What is Covid cleaning?

What is covid cleaning

Not sure about what is Covid cleaning?

The pandemic has been life-altering and it has changed the way we perceive safety, cleanliness, and hygiene forever. To answer more about what is covid cleaning exactly, it refers to the processes, procedures, and protocols involved in the effective termination of contagious germs through thorough disinfection and sanitization procedures.

It is important because it can simply save your premises from becoming a breeding ground for infections and also help your employees from encountering any harmful diseases along the way. In addition, it can help you reduce the ongoing paranoia of the virus and help your employees feel safe and all the more productive in these tough times as we just started on with a full workforce after a year’s lockdown.

Things to note while going for your covid cleaning services

1. Hire an expert to help

A professional in the picture is going to be of a lot more help than deciding to go with an in-house janitor for the procedure. This is because the strain of the virus is relatively new for any of us to handle. When you hire someone like JBN Cleaning in the picture, you’d give yourself a better shot at doing this right. They’d keep an eye out on all the international bodies for any cleaning solutions there is and implement them for you in the best way possible.

Honestly, this would be the only way where you can make things work out without getting carried away too much and you’d have more space to focus on your core business in these tough times.

2. Follow standard procedures and protocols

Only when you stick to a standard pattern of cleaning regularly, you’ll be able to completely keep the virus away from your premises. Global bodies like OSHA and CDC present authoritative covid cleaning guidelines now and then. When you go with professionals they’d strictly adhere to this and all their procedures will be up to the mark.

When you especially find someone having tested positive at your premises, the clean-up work is very much crucial if you want to stop the contamination chain. Every last touchpoint should be taken proper care of. Like your furniture, electronic gadgets, elevator buttons, switchboards, staircase railings, and flush handles. Always go with someone who first presents you with a strategy, action plan, and a cleaning checklist in hand before they go about the routine.

3. Understand cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization

While these three might look the same on a surface level, they are opposite from each other. Cleaning refers to the basic dusting, brooming, and vacuuming routines that are done to clear up dirt, dust, and grimes from the surfaces.

Disinfection refers to the process of germ termination where the cleaning routine goes a little beyond the surface to get rid of everything lurking underneath. Sanitization on the other hand is done to add a protective layer to a freshly cleaned premise to make it long-withstanding before it accumulates germs all over again.

In recent times, omicron disinfection has become one of the most availed cleaning services since this strain of the covid virus is found to be way more contagious than the previous one.

4. Keep your supplies and equipment updated

You must utilize the best solutions and supplies for your cleaning. Only then you’d give your cleaners a better shot at doing things right for you. But these come at huge capital costs that could completely drain your budget. At the same time, when you hire professionals for your disinfection cleaning, they’ll bring all the supplies, solutions, and equipment you’ll ever need.

In addition, a company like us is always on the lookout for any new updates or upgrades in the market and we’ll get our hands on it soon as any worthy product launches in the market to offer our clients the best.

5. Green cleaning all the way

Green cleaning refers to the use of supplies and solutions that are completely organic and are free from chemically-intensive harmful substances. This is not just good for the environment. Rather, this could completely change your cleaning game and negate the pungent smells usually left after chemical cleaning.

At JBN, we handpick our supplies and ensure that they are completely organic. We also cross-check them to see if they either carry a DfE label or if they are EPA-approved. Green procedures for your Covid deep cleaning will ensure that your employees are not met with harmful side effects of cleaning like skin/eye irritation, rashes, or even asthmatic triggers.

 6. Background check your cleaners

What your cleaners do for you is extremely important. You are handling your sensitive space in the hands of a perfect stranger. So all your cleaners must be background checked and are police verified beforehand to ensure safe handovers from the start to finish. At JBN, all our cleaners have been on this journey with us for far too long and we’ll ensure that you stay completely covered on all sides.

 7. Prepare for the worst

Damages during cleaning are not very unusual. They are simply prone to happen when you least expect it. The best you can do is hire covid cleaning services from a professional who offers comprehensive third-party insurance coverage and carry workers’ compensation schemes in place to repair, replace or compensate for things if in case the situation goes haywire.

At JBN Cleaning we understand how crucial covid cleaning might be for you. We offer customized cleaning packages that are affordable. Call us, book your appointment and ask for a free quote before you make your decision!

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