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Shop cleaning checklist

Comprehensive Shop Cleaning Checklist You Should Follow for a Thorough Cleanup

In the retail business, cleanliness serves both an aesthetic and a strategic purpose. In the competitive landscape of retail, first impressions matter a great deal. Shoppers expect your store to be clean, safe and well-organised. That’s what contributes to a pleasant shopping experience. That is why a properly planned, comprehensive shop cleaning checklist is crucial to creating a vibe that fosters customer loyalty.

If you do not know how to create such a cleaning checklist, worry not! Here is a detailed retail shop cleaning checklist that even the pros follow!

A Detailed Retail Shop Cleaning Checklist

The goal of a cleaning checklist is to keep you organised and focused. A properly planned checklist streamlines each task and makes cleaning more effective. It also helps you stay on track with your shop cleaning schedule. So, without further delay, let us find out what a standard shop cleaning checklist should look like:

Entryways And Exits Cleaning

Let’s start with the front of the store. This is the most visible part of the shop. It includes the entrance, windows, branding, and product displays. This is the part of your shop that customers see first. That is why keeping this section clean and tidy is crucial. Dirty windows, outdated product displays, and a disorderly state can really hurt the image of your store. It can even deter new and potential customers from entering.

To keep this area presentable, you must follow these boutique cleaning:

  • Remove cobwebs, dirt, and dust from the entryways.
  • Clean both the exterior and interior of windows, glass doors, and other glass surfaces.
  • Empty the outside garbage cans.
  • Clean and sanitise doorknobs and handles.
  • Change and clean up product displays.
  • Clean and tidy up the branding elements such as signage and posters.
  • Vacuum/sweep the floor and clean the entry mats.

Shopping Area Cleaning

The shopping area is the busiest section of the store. Shoppers walk around, tracking dirt and debris on the floors. They try clothes and often litter them around. Besides surface-level cleaning, this area also needs constant organising. Make sure to keep the floors clean and dry. Remember to pick up after shoppers who leave items off the shelves or racks. Here are a few other things store cleaning services recommend you do:

  • Wipe off shelves to remove dust.
  • Clean furniture, decor, and fixtures.
  • Clean the racks, cabinets, and displays.
  • Wipe down mirrors, partitions, and glass surfaces.
  • Organise products at their designated spots.
  • Clean floors and vacuum carpets. Deal with spills immediately to avoid accidents and stains.
  • Empty garbage cans.

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Check Out Section Cleaning

The checkout area is the second busiest section of a shop. This is where customers make the final step of purchasing your products. So, you need to make this area as inviting as possible. A clean and tidy checkout section keeps the queue moving smoothly. For boutique cleaning, the checklist should include the following:

  • Dusting surfaces and wiping down checkout stands.
  • Cleaning display area and POS stands.
  • Wiping down glass surfaces.
  • Cleaning the equipment.
  • Emptying garbage cans.

Restroom Cleaning

Dirty restrooms are not just disgusting. They are the breeding ground for germs. A number of serious diseases and infections spread through dirty bathrooms. That is daily restroom cleaning is crucial to keeping your staff and shoppers safe and healthy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Clean and disinfect toilets, urinals, and sinks.
  • Clean and sanitise all surfaces and fixtures.
  • Unclog drains and wipe down the backsplash.
  • Clean glass surfaces and mirrors.
  • Thoroughly clean the floors.
  • Empty garbage bins and replenish toilet paper, hand towel dispensers, and soap dispensers.
  • Sanitise high touch points such as doorknobs.

Shop cleaning schedule

Storage Area And Backroom Cleaning

Most retail shops have a storage area and backroom. It is important to keep these areas clean and organised. Though customers don’t visit these sections, your employees do. But that does not mean you can skip cleaning here. A dirty and cluttered storage area can ruin your merchandise. It can also make inventory management a nightmare! So, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors.
  • Remove clutter and empty garbage bins.
  • Dust surfaces, shelves, fixtures, and furniture.
  • Clean air vents and HVAC systems.
  • Sanitise high touch points.

Back Office Cleaning

Only the professional retail cleaning company in Sydney like JBN Cleaning will tell you how important it is to regularly clean the office section of your shop. Most retail stores put all their efforts into making their shop presetable, but ignore the office. That is a costly mistake.

It can reduce employee productivity and morale, and even make them sick! To prevent that, you need to follow a rigorous shop cleaning schedule that includes the following steps.

  • Wipe down desks and clean all surfaces.
  • Vacuum or deep clean carpets.
  • Get periodic upholstery cleaning services.
  • Remove cobwebs and clean ceiling and wall fixtures.
  • Declutter and organise the space.
  • Empty garbage bins.
  • Sweep and mop hard floors.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of windows.

Breakroom Cleaning

The breakroom is where your employees have their lunch or hang out during their break. Keeping this area hygienic is crucial to maintaining health and safety. A good way to keep the breakroom clean is to ask employees to pick up after themselves. However, there are a few things you must do in terms of cleaning.

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces.
  • Sanitise food preparation areas.
  • Clean appliances such as refrigerators and coffee machines. Wash utensils.
  • Clean and organise drawers and cupboards.
  • Vacuum or sweep floors.

With these, the checklist comes to an end. Remember, retail cleaning is a time-consuming task. It requires a lot of effort. That is why it is best to leave it to professionals. Consider hiring a commercial cleaning in Sydney that provide shop cleaning checklist.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputed cleaning company? Get the best retail cleaning services here at JBN Cleaning.

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