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How Much Does Tile And Grout Cleaning Cost?

tile and grout cleaning prices

A Look At The Estimated Tile And Grout Cleaning Prices In Sydney

Periodic tile and grout cleaning is the key to maintaining tile flooring. But most commercial facilities shy away from it thinking about the added cost. That’s why having an idea of tile and grout cleaning prices in your city is crucial.

Tile flooring is fairly common in commercial facilities such as:

  • Corporate office
  • Retail store
  • Shopping mall
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

Besides, you will find tile flooring in nearly all bathrooms.

Even with daily cleaning, the tile floors can look dirty. It’s because of the grout. As a porous material, the grout absorbs a lot of dirt and spills. It tends to get discolored pretty easily.

Periodic tile and grout cleaning can effectively restore old tiles to their former glory. Let’s find out how much they can actually cost you.

Average Tile And Grout Cleaning Prices In Sydney

The tile and grout cleaning cost in Sydney can vary widely based on several factors. However, the standard rate generally hovers between $5 and $15 per square foot.

The rates may be higher for commercial properties. But for a standard-sized bathroom or kitchen, the total cost can be anywhere from $100 to $300. Larger areas will naturally incur higher prices for tile and grout cleaning.

Here’s a tile and grout cleaning price list as per the norm in Sydney:

The average cost of tile and grout cleaning can also differ based on which area of the commercial property it is. That’s because certain areas of commercial property get dirty more easily.

Here’s a breakdown of cost as per section:

Keep in mind that these are the estimated prices. The actual pricing may vary based on various factors.

One of these major factors is location. So far, we have discussed the standard tile and grout cleaning prices in Sydney. How do these rates hold up against other major cities in Australia?

When comparing the rates, you may find that Sydney’s prices are relatively moderate. Brisbane and Melbourne have similar price structures for these services.

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What Is Included In Tile And Grout Cleaning Prices?

We cannot talk about pricing without discussing what you can get against it. Pricing often reflects the quality and quantity of services. For instance, if the total cost is on the higher side, you can expect there to be several services included.

Some of the common tile and grout cleaning services that may be included in the standard pricing are:


This step is necessary to offer services that are tailored to the specific needs of a facility. The cleaners will start by performing a thorough inspection of the tile flooring to:

  • Assess the condition of the surface
  • Identify any particularly damaged areas
  • Determine the most effective cleaning method

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most effective method for tile and grout cleaning. The high-pressure steam penetrates the pores of the grout. This helps to loosen stubborn dirt. Then the cleaners use scrubbing machines or manual brushes to scrub it clean.

Steam cleaning also sanitises the surfaces. That’s why it is perfect for commercial settings where hygiene is a top priority.

Stain Removal

The cleaners will use specialised stain removal treatments to get rid of persistent stains.

These treatments can target specific types of stains. Depending on the stain, the cleaners use targeted chemicals and techniques. They may offer stain removal as part of the package or separately.


This is an optional but highly recommended service. Sealing the grout after a thorough cleaning protects is from future stains and also makes it easier to clean.

Sealing is especially necessary in commercial environments where heavy traffic and spills are common. A good sealant can significantly extend the lifespan of the grout. It also helps to maintain its original appearance.

Factors That Can Affect Tile And Grout Cleaning Prices

So far, we have learned about the average cost of tile and grout cleaning. Now, we need to look at the various factors that can affect the pricing.

Several key factors can determine the cost of commercial tile and grout cleaning. Understanding these can help you anticipate the expenses and therefore choose the best service for your needs.

Size Of The Area

That should be fairly obvious. Larger areas require more time and effort. Furthermore, most of the cleaning companies charge per square footage. So, the cleaning cost goes up as the square footage does.

Overall Condition

The overall condition of the tile and grout will also determine the cost. Heavily soiled or stained tiles and grout require more intensive cleaning techniques.

Type Of Tiles

The specific type of tile determines the way to clean commercial tile floors. Most tiles can be made of ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone.

Cleaning Method

Standard cleaning is generally less expensive than deep cleaning or restoration services. The tiles in high-traffic areas of busy commercial facilities require frequent deep cleaning.

Service provider

Top commercial cleaner’s prices will certainly influence pricing. The charges can vary slightly from one cleaning company to another.

Special Requests

Cleaning companies can accommodate special requests for an added cost. For instance, if you want them to use eco-friendly cleaning products, they will adjust the rates accordingly.

Generally, the cost of green cleaning is not significantly higher than regular cleaning. But it offers tons of environmental benefits. That makes it the ideal choice.

These are the most common factors that determine tile and grout cleaning costs. Want to get the best pricing for your requirements? Then, make sure you research different commercial cleaners before choosing one.

Wrapping Up: The Best Pricing From JBN Cleaning

Every business likes to keep overhead costs low. That means setting up a budget for everything, even cleaning!

If you have a cleaning budget, make sure you include periodic tile and grout cleaning in it too. Now, to get good prices on tile and grout cleaning, you need to choose a reputed cleaning company that can:

  • Understand your requirements
  • Recommend the best services
  • Give you customised packages

JBN Cleaning fulfills all of these requirements. As one of Sydney’s top commercial cleaners, they are the ideal choice in tile and grout cleaning.

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