Best Shopping Mall Cleaning Checklist And Schedule

Shopping mall cleaning checklist

A Fail-Proof Shopping Mall Cleaning Checklist You Can Use

Maintaining a pristine shopping mall is far from easy. That’s why a detailed shopping mall cleaning checklist is necessary to get the job done properly.

Is it a large shopping mall that gets hundreds of visitors each day or a relatively small one? Either way, keeping it clean all the time can be challenging.

For proper execution of the checklist, a dedicated team of cleaners works tirelessly around the clock. They are the ones ensuring that every aspect of the shopping mall is immaculate.

From the entrance to common areas to the retail spaces and restrooms, every section requires attention. Daily shopping mall cleaning is necessary because it:

  • Improves health and safety standards
  • Creates a great first impression
  • Keeps customers coming back

That’s why mall cleaning services always adopt a thorough approach. Let’s find out what sort of checklist they typically use and what sort of schedule they maintain.

What Is A Proper Shopping Mall Cleaning Schedule?

Now that you know what a cleaning checklist looks like, it’s time to discuss the best way to perform the tasks. Here’s a standard shopping mall cleaning schedule that professional cleaners recommend:

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What Does A Detailed Shopping Mall Cleaning Checklist Look Like?

A comprehensive checklist for shopping mall cleaning encompasses a wide range of tasks. These tasks may also vary from section to section. To maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene, a shopping mall cleaning checklist must include the following areas and tasks:

1. Checklist For Common Areas

The following are high-traffic areas within a mall. These areas tend to get dirty pretty easily. So, they must be cleaned regularly. Here’s what to put on the checklist:

EntranceAnd Lobby

This area is what visitors see first. It is also one of the busiest sections of the mall. People enter and exit the mall and track dirt inside. That’s why this space needs rigorous cleaning every day.

  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean glass doors
  • Dust surfaces
  • Clean entrance mats

Corridors And Hallways

Shoppers move between stores and amenities through the hallways and corridors. Keeping this area clean is necessary for both aesthetics and safety.

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Mop hard floors
  • Dust handrails
  • Clean light fixtures


Clean restrooms are a basic amenity. Daily cleaning and disinfection are necessary to prevent the spread of diseases.

  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Clean and sanitise sinks and countertops
  • Restock paper towels, soap, and toilet paper
  • Clean mirrors and refill air fresheners

Elevators And Escalators

Elevator and escalator cleaning should be part of your high-touch point cleaning. But you should clean them thoroughly once in a while to keep them running properly.

  • Wipe down handrails
  • Clean elevator buttons
  • Ensure proper functioning of escalators


In a mall, staircases are not used as heavily as elevators or escalators. But they are used for emergency exits. So, keeping the staircases clean and tidy is necessary.

  • Sweep and mop stairs
  • Remove any debris or litter
  • Ensure proper lighting

Seating Areas

Shoppers often need to rest in between shopping sprees. That’s why clean and comfortable seating spaces are crucial for customer satisfaction.

  • Wipe down chairs and benches
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Deep clean upholstery periodically

Information Desks

The information desk should be tidy and well-organised so that the staff can readily help the customers with whatever they need help with.

  • Dust surfaces
  • Organize informational materials
  • Clean electronic devices

Trash Receptacles

You must keep the area around the garbage bins sanitary. Having trash strewn around it will attract pests and spread a foul odour.

  • Empty trash bins daily
  • Replace liners
  • Ensure proper waste disposal

Shopping mall cleaning schedule

2. Checklist For Retail Spaces

The retail spaces are the second busiest sections of the shopping mall. Keeping this spot tidy is necessary to improve customer satisfaction. Here’s what to included is store cleaning:


Want to make the stores seem inviting? Then pay attention to the cleanliness of the storefronts.

  • Clean windows and doors
  • Dust displays
  • Ensure exterior signage is clean and visible

Display Windows

Proper display windows attract customers to the stores. Cleanliness and organisation are crucial here.

  • Wipe down glass surfaces
  • Dust display items
  • Ensure proper lighting.


Clean floors are crucial to both safety and appearance. Floor cleaning is a mandatory part of this checklist.

  • Sweep and mop regularly
  • Pay special attention to high-traffic areas
  • Deal with spills right away

Mirrors And Glass Surfaces

Dirty and stained glass surfaces can make your mall look shabby. Make sure to wipe them clean every day.

  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean glass displays
  • Use appropriate cleaning agents to prevent streaks

Counters And Cash Registers

Billing counters are where the shopping journey ends. Don’t turn away customers here! Keep the area clean.

  • Disinfect counters
  • Clean keyboards and payment terminals
  • Ensure cash registers are clean and organized

3. Checklist For Food Courts

When you consider the level of foot traffic, food courts are always on top. Food handling and preparation areas need extra care and attention when it comes to cleaning. That’s why the checklist must include:

Dining Tables And Chairs

You must clean the dining tables and chairs after every use. Make sure to remove crumbs and spills.

  • Wipe down tables and chairs
  • Clean spills promptly
  • Sanitize surfaces regularly

Food Counters

Dirty food counters spread germs. If you don’t want to violate the health code, make sure to keep them clean.

  • Clean food preparation areas
  • Sanitize equipment
  • Ensure proper storage of ingredients


The floors of food courts get dirty quickly. They must be cleaned multiple times every day.

  • Sweep and mop regularly
  • Pay special attention to areas around food stalls and trash bins
  • Empty trash bins regularly

Trash Disposal Areas

Keeping the trash disposal area clean will encourage customers to use the bins instead of littering.

  • Empty trash bins frequently
  • Ensure proper segregation of waste
  • Clean surrounding areas to prevent odors.

4. Checklist For Parking Lots And Exteriors

Outside of the shopping mall cleaning matters just as much as cleanliness inside. A dirty parking lot and surrounding area reflect badly on the entire shopping mall. It can even deter customers from coming in! Here’s how you should clean it:

Parking Spaces

  • Sweep parking areas regularly
  • Clean oil stains
  • Ensure proper signage and markings

Sidewalks And Walkways

  • Sweep and pressure wash sidewalks
  • Ensure proper lighting for safety

Exterior Walls And Windows

  • Clean exterior walls and windows periodically
  • Maintain a neat appearance and enhance curb appeal


  • Trim shrubs and trees
  • Remove weeds
  • Ensure proper drainage
  • Prevent water accumulation

By making the checklist this way, you can make sure every area of the mall is properly cleaned. Make sure to hire commercial cleaners, who can make proper use of the checklist!

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