Cost of Builders Cleaning in Sydney

Cost of After Builders Cleaning

Overview of After Builders Cleaning Cost in 2023?

Do you know the after builders cleaning cost in Sydney? You’re in the right place. A lot of people and even companies misinterpret builders’ cleaning as regular domestic household cleaning but the scope of work here is entirely different. After builders cleaning services refers to the procedure that is done in newly constructed buildings that are just awaiting launch. It involves the complete clearing of construction wastes and decluttering the entire premises including a lot of other comprehensive niche cleaning routines.

This is important because you might have potential buyers or people who want to rent it outlined up. You have to show them the best outlook of your creation to increase its value immensely rather than showing something half-baked that is fully stained even before occupancy.

Builders cleaning generally involves the disposal of rubbish and debris from all the areas within your premises along with the restoration of trade defects of construction. This might be anything from the spillages, stains, or haze on the tiles, paint marks on the floor surfaces, unexpected stains on newly painted walls, render splatters on carpets or windows, gout line deformities, etc. A professional cleaner will take care of all these for you!

It is one of the most time-consuming and intensive processes for which you need to hire the right manpower. Since it is a one-time requirement while also being a little complicated, professional companies are mostly hired for this job since they are much better suited. But it comes at a price and sometimes you might even be whitewashed with atrocious prices if you’re not well aware of the market ranges.

What Decides the Cost of After Builders Cleaning?

Generally, the cost of builders cleaning services can trace their source point from either their size, manpower, nature of the premises, or due to the niche routines involved like carpet or window cleaning.


On a surface level, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5 to $10 per square meter of the premises when it comes to builders cleaning services. This cost will also vary depending on the amount of decluttering or deep cleaning that different areas might ask of you.

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This purely is based on the timeline of cleaning that you set in place. The more cleaners, the easier will be the coverage of different areas and the quicker will be the job done. Ideally, one cleaner might be able to cover the basic cleaning routines of 3000 sq. Ft in an hour and this area decreases will the complications that come in terms of niche processes like your deep cleaning.

Hourly charges for each cleaner to complete this amount of space can range between $50 and $80.

Nature of the requirement

When it comes to builders cleaning services, there might be a lot of strenuous routines that might be expected of the cleaners. The showcase quality finish of the building you have brought to life is why this is practiced. And the intensity of cleaning will also vary if it’s a newly constructed premise as opposed to a building that is just renovated. This nature of requirement can have a $5$10 difference per hour or per square meter as per what your premises need.

After builders cleaning cost

Add-on niche services

It is highly likely that you wouldn’t just go for basic cleaning routines when it comes to your builder’s cleaning. There will be a lot of niche requirements that you might have in store for the professionals like the cleaning of windows, and carpets, and even have a lot of spots where you need to remove tough stains to give that crisp outlook that you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Sydney.

All of these might add up to your cost and how much you’ll be charged is going to vary from one company to the other.

To Reduce the Cost Incurred by Builders Cleaning, You Can Do the Following:

    • Declutter all your waste things that are lying around. A professional who comes to your premises might do this themselves, but it’d only increase the overall time involved and thus increase your cost incurred.
    • List down your requirements down to the last little thing. This would help you have a checklist that you can come back to and see if things are done. At the same time, a professional would understand what you’re looking for better with this.
    • Do things that are easy all by yourself. For example, simple things like surface cleaning routines can be done by anyone out there.
    • Hire someone accountable and well-known in the market space. This would help you reap the returns that you are looking for. With years of hands-on experience, they’d be able to meet your expectations easily.
    • Ask for the portfolio of the commercial cleaning company that you hire to have a thorough understanding of where they stand in the market. This would help you from taking any blind chances at your cleaning.
    • Hire someone who offers comprehensive services where you wouldn’t have to move a muscle. Some companies take care of all the supplies or equipment that you need without any add-on cost.

    What is Include Builders Cleaning Cost? 

    Builder’s cleaning costs are the expenses associated with cleaning a construction site after the builders have finished their work. These costs typically include removing debris, dust, and other construction-related waste from the site. The cost of builders cleaning will depend on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the construction project, the amount of waste that needs to be removed, and the level of cleaning required. Some typical items that may be included in a builder’s cleaning cost estimate include:

    • Labor: The cost of hiring cleaning staff to perform the necessary cleaning tasks.
    • Materials and equipment: This may include cleaning chemicals, safety equipment, and specialized tools required for the cleaning task.
    • Waste disposal: The cost of disposing of any waste generated during the cleaning process.
    • Timeframe: The duration of the cleaning process will also impact the cost, as longer cleaning times will require more resources and staff.

    It’s important to note that builder’s cleaning costs may vary depending on the cleaning company or contractor hired, as well as the specific services provided. It’s recommended to get multiple quotes and compare services and costs before selecting a cleaning provider.

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    At the same time, companies like JBN Cleaning come with comprehensive insurance schemes in place to take care of any damages that are prone to happen while cleaning to relieve you of it. This can be a game-changer since you don’t want to keep paying for repairs or damages for the mishaps that someone else, unfortunately, make happen. All you need is a trusted provider like JBN Cleaning which is now offering a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection. This quote will be given to you post careful calculation and there will not be any unforeseen escalations in your final bill. Get in touch with us to get started right away!

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