What Are The Types of Carpet Cleaning and How to Do them?

Types of carpet cleaning

What are the Types of Carpet Cleaning?

There are different kinds of mechanisms when it comes to types of carpet cleaning, with each one gravely different from the others. Mastering it all or helping your in-house janitor be acknowledged with them all is simply not easy. This right here is why it is always a good decision to hire a commercial cleaning company to do it for you.

The type of carpet cleaning used for your carpet cleaning routine depends on various factors like the nature of the material, the type of rug, the amount of dirt accumulation, and of course the time interval with your last cleaning. If you want to retain the life of your carpet and prolong the time it takes to replace it, you’d have to know the type of fiber which might be olefin, nylon, wool, or acrylic, and even the basis of the cut pile which can be further classified velvet, frieze, cable, shag, or Saxony. A professional will know all of these before going about your cleaning routine.

Here are a few commonly used carpet cleaning procedures along with their nitty-gritty

1. Hot water extraction

Also called stream extraction or wet cleaning, it is one of the most common types of carpet cleaning services which has gained a whole lot of popularity in recent years because of the advantages it brings.

Water is vaporized to extreme temperatures here and the steam produced is injected at high pressures. After a thorough application of the cleaning agent, the carpet is agitated vigorously with the help of commercial-grade specialized vacuum cleaners using the produced steam. After this, the area is rinsed thoroughly to cast surface runoff particles.

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2. Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is another method that most carpet cleaning companies in Sydney offer as a cleaning service. This is advantageous over steam cleaning extraction in one aspect, there is no drying time involved here and thus the process can be a quick fix for your immediate makeover requirements.

Interestingly, here the cleaning agents are applied on the underside of the carpet first. A rotary brush that rotates in an anti-clockwise direction is used on the top of the carpet. The cleaning agents tend to foam up with such rotational movement and evenly spreads out on the entire length and breadth of the carpet.

Another area where dry cleaning proves to be one of the go-to methods is that it can be easily adapted for cleaning even the most sensitive rugs. Steam cleaning might damage the intricate fibers when it comes to velvet or other types of easy materials. Dry cleaning services on the other hand can be adapted for any rug with a few modifications to the compatibility of the cleaning agent. This method is also cheaper than the other alternatives.

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3. Bonneting

This method is not so popular since the above two methods prove useful for almost any type of carpet cleaning requirement. Heavy-motorized equipment in combination with an absorbent pad is used here. The pad is dipped in a solution of cleaning agent and is placed on the machine which evenly spreads it across the rug fibers. The cleaning agent in association with the absorbent pad attracts all the accumulated dirt particles away from the rug onto itself. The method can prove useful for carpets that are placed in high foot traffic areas like your reception or your entrance.

Although it has a limitation in that it is a challenge to remove dirt molecules from the intricate interiors and only surface-level results can be observed here.

4. Encapsulation

At JBN Cleaning we no longer do carpet shampooing. Encapsulation has now taken its place instead. Here foam-like cleaning agent is spread manually over the entire carpet region and is left open to dry. They slowly go through a process of crystallization and during this, the dirt particles adhere to the foam and also get carried away. These solid powders can then be simply dusted off the surface. With lesser chemicals and no equipment involved, they are one of the most promising green carpet cleaning services there are.

Some of the noticeable advantages would be that they don’t require as much drying time, the leftover residues can easily be dusted away and even the toughest stains can be removed by this while also ensuring that your carpet’s life is retained.

To sum up…

You’ve just got over all types of carpet cleaning. They might sound simple theoretically, but the real picture is not as easy. There are a lot of grounds to cover. Finding the right resources, doing background verifications, training them repeatedly, investing in the right equipment and supplies, upgrading them constantly, taking care of insurance, etc are all something that will deter your focus from your core business.

This right here is why you should back yourself with a professional carpet cleaning company that can comprehensively take care of all these details for you.

At JBN Cleaning, we are backed by an experience of 10 years and we have seen all that there is to carpet cleaning in Sydney. We are now offering a free quote for all your requirements after a thorough inspection. Get in touch with us to know more!

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