What Is Involved In Covid Deep Cleaning?

What is involved in covid deep cleaning

Wondering About What Does A Covid Deep Cleaning Involved?

There has been a massive shift in the way we clean and the way we perceive cleaning in the recent past ever since the pandemic took its ground. All the corners are now being keenly taken care of and procedures like disinfection and sanitization have found their way to the cleaning checklists. And the question remains on what is involved in covid deep cleaning that is done by professionals.

The procedure is now running in high demand and almost every professional covid cleaner around the block is offering it as a part of their packages.

Covid Deep Cleaning Involved By Professionals

COVID-19 deep cleaning involves thorough cleaning, disinfection and sanitation to eliminate virus from surfaces and environments. It typically involves:

Surface Cleaning

All surfaces that are frequently touched or could potentially harbor the virus are thoroughly cleaned using appropriate disinfectants. This includes tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, faucets, and electronic devices.


After cleaning, surfaces are treated with disinfectants that are effective against the COVID-19 virus. Common disinfectants include bleach solutions, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol-based cleaners. It’s essential to follow the instructions for each disinfectant to ensure proper usage and effectiveness.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Those conducting the deep cleaning should wear appropriate PPE, including gloves, masks, and gowns, to protect themselves from exposure to the virus.


Ensuring proper ventilation in the space is important to reduce the concentration of airborne particles. Opening windows and doors and using fans can help improve air circulation during and after the cleaning process.

Specialized Equipment

In some cases, specialized equipment such as electrostatic sprayers or foggers may be used to apply disinfectants more effectively and efficiently over large areas.

Hire Professionals For Covid-19 Deep Cleaning

How Is Covid Cleaning Done Here?

Before all of this started disinfection and sanitization was deemed as being too cautious and were only in usage for premises of vulnerable nature like schools or hospitals. But now almost all the commercial establishments are adapting to all these newer routines to keep their hygiene on point.

When it comes to the cleaning procedure in this post-pandemic situation, it traces three essential steps including the general dusting and mopping procedure for removing surface-level dust, dirt, and grime particles, disinfection routines for the complete termination of germs, and sanitization procedure for adding a protective layer on top of freshly cleaned premises.

The most important thing here comes down to the choice of supplies and cleaning equipment. It’s also necessary that you go with the direction of use as given on the label of the cleaning products.

Covid Deep Cleaning

How Is Professional Cleaning Different From Disinfection Procedures?

1. The Choice Of Supplies

Your janitors are prone to fall for all the knock-off products that are available directly from the shelf. Companies that offer Covid cleaning services rather go with specific products that are either EPA approved (Environmental Protection Agency) or carry a DfE label (Design for the Environment). These are standard certifications that authenticate these products on their effectiveness and their non-toxic nature that are compliant with the environmental norms.

2. Procedures That They Go For

A janitor might not exactly have the subject-matter knowledge that is necessary for cleaning all the places that are vulnerable. There might be hard-to-reach areas or floor areas of specific textures or finish that need specialized procedures in order to effect cleaning without damaging their finish.

This is mostly the reason why a commercial cleaning procedure might save the day for you. Things are a lot less complicated this way and you can simply sit back and relax as your cleaners go about the procedures that they set out.

3. Time Taken

When you hire a professional in place, you’re essentially paying them for the accountability that they offer you. Their turn-around times are more accurate since they give you a timeline based on their expertise and experience that they’re more likely to justify and comply with.

In addition, when you hire a company for Covid cleaning in Sydney, you’re not just restricting yourself to a cleaner or two but rather a whole unit as necessary to hand over your premises soon to you.

Why JBN Cleaning Might Be The Right Fit For Your Covid Cleaning?

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1. 10+ Years Of Experience In Action

We have been operating in the cleaning sector successfully for about ten whole years now and we understand what matters to give you just that. Whatever we attempt to do at your place is done with your complete satisfaction in mind. Meeting your expectations and giving you premises a transformation is on us.

Ask for the portfolio of your next vendor and also surf through their social profiles to get an overall idea about their working style.

2. Insurance And Everything Included

It is important that you go with any office cleaning professional that offers you comprehensive insurance coverage as part of your package. This third-party liability coverage or workers’ compensation scheme is actually going to take the effectiveness of your cleaning procedure a long way forward in terms of the complete accountability that the cleaners themselves offer you.

3. Reliable Professionals

Anyone can pick a broom and pick a scrap or two. But that is not the kind of professional that you should work with within the picture. You should rather have a bunch of subject-matter experts that are absolutely best at all the procedures that they do for you.

We have a lot of experts who bring their diverse core expertise to the table to offer you the best clean ever.

4. Realistic Timelines And Sales Promises

Sales promises can be the one thing that ruins most client relationships. The communication mishaps and everything else will add up if your sales promises were too unrealistic to keep up. This is why you need to hire commercial cleaners who have seen your scale of requirements before and also someone who has worked with brands belonging to the same niche as yours would be just better.

5. Free Quotation

Economic considerations should also be in the equation as you pick your next vendor. You don’t need someone cheap but rather someone who justifies the cost you invest. Ask for a thorough plan of action and a detailed checklist before you hire your cleaner.

At JBN Cleaning we are now offering a free quote after a complete on-site inspection of your requirements. Talk to us today to know more!

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