What Are The Stages Of Factory Cleaning?

Stages of factory cleaning

A Comprehensive Look at the Different Stages of Factory Cleaning

Wondering what it takes to keep a factory clean? Like every other workplace, factories must be kept clean and sanitary to promote a safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors. Commercial spaces such as factories are also required by law to keep the premises clean. Maintaining the highest level of hygiene in a factory requires a lot more than just the occasional cleaning. Commercial cleaners follow the different stages of factory cleaning to achieve satisfactory results.

Overview of the different stages of cleaning

Running a busy factory is a herculean task. In the middle of everyday chaos and madness, it is easy to put regular cleaning on the back burner. But cleaning is an essential part of daily operations in a factory, and knowing about the key steps of factory cleaning makes this job much easier. Each of these steps helps you to focus on certain aspects of factory cleaning to make the entire process more effective. Let’s take a look at the crucial stages of cleaning that also apply to factory cleaning.

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The first stage of factory cleaning is all about removing loose dirt and debris from the surfaces. Dusting, sweeping, and wiping are all part of that, and this stage is essential in factory floor cleaning as well as equipment cleaning. Your goal should be to remove as much loose debris as you can to prepare the space for the next step.

Main clean

The second stage of factory cleaning is the main cleaning. It involves removing the stubborn grime, grease, and debris that were left after the pre-clean. Commercial cleaners use a variety of industrial-grade cleaning supplies and equipment to deep clean various surfaces including walls, floors, and machinery. 


Stage three of factory cleaning is tied directly to stage two. The third stage involves rinsing the leftover detergent and cleaning supplies as well as the grime and debris off surfaces. Professional cleaners use clean, hot water to rinse surfaces before wiping them off with a mop, cloth, or squeegee. This rinse should be followed in food factory cleaning twice.


The COVID-19 pandemic opened our eyes to the fact that only surface-level cleaning is not sufficient to kill germs. Some bacteria and viruses can live on seemingly clean surfaces. That is why disinfection and sanitization are significant parts of factory cleaning in Sydney. Commercial cleaners use heat or chemical disinfectants to disinfect areas. These chemical disinfectants are designed to kill stubborn bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Final rinse

All chemical disinfectants have a specific dwell time. That means you cannot rinse or wipe off the disinfectant immediately after spraying it on surfaces. That is why the fifth stage of factory cleaning involves rinsing off the disinfectant after allowing it to rest on the surface for an adequate time. Some disinfectants do not require rinsing as they dry off on their own.


The final stage of cleaning is drying. You cannot leave metal equipment wet as it can lead to corrosion. That is why it is crucial for you to wipe excess moisture off machinery and equipment using a fresh cloth. Surfaces such as floors and walls can air dry, while glass surfaces must be wiped dry to prevent stains.

With these six stages, your factory cleaning should be complete.

Key stages of factory cleaning,

Importance of following proper factory cleaning methods

Having a high level of cleanliness in a factory is crucial. In most cases, a complex task such as factory cleaning is best handled by professional cleaners. That is why hiring a commercial cleaning company is the ideal choice. Here are a few reasons why you should care about following the correct cleaning methods for factory cleaning.

To meet government regulations

Factories are subject to various laws and regulations that are designed to keep customers and employees safe. Several laws make it necessary to undertake certain practices to meet health and safety standards. That includes keeping factories clean and sanitary. Not meeting these regulations can have serious legal consequences. Factories that violate the health and safety code may even be shut down. We also use best factory cleaning solutions that wont affect your environment.

To increase productivity

A clean workplace is an ideal environment for productive employees. A clean and organized factory allows staff members to do their jobs properly. Improved productivity means that production runs smoothly and the company meets deadlines efficiently. Furthermore, a clean environment prevents the spread of diseases. That means fewer instances of employees calling in sick or missing workdays.

To keep the infrastructure in good shape

Factory machines and equipment need regular cleaning and maintenance. Without proper upkeep, these complex machines can break down often and require expensive repairs or replacements. Proper factory cleaning makes sure that all the factory infrastructures remain in good shape for years.

There are several reasons why you should want to follow a cleaning schedule and proper cleaning methods for factory cleaning. Although hiring professional cleaners will increase the cleaning cost, it will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements.

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