Types of Cleaning Services in Sydney

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What Are The Types Of Cleaning Services In Sydney

No two surfaces are alike. The demands of cleaning differ from one place to another, thus giving rise to different streams of cleaning modules. Especially when it comes to commercial cleaning, the entire strategy depends on the types of cleaning based on industry verticals and the nature of the premises.

Read on to find out about the different types of cleaning there are. Everything from the basic sketching of a cleaning brief, the supplies involved, the equipment used to the overall action plan, or the method of cleaning in itself is different from one another.

Different Types Of Cleaning

1. Office Cleaning

While this may sound like a generic umbrella term, it actually is not. Your office requirements when it comes to office cleaning are as unique as your business itself. The most prominent aspect when it comes to office cleaning is to sanitize and disinfect the areas that are prone to be higher touchpoints. This includes minor corners like your switchboards, door handles, elevator buttons, computer keyboards, etc., This is because your office environment might have a lot of foot traffic all day long and thus can be a potential germ breeding ground if you don’t clean it right.

2. Gym Cleaning

Goes without saying that your gym is a place where every one of your clients sweats their hearts out being ever-so-passionately involved in working out. But you can keep this josh up only when you provide an inviting experience every single day by maintaining an environment that radiates a fresh vibe. Gym cleaning is thus not just about wiping all the equipment or brooming the floor space. But you must also carefully use disinfectant wiping on everything once every 3 hours depending on the number of people around. All your racked-up weights, mats, battle ropes, and dumbbells should be wiped clean after every single use and must be disinfected at the end of each day to retain their freshness the next morning.

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3. Window Cleaning

There are a lot of hazards involved when it comes to commercial window cleaning. Your janitor might not be a trained rope safety expert after all when it comes to cleaning high-rise windows of tall buildings. But it is important that you hire a professional who can plan the complete workflow by taking all aspects into consideration. Cobweb cleaning, dusting, disinfecting of the window panes, and cleaning on both sides are some other important pointers that should be taken note of. It is an industry recommendation that you clean the inside of your windows and the stills on an everyday basis, while the exterior side can be done along with the deep cleaning of your premises once a month.

4. Strata Cleaning

This refers to all your open spaces including your halls, common bathrooms, waiting areas, reception front, or swimming pools. There shared areas that fall under strata cleaning are the ones with the most foot traffic and thus call for extensive disinfection protocols. They are also your first cue cad to create an immediate impression on anyone who is walking through your doors.

5. Medical Centre Cleaning

It is crucial to maintain a medical facility to maintain high standards of hygiene because people trust you enough to walk in through your door each day hoping to get their cure. If you don’t take proper care of your premises, there are high probabilities that your center will become a breeding ground for different types of communicable diseases.

Patient wards should be given the first priority when it comes to medical centre cleaning. Everything from the bed, the mattress, bed frame footboard to the rails should be surface disinfected. These types of cleaning should comply with CDC and OSHO protocols. It is also advisable to go for a deep cleaning once every two weeks.

types of cleaning services

6. Childcare Centre Cleaning

You are going to be a second home to the children when the parents are away. In order for someone to trust your center enough, you must give them the right first impression. Your center should give them a fresh vibe of cleanliness and a feeling of warmth. Children are easily susceptible to infections, especially you should be focussing a little bit more if you’re also taking care of toddlers. The supplies that you use for your childcare centre cleaning should be 100% non-toxic because even the slightest amount of harmful chemical exposure can cause respiratory problems or allergies in little children. Stand out from your competitors in the way you care about your center and your business profits will surely follow.

7. Commercial Cleaning

While this might be a broader term, no two commercial places are alike. It might be a manufacturing space, schools, retail stores, showrooms, banks, or even a warehouse, but how you go about cleaning it depends on the nature of your business vertical. Commercial cleaning is important because only a germ-free environment can radiate vibrance that can motivate your employees. This also means that clean space is attributed to improved productivity and a reduced number of sick days. Oh, not to forget, you also ensure your prospects or clients are also comfortable seeing the way you take care of your premises. Now that’s how cleaning can be broadly classified. Be it any space or any type of cleaning, using eco-friendly non-toxic supplies are also advisable. Avoid the usage of bleach in your everyday routine, go for simple DIY material that you can find handy around you instead.

8. Covid Cleaning

Covid cleaning is the most popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid cleaning services are coming under disinfecting all the places with disinfection professionals. In Covid cleaning, fogging is very important for disinfecting all the places.

9. School Cleaning

School cleaning services are important in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for students, teachers, and staff. These services offer a wide range of services, from dusting and mopping to disinfecting high-touch surfaces and restrooms. Regular cleaning schedules prevent the spread of illnesses and allergies, fostering a healthier atmosphere for education. Our school cleaners use effective techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a germ-free environment in your school or education centre a perfect and conducive to learning.

10. Sports Club Cleaning

Maintaining a clean environment is essential for any sports club to ensure the health and satisfaction of the club members and visitors. Our sports club cleaning service first looks attention to detail, tackling every corner and surface for an effective cleaning. JBN Cleaning understands the unique needs of every different sports club and works according to its specific needs and attention.

11. Aged Care Cleaning

Making a fresh and comfort environment for all aged people in the aged care in the responsible of the aged care centre. Most in-house cleaners can do it properly because of lack of tools and supplies that they have. Hiring a professional aged care cleaners can do it in the proper way and you no need to worry about the tools, because they have their own. Professional cleaners will ensuring that all areas are clean including the bathroom. High standards of cleanliness, will bring the overall health and happiness of the aged people.

12. End Of Lease Cleaning

To get the 100% bond back you have to bring the property back to its original condition, before handling it to the owner. For that the deep cleaning is necessary at every corner of the property. Our commercial end of lease cleaning services will cover everything of the property and no sport or corner is unclean. Make the property clean and get the bond back with 100% returns. Make the landlord happy with your bond.


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