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Why Need A Warehouse Cleaning Checklist?

Warehouse cleaning can be a nightmare, primarily because it is a frenzied job and not everyone’s cup of tea. At a warehouse facility, your daily material and merchandise loads and unloads; people are busy taking these materials from one corner to another. It is a chaotic site in everyday life. Here check our warehouse cleaning checklist.

Why is Steady Warehouse Cleaning Checklist Crucial?

Sustaining uncleanliness in a warehouse for days together can create an unhealthy environment for your employees. The warehouse is a wide-open space that can accumulate dirt quickly on a regular basis. Also, with time, factors like grease, oil, wood, and other materials that spill regularly might attract germs, allergens, and bacteria. These harmful substances become a significant reason for creating unhealthy surroundings for your staff members.

Through proficient warehouse cleaning services, if your equipment is maintained regularly, they tend to have a longer life span, saving you a large chunk of money. In a warehouse facility, frequent accidents due to slippery floors are a common sight. To prevent any harm to you and your employees, keeping your floors clean becomes unavoidable. This further ensures reduced merchandise damage while loading and unloading.

More than anything, a clean and pristine working space plays a major role in your employees’ increased productivity. Who likes to work in an unorganized and dirty place, right?

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Systemized Cleaning Checklists can help you achieve a clean warehouse!

A warehouse facility majorly comprises 5 sections – interiors of a warehouse, bathrooms, break room, office area, and warehouse exteriors. Targeting all the sections on a daily cleaningweekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning basis according to their needs is crucial to maintaining cleanliness in a warehouse.

If you have orderly cleaning checklists in place, your warehouse cleaning services are a piece of cake at least that’s what the experts at JBN Cleaning swear by.

For thorough commercial cleaning, this is what your warehouse cleaning checklist should look like!

Daily Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

1. Emptying the trash from bins and replacing the liners.

2. Removing any items and vehicles from the floor like forklifts and trucks.

3. Straightening up the workspace.

4. Confirm shelf and pallet safety.

5. Removing significant spots of dirt and debris from the floor.

6. Mopping and disinfecting floors of office, break room, bathroom, and warehouse interiors.

7. Wiping and disinfecting counters and sweeping walkways, steps, and landings.

8. Clear up doorway areas and cleaning of loading docks.

9. Sanitizing sinks, toilets, grab bars, and counters, among other places.

10. Refilling paper towels, toilet paper, and soap dispensers.

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Weekly Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

1. Pallets reorganizing.

2. Organizing and cleaning storage rooms.

3. The dusting of light fixtures, overhead lights, and fans.

4. Wiping wall partitions and window blinds.

5. Polishing door frames, hardware, and window cleaning.

6. Sanitizing bathroom stall partitions and doors and cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

7. Supplies restocking in the bathroom cabinets.

8. Checking lights that are burned out and fixing them.

9. Light fixture polishing and maintaining security lights.

10. Polish doorway and window hardware and glass.

Monthly Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

1. Check entryway mats for wear.

2. Power washing of landings, walkways, loading docks, and steps.

3. Checking and fixing clogs in the sink and floor drains.

4. Inspect weather-stripping around doors.

5. Checking and repairing leaks, mold, and mildew.

6. Carpet and furniture upholstery cleaning.

7. Cleaning the refrigerator and cabinets in the break room.

8. Testing fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

9. Deep cleaning and inspecting floor coatings and cleaning on and under units.

10. Pull pallets and store materials from shelves.

Educate Your Staff About the Importance of Warehouse Cleaning Checklist!

Hiring a professional warehouse cleaner or getting on board a janitorial team is all good, but the essence of keeping your warehouse area clean comes from within. It’s not just the duty of a hired team but your responsibility also to inculcate the fundamental cleaning habits in you and your staff. To nurture a consciousness of warehouse hygiene, conduct systematic training sessions that encourage employees to take a hands-on approach to tackle the mess.

It doesn’t take much time and effort to instill cleaning habits in your employees on a day-to-day basis. You should encourage your employees to devote 10 minutes every day to cleaning and voila! You have your own team of in-house cleaners. Don’t have to practice commercial deep cleaning of the warehouse every day. That’s a once-a-month job that can be easily outsourced to warehouse cleaning services.

As an employer, your job is to confirm that your workers have access to whatever cleaning supplies and equipment they need. Also, providing a thorough warehouse cleaning checklist can prevent waste of time and boost proficiency in working.

Of Course, Nothing Compares Our Warehouse Cleaning Checklist!

There are no two questions about the quality of work and ease of mind; that a professional warehouse cleaner can offer you. A cleaning company understands the nuances of a warehouse facility and its specific sanitation, hygiene, grease, or H&S requirements and challenges.

Be it cleaning vast storage spaces, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, or complex pick and packaging automation; the professional cleaning company knows all the trades of their job to perfection.

A company like JBN Cleaning can prove to be the ultimate choice for your warehouse cleaning services in Sydney. We tailor our services to your individual requirements and frequency by working at low-traffic times and adjusting to your shift patterns to curtail disruption to your operations.

Rendering cleaning services for 10 years now, we are backed with the right experience and expertise that can benefit your warehouse cleaning duties to a large extent. We are the market leader in the cleaning industry and a one-stop solution for all your warehouse cleaning requirements. We don’t leave any area or corner untouched by our skilled cleaning hands on your premises.

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