What Is A Covid Deep Cleaning?

What is covid deep cleaning

Are you Paying Close Attention to your Covid Deep Cleaning Routine?

The pandemic has simply shown us how important it is to keep your premises absolutely spotless with respect to germs and contagious diseases. Even the last corners can simply tarnish the entire look and feel of your space. It is thus important that you go with a covid deep cleaning procedure that comprehensively covers the end-to-end of your requirements.

But, What is a Covid Deep Cleaning?

The procedures involving the complete disinfection and sanitisation of any commercial space to make it free from the contagious covid19 viruses is what we call a covid deep cleaning procedure. As simple as it might sound, the procedure is actually complex in its execution. Only with experts in the picture, you’d be able to do the entire process in a thorough fashion without missing out on even the remote hard-to-reach areas.

The process happens in three phases

  • A regular overall cleaning procedure that involves the removal of surface-level dust and grime particles is done first. Mopping and sweeping routines are done here.
  • The overall entirety of the premises is then disinfected with proper solutions, supplies and equipment to get rid of any germ accumulations.
  • After this, a sanitising procedure is performed at last to form an effective barrier on top of these freshly cleaned surfaces so as to withstand any other prospective contamination for a brief period.
  • It is also important that you educate your employees to keep their workspace clean at all times. Picking up any trash on the surface and disposing of them in a neat fashion should all become a part of their work ethics.
  • There should be proper recuperation plans to actively clean up your premises in the case of a positively tested employee. These plans will be handy with professionals which is why it might just be a better idea to simply hire them

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

How do professionals do it?

1. Strategise a plan of action

The first thing that a professional does when it comes to sensitive niche procedures like these is to devise a thorough actionable checklist that they can follow further. This will eliminate any back and forth while also reducing the possibilities of human errors or simply missing out on usually overlooked corners.

This checklist does not only list the places that need coverage but also are resourceful in terms of the overall coverage. They carry other useful data items like the nature of supplies and equipment needed, number of cleaners, overall time required, PPE kits and cleaning schedules to provide an overall picture.

2. Pick up the right supplies

It is not easy to identify the resources that are required for cleaning. Especially when there are a lot of knock-off products that are not trustworthy. This can tarnish your overall quality of cleaning and the purpose of your procedure might just disappear along the way.

When you hire professionals like JBN Cleaning, they’ll always pick products that are authorised by international regulatory bodies like EPA or DfE which validates their overall effectiveness and their green organic nature.

Taking sustainable business decisions is important for you as a business owner. And even something as simple as a cleaning product can result in leaving huge impacts in the longer run.

What is a covid deep cleaning

3. Equipping the cleaners

The overall effectiveness of your covid cleaning in Sydney depends on the efficiency of your cleaning team. It is thus important that you spend quality time and resources equipping them with the best industrial knowledge.

In addition, you should also be spending a decent amount of capital in getting them the right equipment and cleaning supplies that are simply fit for the job in question. When you hire professionals for the job they’ll simply send well-trained and sufficiently equipped cleaners that will bring the best of solutions your way.

4. Economic covid deep cleaning cost

The overall covid cleaning cost can also be brought down when you choose to hire professionals. This is because they can bring you all the supplies or equipment that you need along with the resources as per your requirements. The operational cost of maintaining a janitorial team is actually costlier than hiring cleaners for one-off niche requirements like these.

Be it any scale of commercial cleaning, there are a lot of profitable long-term packages that are offered by professionals that you can avail of.

5. Insurance benefits

When you hire reputed commercial cleaning companies, they’ll present you with add-on insurance schemes with third-party liability and workers’ compensation benefits. This will help you with an added sense of accountability from the company you hire.

Even in the cases of unexpected damages, they can help you with immediate repairs or replacements as necessary.

6. Overall cleaning experience

Be it any niche or business vertical, we’re well-versed in handling the diversity of requirements. This is because of the comprehensive field experience that we carry.

All the solutions that we bring to the table are curated to suit your specific cleaning needs. Be it any intensity of covid deep cleaning services, we can handle it at ease and guide your whole premises through the process in the most hassle-free manner possible.

Thinking about the budget? Our quote might simply surprise you. Talk to us today to know more! Do get in touch to get a free quote for all your requirements after a thorough on-site inspection.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

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