplies being used for the job. If the cleaners need to bring in specialized equipment or fancy cleaning products, the cost will increase substantially. On the other hand, specialized cleaning services such as green cleaning, which focuses on using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and methods, can also increase the cost.

Location And The Cleaning Company’s Charges

Much like in real estate, location holds significant importance in cleaning costs too. Cleaning costs in Australia can vary widely from one city to another. Cleaning costs in large cities such as Sydney tend to be on the higher side. If the school is situated in an area where the labor cost or overhead costs are high, the overall cleaning cost will also be high.

Lastly, the commercial cleaning company’s charges will determine how much you will have to pay for the cleaning. Different companies have varying pricing structures and models. So, you must shop around. A quick search for the keyword “school cleaning cost near me” should offer up plenty of relevant results.

Services Included In School Cleaning Packages

Most commercial cleaners provide a range of school cleaning packages to suit the varying needs of their clients. The number of services included in these packages varies based on the unique cleaning needs of the school. But a standard school cleaning package usually includes the following services:

  • Regular cleaning of classrooms, common areas, and staff rooms.
  • Specialized cleaning for areas such as gyms and laboratories.
  • Daily cleaning tasks include things like vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and wiping down surfaces.
  • Cleaning break rooms, cafeterias, and kitchens every day.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting locker rooms and restrooms.
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance, which may include specialized services like buffing and polishing.
  • Other specialized services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and graffiti removal.
  • Daily trash removal and recycling services.
  • Cleaning desks, boards, and seats.
  • Lawn care and maintenance, lawn mowing.
  • Car park cleaning. 

These are the most common services included in school cleaning packages in Sydney. In most cases, cleaning companies allow their clients to add or subtract services from the packages depending on their requirements. Such customized packages help to regulate and modify the cleaning costs significantly.


If you are looking for school cleaning services under budget, make sure to shop around a bit before choosing. Look into various commercial cleaners in your area and ask for quotations. Compare services and quotations and research the cleaning company well before choosing one.

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