What is the Frequency of Cleaning?

What is the frequency of cleaning

Frequency of cleaning

This might be one of the toughest parts to get right. Determining the frequency of availing of the right cleaning services at the right times can be hard. But if you don’t put an effort to do it, all your places might get soiled, dirty, and accumulated with dust particles or germs.

Although your commercial cleaning routine ideally depends on the nature of your premise. The foot traffic, and the nature of operations among others, there’s a generic schedule. We at JBN Cleaning would advise you to keep an eye on it. Read on to take insights from our experts.

The frequency of cleaning includes

Daily Cleaning

The most important aspects that you should include in your daily cleaning services involve the following:

  • Brooming the surface dust.
  • Dusting walls and windows to prevent dust accumulation over some time or the formation of cobwebs. In addition, wiping the window frames then and there is also a good practice.
  • Vacuuming the floors and carpets.
  • Toilet cleaning – This includes the complete mopping of the floors and the wiping of the urinals and toilet seats. Other high-touch prone surfaces like faucets, door handles, and the flush can also be wiped with disinfectant for added precaution.
  • Cleaning of the floors, chairs, seating arrangement, and furniture to give a lasting first impression.
  • Removing the trash cans, proper disposal of the garbage, and changing the liners every day are also mandatory.

Weekly Cleaning

Every week, it is advisable to move your carpets aside and clean the missed out spots underneath. If you delay your routine any further, there might be an accumulation of dust particles that can fly every time someone sets foot on it. Sounds unpleasant, right?

Considering the pandemic in place still, it is necessary that you don’t just focus on surface cleanliness but go a bit further. If your commercial space is prone to high foot traffic, then it is a must that you carry out a disinfection for every weekly cleaning routine .

This would include all your touch-point wiping like elevator buttons, switchboards, door handles, reception area cleaning, food lounges, etc.

Washing off the trash cans and sanitizing them in this timeframe would be ideal. Because if it is left any longer, it can start giving out a pungent smell.

Cleaning the socket of your bulbs and light fixtures can also be done in this timeframe.

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Bi-weekly Cleaning

If you want a manufacturing company, this would be a great time for degreasing your equipment to prevent its hardening any further. Scrubbing of floors can also be done bi-weekly for you. Because if left any longer then the commercial cleaning company that you’re to hire would take a much longer time for completion. Thus escalating your hourly payment charges.

For medical centers, this would be the timeframe to do your deep cleaning routines for complete sanitization and disinfection. It would also be ideal for your terminal cleaning routines which involve breaking the chain of infections through end-to-end disinfection coverage.

Cleaning common spaces like community kitchens, swimming pools or gardens can be done on a bi-weekly basis.

For retail segments, you can clean your aisles and other fixtures on a bi-weekly basis to create a refreshing environment for the shoppers.

Complete cleaning of your pantry spaces if you have any can also be done once every 2 weeks.

frequency of cleaning

Monthly Cleaning

If you’re in a sensitive space, now would be a good time to avail commercial deep cleaning services to take care of all your corners.

The outer sides of your windows like high-rise ones can be cleaned every month.

Hard washing and scrubbing of your walls at a manufacturing premise can be done every month.

Washing your rugs and carpets in places where too many people come and go can be done every month. Carpet cleaning in other not-so-hot spots can be done once every three months.

Industry-Specific Timelines

1. Office Cleaning

Your everyday cleaning should religiously include the wiping of furniture, chairs, and workspace floor if you want your employees to feel fresh. Trash can clearance can be done every day and other sensitive methods can be followed. As per the professional advice that any office cleaning company provides.

2. Medical Center Cleaning

Contamination-prone areas like waiting rooms, examination premises, and surgical spaces should be cleaned after every use or once every two hours. Medical center cleaning should be availed on a week-on-week basis to avoid the transmission of Hospital Acquired Infections. Even the trash cans should be emptied every 4 to 5 hours to ensure complete safety.

3. Gym Cleaning

Gym workout equipment after every session is a must if you don’t want to welcome your clients into a sweaty and pungent-smelling space. Disinfecting the floors and mounted workout machines should be done every day or even twice a day to retain lasting cleanliness.

4. Child Care Centers

Since the space would be full of toddlers who are easily susceptible to infections, cautious cleaning services should be ardently followed. Hiring a professional like JBN Cleaning for your childcare cleaning services can help you maintain a lasting healthy environment without you having to be constantly involved.

It is not easy for amateur in-house cleaners to keep up with these hectic schedules on time. A professional cleaning company would be backed with years of experience and sufficient resources to do this seamlessly for you. From giving you cleaning reminders to taking accountability to leave you fresh at all times, they’ll progress on this full journey alongside you.

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