Preventative Measures For COVID-19 In Workplaces

Preventative measures for covid cleaning in workplace

The pandemic has revamped the way we look at health, hygiene, and cleanliness forever. Being caused by germs of an extremely contagious nature, they call for widely different methods, protocols, and procedures for complete treatment, coverage, and prevention. A COVID cleaning routine done by professional experts can simply be a game-changer for you.

This is because your regular brooming and vacuuming routine might fall short of meeting the exact demands that can keep the diseases off your door. You’ll need to rather go with a comprehensive disinfection procedure followed by thorough sanitization that can help keep any disease at bay far away from your employees.

Precautionary Measures To Follow That Can Prevent The Spread of COVID-19 In Office

1. Understanding The Sensitivity of The Disease

The first thing you can do is understand how big of a problem it is that we have around us. Only by understanding the actual seriousness of the situation we have around, we’ll be able to do all your necessary procedures at the right time intervals.

Encourage your employees to

  • Take a sick leave if you show any symptoms of the disease
  • Get all your vaccine shots
  • Maintain appropriate social distancing at all times
  • Always have your masks on
  • Double mask up if you’re inside a closed room with not much room for ventilation
  • Hire professional cleaners who can do a great job for you in clearing your requirements end-to-end.
  • Have a protocol plan in place with your HR department about the next immediate plan of action if in the event of one of your employees contracts the disease.

2. Keeping Your Premises Spot-Free, Especially In All The Hard-To-Reach Areas

You’re at risk of contamination if your space is not cleaned crystal-clear daily. You’ll have to ideally go for commercial cleaning services and avail of the deep coverage package that will remove any spot or stain at any corner, giving your premises a fresh look.

Only after you do this, you can be sure that you’ve reduced all the possible corners that are prone to contamination and the spread of the disease.

Hire COVID Office Cleaners For Workplace

3. Disinfection And Sanitization Multiple Times As Necessary

A lot of globally regulated bodies like OSHA, SWA, and NSW Health have been continuously churning out authoritative guidelines that can ensure complete safety at your premises. These can also help you mitigate the consequences of unexpected contaminations.

Your cleaning routine should always be complemented by comprehensive sanitization and disinfection cleaning that can prove effective against the spread of diseases.

Disinfection refers to the process where you apply supplies and solutions that can terminate any contagious pathogens that are lurking beneath your surfaces. Sanitization on the other hand involves the application of solutions that will act as a protective layer on top of freshly cleaned and disinfected areas to make the space safe for the next person to use.

But brace yourself up, COVID cleaning is not an easy job like what you read on paper. Your cleaners should be equipped with the right tools and other utilities that can be completely effective. They should wear the necessary PPE kits including gumboots, gloves, masks, goggles, etc that can prevent cross-contamination while also keeping themselves safe.

4. Adhering To Proper Protocols And Guidelines Devised By Global Bodies

Cleaning might not be universally the same. But we’d suggest that you maintain an omicron cleaning routine that is uniform with that of the guidelines that are globally implemented and followed.

Experts in the industry suggest that your frequency of cleaning, disinfection services, and sanitization depends on the foot traffic that you have at your premises. Sensitive areas like restrooms should be disinfected multiple times within the same day to be even more effective.

In addition, there are a lot of high-touch points that are prone to contamination over and over again. These include anything and everything like your switchboards, electronic gadgets, elevator buttons, door handles, tables, furniture, dispenser buttons, or even flush handles. A professional with a keen eye for details and thorough subject matter experience like JBN Cleaning can simply take care of all these for you at ease.

preventative measures for COVID-19 in workplaces

5. Hiring A Professional With An Eye For Details

There are a few areas where the usual cost-based benefits of doing your cleaning with an in-house janitor might not be enough to bring about the level of hygiene standards that you set out for. Not to mention the ever-increasing capital cost of the cleaning equipment, fake supplies infiltration in the market, reduced accountability, and decreased effectiveness of the entire procedure.

The capital cost for upgrading yourself with cutting-edge cleaning equipment might not be viable. On the other hand, your COVID cleaning cost can be greatly brought down if only you make the decision to hire a reliable professional in the picture like us.

We are fully equipped to handle requirements of any scale and give you just the perfect solutions that are in line with the expectations you set for us.

6. Choosing Completely Effective Supplies

There are a lot of knock-off products in the market that are actually not as effective. In addition, chemically-intensive supplies on the other hand might have grave effects on human health and can potentially trigger conditions like asthma.

At JBN Cleaning, we only go with products that are listed under EPA if they carry a DfE label or if they are recommended by bodies like Safe Work Australia.

These little things in the way of approach can make a huge difference when it comes to the groundwork. As a business owner, it is on you to give your employees a promise of added safety and now you can simply do it by a professional like us. Get in touch with me now to get a free quote for your requirements.

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