What is the best method for cleaning windows?

What is the best method for cleaning windows?

Your windows can reflect who you are before your clients even step into your premises. Especially if you have high-rise windows, their exteriors need to be constantly cleaned and maintained so that your entire building looks crisply clean. There is a wide range of varying methods when it comes to window cleaning services and choosing one of them for you depends on the nature of your windows, size, the intensity of cleaning required, and the time interval from the last cleaning routine.

First things first…

Things you should not do when it comes to window cleaning:

1. Ammonia and alcohol-based products – A FIRM NO!

They are harmful in so many different ways and they are completely left out of usage by professional window cleaning companies. Here’s why you should be ditching it too right away:

  • They are extremely toxic in nature and are harmful to the environment since they add up a huge sum to the carbon footprints on an overall scale.
  • They can spoil the nature of your ambiance by leaving behind a pungent smell as an aftermath of cleaning.
  • They tend to leave behind streaking since a thin film will be formed by their leftovers. This also has the chance to attract much more dirt in the following days easily.

2. Scraping your window

It’s a natural instinct and obvious first reaction to scrape dust or dirt that you see accumulated on your window surfaces. You might use sharp-edged objects like a pen, blade, or bell pins to get rid of them. But most often than not, you’ll end up leaving your windows scratched irreversibly. Over time if you do it all over the place, there are even chances for you to even break the entire structure.

3. Dealing with streaking the wrong way

Streaking is a process through which you leave behind a foggy outlook on your windows even after you clean. If you find your windows streaked after cleaning, do not pour more water or use more solution to clean again. You’ll only add up to what is there already and the cycle will become never-ending with absolutely zero use.

4. Buffing with paper towels

Paper towels are cheaper than microfiber cloths yet. But cleaning services also come at a price that is not exactly cheap. They tend to leave behind smaller structures of remnants and lint, adding up to your work making you pick these leftovers after you’ve cleaned for the day.

Now, what are some of the best practices that you can follow for your window cleaning?

1. Distilled water for cleaning

It’s the simplest alternative that can help your window cleaning go a step above. Distilled water is completely germ-free and can be utilized for streak-free cleaning of your windows. Since glass itself is of sensitive nature, maintaining it to be transparent can be done without the dissolved minerals of normal water in the picture. You can take a walk to your neighborhood grocery store and find it easily without much effort involved.

2. Vinegar-based simple products can go a long way

White vinegar in combination with warm water is all the solution you’ll need to remove any tough stains from your window. Spritz the solution with one part of vinegar and ten parts of water onto the window, leave it for a little and then wipe with a towel or even better, a microfiber cloth to get right of any accumulated dirt.

The same solution with white vinegar mixed with equal parts of rubbing alcohol will not just clean your window but also disinfect it together at one go. You can also prevent streaks with this solution! At JBN Cleaning, we handpick completely organic eco-friendly supplies to make sure your cleaning services stay on point.

3. Buffing over stain than rubbing it all over

Any prominent stain on your window can be removed by buffing the place with just enough solution and cleaning in gentle continuous motion. If you start to rub on it vigorously, there is a chance you will land up in a streak post-cleaning which might be because you have spread the minute dirt particles all across the window.

Buff with a dry cloth to avoid further moisture accumulation on the glass and also to get rid of streak and dirt simultaneously.

4. Standard simple process and procedures

Most of the window cleaning mishaps and shortcomings happen because of the lack of proper vision. A professional will come with a pre-devised strategy in place to make sure you get the best results. At JBN cleaning, we adhere to regulatory protocols from authoritative bodies like OSHA and CDC to make sure we stick to international standards. Even the equipment and supplies we use are EPA-registered for that added safety.

Start from a single corner. Do your dusting first. Apply water (preferably distilled) in an even pattern and start wiping or buffing according to what is needed. Then reapply the water along with the solution to take away tough stains.

Never forget your window frames or your blinds while cleaning. This can give your windows the perfect finish that it deserves.

5. Leaving it to professionals

If you are a start-up, it’s more likely that you are already juggling a lot of hats together at once. Being a supervisor to stand next to your cleaners is the last thing you might have the time for. Be it processing payrolls of janitors or investing in capital-intensive supplies and equipment, they can drain you of your operational expenses too much.

There are a lot of window cleaning companies in Sydney that you could give a try. A professional like JBN has been in the industry for 10 whole years with an unbeatable client retention rate of over 85% which showcases the credibility they have built for themselves.

We can seamlessly take over your cleaning requirements while also quoting you with affordable custom packages where you pay only for what you avail. Get in touch with us now to get a free quote for your window cleaning Sydney!

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  • Complete green cleaning procedures that are safe for the environment and your premises
  • Get access to supplies that are globally approved on their effectiveness against particular cleaning goals
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