What is fogging and why is disinfection important?

what is fogging

What is fogging and how is it helping industries tackle the pandemic?

The chemical application of fine droplets of disinfectants sprayed using specialized equipment in the form of fog is what the procedure predominantly involves. To be specific about ‘what is fogging?’, it simply means the method of disinfectant application in the form of fog. The concentration of the disinfection plays a very crucial role here if you want the entire procedure to be effective. It might not be the most preferred method of disinfection because of the complexity of the procedure. But some industries majorly rely on this for their end-to-end germ disinfection.

Fogging is important that your cleaners only go for globally approved fog machines. This is because if anything else goes wrong, then chemical-intensive aerosolized micro-particles might come in direct contact with the body which highly deteriorates human health. In addition, they can easily assimilate and be absorbed into our body which further escalates the seriousness of the entire situation.

Also, CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has regarded fogging as one of the most effective ways of disinfection cleaning.

How is fogging done?

Fogging is usually done using electrostatic sprayers that are specifically created for the job. Here the disinfectants are dispersed into forms of vapors or mist that fog the entire space up. This is how the procedure gets its name.

The disinfectant takes about 15 to 30 mins to cover the entire space up and effect even dispersion all around. The method is especially helpful in performing covid cleaning for an industrial setting with a whole lot of elements and corners that are out of reach. Since the mist surrounds the space entirely, the entire structure can be covered end to end. No matter the amount of clutter around, this technique can be used for ensuring proper safety.

A professional in place can help you with the droplets settling down evenly and ensure 100% coverage of all the areas.

Considerations you should take note of before going for covid cleaning services:

1. EPA-approved solutions

There are a whole lot of shelved products that claim to offer complete germ protection while actually being just another knock-off upon usage. These kinds of products are especially harmful when you use them as aerosol disinfectants. This is because the chemical particles will still linger in the air and might be ingested by human beings accidentally, thus leading to unexpected add-on health complications.

2. Adhering to the latest omicron cleaning guidelines

All the global bodies including OSHA, CDC, and SWA (Safe Work Australia) have been regularly updating new findings and cleaning guidelines for all professional cleaners to follow. There are many commercial cleaning professionals that adhere to these as their handbook as they perform your cleaning routines and these are the ones you should ideally hire for the safety assurance they bring your way.

3. Niche cleaning experience

Always remember this: Your regular office cleaning employee is not going to be effective for disinfection routines!

The procedure is itself sensitive in nature and you have a lot at stake while doing it. Any possible mishap or shortcomings might result in leaving your premises vulnerable to transmitting harmful germs and viruses. In addition, you might not really know what other cleaning requirements you might have once you start the procedure. The cleaners that you hire in the picture should be very ready with all the necessary resources and expertise in giving you the right solutions as and when necessary.

what is fogging

4. Green cleaning

Going for green products while performing omicron cleaning services is the most sustainable option for you as a business owner. It’ll increase your chances of being more environmentally friendly in every business adaptation that you do. And you should not just go with any product, but rather carefully choose the ones that are EPA approved or if they carry a DfE label for an added assurance of quality.

At JBN Cleaning, we strictly use only the most organic supplies that are completely effective and are also free from chemical-intensive ingredients.

What to look for in the office cleaning company that you hire?

Always go with the following steps before you hire your next cleaner:

  • Ask for your cleaners’ portfolio of previous works done
  • Request for a walk-through presentation about their plan of action for COVID19 cleaning
  • Take a look at the equipment they use and the procedures they follow
  • Ask for realistic deadlines and also let them know your expectations in detail.
  • Understand the communication pathway that they follow for keeping their clients updated
  • Always look for someone who adheres to standard protocols from institutional bodies like NSW Health.
  • See if their cost includes insurance coverage schemes
  • Understand about the number of cleaners they’ll send their way and if you should prepare your premises beforehand
  • Get a quote in prior that gives you a complete picture of the covid cleaning cost that you’d have to invest
  • Ask them to shed light on the results that they are going to offer you with

At JBN Cleaning, we understand how big of a step this must be for you especially since businesses are being mandated to do thorough disinfection to resume their everyday procedures. We’ll let you know what if fogging and effect it the perfect way for you.
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