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Introduction to touch point cleaning and its essential rules

Wondering what touch point cleaning is and why you might need it? The COVID-19 pandemic has opened up people’s eyes to the importance of deep cleaning their offices. It is also worth knowing that even though a surface looks clean, it does not necessarily mean that it is germ-free. So, what can you do to remove harmful pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus from the surfaces of your office?

Since sanitizing the entire office is an enormous and time-intensive task, the best you can do is clean and sanitize the major touch points. Here’s all you need to know about touch point cleaning and the rules of doing it.

Touch point cleaning in a nutshell

It involves cleaning and sanitizing or disinfecting in high touch points. High touch points are surfaces that are most frequently touched. Germs and pathogens that cause diseases such as COVID-19 spread through contact.

For instance, if you shake hands with an infected person and then touch the doorknob, the virus will likely get transferred onto the doorknob. The virus will then spread to anyone who will touch the doorknob next.

Some examples of high touch points include

  • Light switches
  • Keys
  • Doorknobs and door handles (including the ones on cupboards)
  • Sink, bath, and basin taps
  • Toilet flush
  • Bathroom floor and surface
  • Desks and tables
  • Keyboards, printers, and other office equipment
  • Mobile phones, landlines, and remotes
  • Handrails and banisters
  • Lift buttons

Touch point cleaning services ensure that these items and areas are properly cleaned and disinfected. Even if a surface looks clean, it can hide harmful pathogens, which is why it is necessary to regularly sanitize them.

touch point cleaning in Sydney

Rules of touch point cleaning you need to remember

When undertaking a cleaning project in commercial or office cleaning services first perform a site visit and comprehensive risk assessment. This allows them to plan out the right course of action and decide what sort of cleaning equipment they will need for the job. When it comes to COVID cleaning, professionals also target the most vulnerable surfaces and areas of the office.

While it is always the smart choice to go with commercial cleaning companies for efficient touch point cleaning, if you are planning to do it yourself, there are a few rules that you will need to keep in mind.

1. Wear the right PPE

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment refers to protective gears that you wear to safeguard yourself against pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Wearing the right PPE is essential when performing touch point cleaning and disinfecting contaminated areas. You would never see professional disinfection services do their job without wearing PPE. So, that is something you can never skip.

2. Start from top to bottom

When it comes to touch-point cleaning, you should always start from the top. That is because dust and dirt will likely fall as you clean. Starting from the top ensures that the bottom part will collect all the dirt and dust that you can clean at once.

3. Take a space to space cleaning approach

This is a tactic that most commercial cleaning companies use when they undertake a massive project. Consider adopting a systematic approach where you clean and disinfect one specific corner of the office at a time. This will make touch point cleaning easier and less time-consuming. Space to space cleaning will also make sure that you are more thorough with your cleaning and prevent the spread of microorganisms.

4. Clean the taps before the sink

Most people clean the sink first and then move on to the taps, but the right approach is to clean the tap first. Taps are high touch point areas that need frequent cleaning and sanitizing. Infection prevention experts recommend that you clean the taps first and then clean the rest of the sink with a different cloth or cleaning sponge.

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5. Replace dirty cleaning mop

This might sound like an obvious one, but you would be surprised by how many people ignore this. If the cleaning rag or mop is visibly dirty or has a funky smell, it is time to get rid of it. Also, if you have recently finished cleaning an especially dirty area or surface, you should get a fresh mop or cleaning cloth to clean the next area to avoid contamination.

6. Clean all the high points

When performing touch point cleaning in Sydney, you must remember to clean every single high touch point mentioned in the list. You may think that some touch points can be avoided or cleaned later, but remember that those touch points may transfer pathogens to the ones you have already cleaned.

For instance, let’s say you have cleaned and sanitized the doorknob but ignored the light switches. So, you will end up contaminating the doorknob the next time you touch the light switches and then the doorknob.

These are top rules of touch point cleaning recommended by experts. If you are not confident about undertaking such a time-consuming and laborious task, you should hire a cleaning company to do it for you.

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