How Much Does Warehouse Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

Warehouse cleaning cost

Are You Not Sure About Warehouse Cleaning Cost in Sydney?

Warehouses are a messy affair and it is always a good idea to pass on the responsibility of maintaining your premises on point to a professional who is good at it. This is because even the slightest of mishaps can result in very damaging results that can cost you huge losses. It is a common misconception that your warehouse cleaning cost might escalate beyond your budget if you decided to hire a commercial cleaning company but it is actually the other way around.

You can save a whole lot of capital, operational, and maintenance costs if only you make the decision of hiring reliable warehouse cleaners to do your job for you. You can prevent any escalations this way and also make way for a seamless process from the start to finish. But beware, there are chances that you’d be whitewashed with expensive quotations if only you don’t go around looking in the right places for hiring your next vendor.

Average Warehouse Cleaning Cost

Warehouse cleaning wages depend on a lot of factors and there are also many different types of packages that you are free to choose from.

If you look for an hourly basis warehouse cleaner, you can expect to be charged $30 to $35 depending on the location that you’re at. Hourly wages are the highest in the ACT and relatively lower in regions like Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and West Australia. Typically, one single cleaner can cover the surface-level warehouse cleaning routines of 1000 sq. Ft. in the span of an hour.

If you’re going for a per square meter basis cost model, then you might be charged somewhere between $2 to $3 per square meter for regular routines and the cost might be around $5 to $7 if you’re going for any niche cleaning requirements.

In addition, some warehouse cleaning price lists might also be based on various other considerations including the number of cleaners required, the intensity of the cleaning needed to transform the premises, the amount of decluttering and reorganization works involved, the prevalence of other niche requirements like commercial window cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning ups that you might need as an add-on.

There are also other considerations like your insurance packages, green cleaning add-ons, commercial deep cleaning, disinfection, sanitization, or any other specific routines, you might be charged a little extra accordingly.

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Things To Consider Before Looking For Warehouse Cleaning Prices.

1. Know Your Cleaner

Always have a few options in mind before you eventually decide to narrow down to one. Surf through social media to understand how the options you have in mind are perceived in the market and understand their working style in detail. Browse through common forums to understand their reviews and ratings.

Always go with someone who willingly offers a free quotation and a personalized package that can fit your exact requirements. You should also definitely choose your cleaner based on the level of sustainable adaptations that they bring your way.

2. Understand Your Returns

As a business owner, you need to pay attention to what you’re reaping from the investment that you make rather than holding yourself back from spending a little over the number you have in mind. Even though it’s impulsive that you first only ask for a warehouse cleaning pricelist rather than a plan of action or packages, you should really try and do that somehow.

Your cleaning ROI should be your prominent focus as you look for a cleaner around.

3. Hire Someone Experienced

You are paying someone for all the time they’ve invested in this sector for developing all the niche expertise that can take your cleaning routine a level up. The cleaner you hire should provide you with all the supplies, equipment, and product that you need at any point in time all by themselves.

In addition, if you hire someone like JBN Cleaning you’d get access to the latest industrial equipment that is not easily available in the market soon as they launch.

4. Ask For A Checklist And A POA

Asking for a quotation for your requirements might only give you a picture of the monetary involvement. You should rather ask your cleaner for a detailed checklist and a thorough plan of action pertaining to your routine. This would give you an even more down-to-the-pixel outlook of what you can expect from the cleaner that you hire for warehouse cleaning in Sydney.

You should also ask about the procedures that they adhere to, the disinfection routines that they follow, the kind of supplies they use, and their overall communication plan to keep you in the loop. It is always a better idea to hand over your cleaning requirement to someone who has a thorough subject-matter knowledge of everything that they are about to do for you.

It is also advisable that you go with a professional who adheres to standard norms and guidelines from global bodies like SWA, OSHA, and CDC. All the supplies they use should also be organic and hand-picked. At JBN Cleaning, we always go with green products that are EPA approved and even carry a DfE label.

Warehouse cleaning price

Factors That Affect The Warehouse Cleaning Prices

Cleaning a warehouse involves several factors that can influence the overall cost. Some of the common factors are:

Size Of The Warehouse

The square footage or size of the warehouse directly impacts the cost of cleaning. Larger warehouses require more time, labor, and possibly specialized equipment to clean effectively.

Frequency Of Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning services, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, will affect the overall cost. Regular cleaning may cost less per visit compared to occasional or one-time deep cleaning services.

Type Of Cleaning And Scope

The level of cleaning required can vary based on factors such as the type of products stored, the presence of machinery or equipment, and the frequency of cleaning needed. For example, warehouses storing food products may require more thorough and frequent cleaning compared to warehouses storing non-perishable goods.

The specific tasks included in the cleaning service will impact the cost. This may include sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, sanitizing surfaces, removing trash, and cleaning high-traffic areas.


Warehouses may have unique challenges or requirements that can affect the cost of cleaning. This could include cleaning hazardous materials, addressing mold or pest issues, cleaning high ceilings, high rise window cleaning or hard-to-reach areas, or complying with industry-specific regulations.

Warehouse Cleaning Equipment And Supplies

The type of cleaning equipment and warehouse cleaning supplies needed also come in the costs. This includes the cost of purchasing or renting equipment such as floor scrubbers, pressure washers, or specialized cleaning agents.

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