Ways To Clean Childcare Centres

Ways to clean childcare centres

The Ultimate Guide To Childcare Centre Cleaning

Running a childcare centre has its own challenges. With children running around, touching everything, and spilling things, it can get messy pretty quickly. Besides maintaining order in the chaos, you also have to worry about dirt and germs.

Young kids, with their developing immune systems and curious nature, are more at risk of catching and spreading diseases. That is why daily cleaning and disinfection are crucial to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the little ones. In this article, we are going to explore the best ways to clean childcare centres.

Three Golden Rules of Childcare Centre Cleaning

Keeping a childcare centre clean throughout the day can be a struggle. You may notice surfaces getting dirty as soon as you clean them. That is why you may need to clean the facility multiple times a day.

Besides cleaning every surface of every room, you also have to clean the toys and other objects that children touch and interact with frequently. To be fully compliant with childcare cleaning regulations, you must first know the golden rules of childcare centre cleaning.


The first rule is that you need to clean the facility thoroughly. Make sure to dust, sweep, and vacuum every day to remove dirt and dust. Then use a mild detergent and water to remove stubborn grime and debris from floors and other surfaces. Make sure to scrub, wash, and rinse the surfaces to properly clean them.


Basic surface-level cleaning cannot kill germs. To eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, you need to disinfect surfaces after cleaning them. Different areas of the childcare facility require daily disinfection. These include restrooms, diaper changing stations, sleeping pads, floors, and kitchen equipment. You must also disinfect the floors since little children crawl around on it all day.

Remember to clean surfaces thoroughly before spraying disinfectant on them. Make sure to use an EPA-registered disinfectant that is safe for use in a childcare facility.


Once you have disinfected different areas of the facility, it is time to sanitize high touch points such as doorknobs, toilet fixtures, faucets, tables, chairs, toys, and anything that the children touch. Food preparation areas, dishes, and utensils must also be sanitized on a regular basis to prevent the spread of foodborne diseases.

These are the 3 golden rules of childcare centre cleaning in Sydney. It is critical that you follow these three rules diligently to keep the daycare facility sanitary.

Know The Ways To Clean Childcare Centres

How To Clean Childcare Centre Effectively?

Most childcare facilities hire a commercial cleaning company in Sydney to help maintain their facility. Most reputed commercial cleaners in the city provide daycare cleaning. But even if you hire professional cleaners, it is smart to know about the best way to clean a childcare centre. This way, you can determine whether the cleaning company is doing a good job or providing you with the necessary services.

Surface Level Cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, you should start by cleaning every surface of every room. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust from shelves, tables, and other surfaces. After that, you need to sweep and mop the floors as often as required.

Floor cleaning requirements may vary depending on the type of flooring in cleaning you have in your facility. Most childcare centres have rubber mats on the floor. These floor mats require specialized cleaning and disinfection. If you have carpeted floors, make sure to get commercial carpet cleaning periodically to deep clean carpets.

Ways to clean childcare centres nsw

Clean And Sanitize Toys And Learning Materials

Childcare toy cleaning and sanitization are crucial to preventing the spread of diseases. Since children share toys, germs can spread easily. That is why childcare facilities buy washable toys that they clean and sanitize every day. The frequency of toy cleaning in childcare is necessary to prevent the germs.

To properly clean toys by hand, you need to scrub them with soap and wash them with hot water. Make sure to rinse the toys well afterward to remove all residues of detergent. After cleaning, you need to sanitize the toys and allow them to dry before letting children use them.

Restroom Cleaning

Children who have just started learning to use the toilet are going to make a mess. That is why restroom cleaning is such a huge aspect of daycare centre cleaning. You may need to clean the restrooms multiple times throughout the day to keep them safe for use. You need to thoroughly clean and disinfect the toilets, urinals, floors, sinks, and faucets.

Cafeteria Cleaning

If there is a cafeteria or food preparation or serving station at your daycare facility, you need to clean it every day. Make sure to clean and disinfect surfaces, dishes, utensils, and appliances. Make sure to also clean countertops, highchair trays, and plates with hot and soapy water. Make sure to wash and rinse them well before use.

HVAC System Cleaning

Though HVAC system or air duct cleaning is not part of the daily childcare cleaning checklist, it is a crucial aspect of deep cleaning. A dirty ventilation system reduces indoor air quality and damages the air conditioning system, which may require costly repairs or replacements down the line. Dirty air ducts can also cause or worsen respiratory issues, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. That is periodic cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system and air ducts is necessary in daycare centres.

Green Cleaning

Traditional commercial cleaning products are made of harsh chemicals that leave behind toxic residues. Since these products are harmful to both the environment and human health, it is best to avoid using them in childcare facilities. To promote safe and healthy cleaning practices in your daycare centre, you can adopt green cleaning. It involves using eco-friendly cleaning products and sustainable methods.

Regular Inspection And Maintenance

Daily cleaning and maintenance can help keep your daycare centre in good shape. To make your efforts more effective, you need to carry out periodic inspections. Make sure to perform regular inspections of plumbing, fire protection, electrical wiring, kitchen safety, and other safety and compliance-related aspects.

These are the most essential aspects of childcare center cleaning that you must keep in mind. If you are looking for a reputed and reliable commercial cleaning company in Sydney to help you with daycare center cleaning, check out JBN Cleaning.

Know The Ways To Clean Childcare Centres

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