How Much Does Steam Cleaning Cost?

Steam Cleaning Cost,

An overview of Carpet Steam Cleaning Cost and Factors that affect it

Are you planning to hire professional carpet cleaners in Sydney and wondering about the steam cleaning cost?

If you have never had your carpets steam cleaned before, you must have several questions about it. The average cost of carpet steam cleaning in Australia is between $35 and $45 per hour. However, the exact pricing depends on a range of factors such as the layout of the space, total square footage, the type and extent of the stain, and the size, type, and location of the carpet.

Commercial carpet cleaning companies may also factor in additional costs associated with moving furniture and the number of stairs they have to climb with their equipment. Some companies may offer multi-room discounts for large jobs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the costs:

  • Minimum Range $75 - $180
  • Average National $100 - $500
  • Maximum Range $300 - $585

Are you looking for carpet steam cleaning services?

Factors that can affect Carpet Steam Cleaning Cost

As we mentioned earlier, several factors can influence carpet steam cleaning price. Before hiring a commercial carpet cleaner, you must have at least a brief understanding of all the factors that have an impact on the cost. Let us discuss a few of them.

Square footage

This one is easy to understand. The bigger the carpeted area is, the higher the price will be. Some commercial steam cleaning services charge per individual square foot, while others charge a fixed rate as per the total square footage. That means they may charge around $0.30 per square foot or around $100 for an area that measures about 200 to 240 square feet.

Type and extent of stains

Different types of stains require varying cleaning methods, products, and techniques. Some organic stains, especially those caused by spilled foods and drinks, are more difficult to remove than natural carpet stains caused by dirt, grass, or mud. Another crucial factor is the extent of the staining. Needless to say that heavily soiled or stained carpets cost higher to steam clean. The tricky stains take longer and more effort to clean, which drives up the overall steam cleaning cost.

Type of carpet

While nylon, Berber, and polyester carpets are easy to clean, cotton carpets are notoriously tough to clean. That is because they are soft and fragile fabrics that require additional care to prevent damage. The type of carpet or material of the carpet can thus play a huge role in determining the pricing.

  • Berber carpets: The loop pile carpets are much easier to clean than other types because of their tough fibers and durable construction. Because of that, commercial steam cleaning of Berber carpets costs the least.
  • Cut pile or level loop pile carpets: Both cut pile and level-loop carpets have sturdy weaves that are trimmed down for an even and short finish. Much like Berber carpets, these carpets cost relatively less to steam clean unless there are stubborn stains involved.
  • Cotton and wool carpets: Cotton and wool carpets are generally pricier than other types and require delicate cleaning. Because the fabrics are so fragile, they need specialized cleaning techniques, equipment, and supplies. Though the steam cleaning cost of these carpets is not exorbitant, you can expect them to be higher than the cost of steam cleaning less expensive carpets.

steam cleaning prices

The layout of the space

If the carpeted area is hard to access or blocked by multiple pieces of furniture, which the cleaners need to move, the carpet cleaning company will charge you for that. That is an additional cost that you can easily avoid by moving the furniture before the carpet cleaners arrive. Account for the fact that some carpet steam cleaning equipment takes a lot of space to maneuver. So, you should clear enough space for that.

Carpet damages

Some commercial cleaning companies may charge extra for steam-cleaning carpets with signs of damage. Carpets that have been subjected to tears, discoloration, and burns will cost you more to clean than a non-damaged carpet.


Carpet steam cleaning cost varies widely throughout Australia. That is why where you are based can significantly affect the pricing. For instance, the cost of commercial steam cleaning in Sydney may be higher than the cost of steam cleaning in a less expensive city or town.

The company’s charges

One of the most important factors that can determine the cost of steam cleaning carpets is the cleaning company’s charges. Since different commercial carpet cleaners have different pricing, you can expect the rates to vary.

While some charge per hour, others may charge per room. Some carpet cleaning companies may also provide handsome discounts if you meet certain criteria. So, make sure to talk to the commercial carpet cleaning company about the cost before hiring them.

Some money-saving carpet cleaning tips

If you do not want to spend a lot on steam cleaning carpets, there are ways to save a few precious bucks. Here are a few tips that will help you save money on carpet cleaning in Sydney.

Vacuum often

Make sure to vacuum your carpets regularly as it would prevent them from getting severely dirty. The less you vacuum, the more frequently your carpets will need to be cleaned. Furthermore, dirt and dust buildup can cause serious stains over time, and that can increase the cost of carpet cleaning.

Install floor mats at the entryways

Dirty shoes drag mud and dirt all over the carpet, which is why it is necessary to install floor mats at the entryways. Wiping feet on these floor mats before entering the main premises can prevent carpets from getting extensively dirty.

Move the furniture

Make sure to move the furniture out of the way before the carpet cleaners arrive. Professional cleaners would not like to wait for you to move the furniture, and they would charge extra for doing it themselves.

With these tips, you are sure to save on carpet cleaning. If you are looking for a reliable and competent carpet cleaning company in Sydney, make sure to check out JBN Cleaning.

We are one of the top commercial cleaners in the city, and we offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services including carpet steam cleaning. Get in touch with us today!

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